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BIFMSMTK Volume 2 Chapter 47

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Chapter 47: Middle School Suppression Operation 7

On the asphalt ground nearby the school.

A black dog is in front of me. Though I say it’s a dog, but its body is gigantic, with a length of 3m, it can’t be compared with the gray wolves.

Which is to say, this fellow is actually this big…… when I saw it through the crow’s investigation, it had shrunk its body into a ball, so I hadn’t noticed it.

Now that it is standing straight, with its body fully stretched, and ready.

That pair of ruby red eyes kept on staring at me. Shit, I am completely being locked on, it has treated me as a target.

If this fellow is the same as the name that we have given it, a real hellhound from the legends, then coupled with the information that we have gotten today……

The hellhound opened its mouth, a flame flickered in the depths of its reddish black tongue…… then it sucked in a breath.

A sack like thing situated below the hellhound’s throat, expanded like a balloon.

That is an amazing organ, an ordinary dog does not have it.

Hence I can also understand, that is……


Arisu wish to rush to my side, but because she had lost her balance due to landing, it is the same for Tamaki and my gray wolf familiars.

So there is no one that could protect me currently.

This is fine.

I hope that the attack will only be targeted at me.

「《Resist All: Fire》.」

I casted magic on myself.

Immediately, the red flames that was spewed from the hellhound’s mouth engulfed my entire body.

So hot. I gave a groan and rolled on the ground. Even with defensive magic, it can’t block this degree of heat?

My skin is burning, sounds of my hair burning can be heard. I used my hands to cover my eyes.

My throat feels awful, like my lungs are burnt. I retreated 1 step, 2 steps……

「《Air Blast》.」

It’s Mia’s voice. Fresh air covered my skin. I raised my head and took a deep breath.

I look to the side. The flames spewed from the hellhound’s mouth is redirected by the strong wind, and the nearby woods are all burnt.

The hellbound glared at Mia with hatred. It took its sight away from me, lowering its body, as though it wanted to pound on Mia.

But, before that——

「You bastard!」

Tamaki jumped out nimbly, and raised her giant axe, closing to the hellhound.

Her whole body is still surrounded by the red glow of 《Haste》. Tamaki quickly closed their distance before the hellhound could react. The gigantic black dog reacted towards the incoming threat, and wanted to step back.

But it is too late. Tamaki swung down the giant axe, and cut a piece of skin on the front leg of the hellhound. Blue blood sprayed, and turned into flames that burn, part of them even burnt Tamaki’s gym clothes.

「Wh..what is this!」

Tamaki panickedly threw down the axe, wanting to use her hands to pat off the fire on her clothes. The hellhound took the chance and put some distance between them……

Then it suck in a breath strongly.

「You wish.」

This time it was Arisu who rush towards the hellhound. Very good, that is the time. I ran to Tamaki and placed my hand on her shoulder.

「《Resist All: Fire》, this should deal with it slightly.」

The instant the magic was cat, the flames on the gym clothes extinguished, it is really effective.

「Th..thank you, Kazu-san.」

Tamaki’s exposed neck had some burn injuries. Injuries of this extent can be cured with recovery magic, but it seems very painful. Damn, this bastard actually did this to my companion!

Tamaki picked up the giant axe on the asphalt ground, and nodded after looking at me, then she turn towards Arisu who is battling with the hellhounds.

Arisu used the attack range of the spear and stabbed repeatedly at the range where she will not be splashed with the fresh blood flames. The hellhound also seems to be unfamiliar with fighting with spears, and kept being unable to give the decisive blow.

Even so, the hellhound’s movements is still very fast. Once Arisu relaxes, it will probably rush towards her. Arisu also understood this, so she used 《Haste》to its limits, keeping her distance.

Even if the flame breath attacks, as long as there is this distance, perhaps she can avoid it. The distance between them is that special, perhaps it is only Arisu who is familiar with battle can do it.

Which is to say, Arisu is really good at fighting. Even if it is now, I am still thankful for it in my heart.

I only knew after I asked, that she was a girl who hates fighting in the past, hence her fighting talent also kept on sleeping within her, only awakening it yesterday.

This moment, Arisu is maintaining the danger distance and suppressing the hellhound. But this situation will probably be unable to be sustained for long.


「Hmm! Arisu, switch!」

Tamaki raised her giant axe and rush towards the hellhound. Arisu left the frontline as though she is switching with her, and returned to my side where there is some distance from the battlefield.

The hellhound jumped back, avoiding Tamaki’s chop.

「Ka..kazu-san you are burnt!」

「Ah, no need to mind it. Or rather…… 《Resist All: Fire》.」

I also helped Arisu cast magic that resist fire. As a side note, Mia retreated to somewhere further away than me, looking at Shiki-san and the others who escaped into the forest.

Argh, are Shiki-san and the others who have the burdens fine? Just now the fire was also spewed towards the forest.

I surveyed the surrounding. Luckily the flames spewed by the hellhound lighted up some places which are quite far away from Shiki-san and the others. Then again, it burnt up the trees that are still growing, these flames are really something.

I had understood now, that the human campfire in the courtyard is probably also done by this fellow. That time, if I had not felt unease towards the sight of the campfire, and investigate carefully…….

No, now that it had come to this, discussing it will not help things. As compared to that, it is more important to win the battle in front of us. If we drag it too long, more orcs will come.

But before that……

Hmm, wait a moment? I suddenly thought about something, this bastard is always near the general orc?

Then that fellow…… That general orc who feels like a demon king——

「Ah shit.」

Mia looked up. Hearing Mia’s words, I did not look up, but rush towards the forest, jumping to the naked ground from the asphalt ground. My legs tripped on a protruding rock, making me fall disgracefully. I kept on rolling, anyway it is just to pull some distance.

As I had expected, the asphalt ground that I was on, split into halves with a huge sound. Small rocks scattered, and some even hit my face.

I raised my head and looked, discovering a very burly black orc kneel on a knee. The super gigantic orc with a silver sword in its right hand, gradually stood up.

General Orc.

This fellow is the real boss of the orcs here. It looked at the surrounding arrogantly, then took a deep breath……

Shit, it is coming. I immediately used the new support magic that I learnt.

「《Deflection Spell》」

Rank 5 Support Magic 《Deflection Spell》, is a magic that can be casted on a party member. The premise is that the target must be near the caster, and each time it can only affect one person. The effect is to widen the range of the magic that the target uses next time, for instance if it is a magic that can benefit one member, the beneficial target can widen it to every member in the party.

In this sort of situation, the necessary magic is……


Please, notice it!

Indeed, Mia who had pulled further away, used the silence sound to call out the magic’s name.

「《Silent Field》」

The general orc opened its mouth, about to roar. As though it is trying to cover its voice ,the silent field widens.

Very good! Mia, thanks for noticing! Ah, I have always felt that you are a capable girl. I believe that if it’s a hikikomori, she will definitely be able to understand what sort of action this monster will take at such a time.

The silent magic had its effect, and sealed the general orc’s roar……

It should have been so, but——

The air is slightly vibrating.

I sunk into panic. How can this be, it should not be like this. The surroundings around everyone of us are covered in silence magic……

But, the general orc’s roar seems to be saying that it is useless, and scattered the magic. That roar covered everywhere, as though playing around with our eardrums.

This roar is strong to the extent that even our souls could be blown away.

Arisu and me who are nearby, are sent flying with the shockwave, and kept on rolling on the mud.

What is this? What is going on with this fellow?

Magic is not effective on it? No, is the magic being broken?

This is too ridiculous, too unreasonable.

I raised my head.

The general orc looked at me, and an eerie evil smile showed on his face.

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