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BIFMSMTK Volume 2 Chapter 46

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Chapter 46: Middle School Suppression Operation 6

I used the wireless transceiver to contact with Shiki-san, and told her about the girl who is hiding in level 1—— which is about Sumire.

Other than that I also explained about the matter with the level 2 survivors, and told her the information about the black dog that they saw.

「Has level 2 been cleared?」

「It is mostly done, next is only level 3.」

「It ends here huh, I feel that your decision to retreat is correct.」

Shiki-san’s judgement is quite fast.

When it is time to retreat, we should retreat.

We still have some strength, hence we have to retreat.

As long as we can return safely, we can come back again.

It seems that a certain military man had said something like that. Now that we have entered a real battlefield before, the meaning of these words has really got to me.

I looked at the ceiling.

Perhaps there are surviving girls on level 3. Maybe they are suffering under the abuse of the orcs right now, even though they are about to die, they are still hanging on, hoping for our rescue.

If we retreat here, they will probably never be able to see tomorrow’s sun.

About this, Shiki-san had mentioned it before.

It is because the time limit is approaching, that is why we attacked the dangerous main school building.

But now, that’s the limit, we cannot take anymore risks. The girls who are on still awaiting rescue on level 3, are abandoned by us just like that.

「Mmm, from my MP, doing it like this is correct.」

「Mia, but then——」

Tamaki looked at Mia with a protesting expression, but Mia just slowly shook her head.

「We cannot fail, not even 1 mistake can be made.」

Hearing that, Tamaki kept quiet. These words are very apt. Tamaki lowered her head with unsatisfied expression on her face.

「This is also something that cannot be helped, Kazu-senpai?」

Arisu seems to be unsatisfied with my decision too, but she who believes in me, swallowed back her words.

「Mmm, just until here. Until now, everything has been proceeding smoothly, but once we reach level 3, it may not be so. Moreover there are unknown enemies up there, the risk is too great.」

「B..but, Kazu-san——」

Tamaki raised her head, still unwilling to give up. I looked at her.

「Th..that, Kazu-san, perhaps there are survivors up there.」

「I know, but we still have to retreat.」

Tamaki looked at me with an almost crying expression on her face, Arisu placed her hand on her shoulder.

「Believe in Kazu-san, okay?」

Tamaki closed her mouth as though she is desperately enduring something. Her teeth are clenched tightly while she kept on shaking her head, and her ponytails shook vigorously up and down.

「Sorry, I actually made such a selfish request, that was too pathetic of me.」

「Don’t say that.」

I placed my hand on Tamaki’s head, and caress it gently.

I can understand her feelings. But before that, choosing a path that everyone can survive is my responsibility.

Okay since we are going to leave, then follow the plan. I asked the girls that we saved「if they could move」, the girls then attempted to stand up even though their steps are unstable.

But in the midst they became unstable, thankful Arisu and Tamaki helped to support them. It seems that wishing for them to move by themselves….. is a bit hard. Forget it, this is something that can’t be helped.

「I understand, I will call Shiki-san and the others over.」

I used the transceiver to get the support party up to level 2. In the meanwhile, I had Arisu and Tamaki keep a lookout at the corridor. Shiki-san and the others with Sumire, walked up the stairs nervously.

「Kazu-san, Sumire-chan and these girls, are they the only 4?」


We cannot drag it any longer. The 3 in the classroom, and the one that Tamaki brought over—— I handed the 4 of them to Shiki-san and the others.

「Okay, now we just follow the order and go down the stairs……」

Just everyone came out to the corridor——

We just happen to bump into 3 orcs that are walking down from level 3.

Maybe it is time for a change of shift, or maybe they wanted to come and rape the girls that are here.

The orcs got a shock and stayed motionless on the spot……

Anyway the timing is really bad.

I immediately shouted out:

「Arisu, Tamaki!」



Arisu and Tamaki closed in to the orcs quickly. Even though they are in a panic, they still gave a warning cry upwards, and made a pose for engaging.

But it is too late.

Tamaki closed the distance between them in a moment.

Then she used her giant axe to split one of the orcs into halves.

At this timing, Tamaki and Mia leveled up, and we are sent to the white room.

◆ ◆ ◆

In the white room, we looked at each other. This is bad—— everyone gave a troubled expression.

「Level 3 should have noticed the situation just now…… right?」

「They should have noticed.」

I do not know how many orcs are on level 3, but they will probably gather first then come and attack us.

Even if it is just a little bit, until Shiki-san and the others leave, we have to buy as much time as possible.

「Arisu and Tamaki will take charge of blocking the stairs, as for the space inbetween——」

「There is only this method. But they were to use the stairs on the other side……」

I am very clear on what Arisu is worried about. There are stairs on the left and right side of the main school building, and both route can access level 1 to 3 and even the rooftop.

If the orcs were to come down from both stairs, there will be a team that will reach level 1. Then Shiki-san and the others will be in danger.

What should I do? I crossed my arms and think, and without noticing, I looked towards Mia.

「Yes, how about using 《Path Wall》?」

「Hmm, are we opening a hole in the ceiling? Or on the ground?」

「No, we will open it on the wall. If we open a hole in the external wall of the classroom at the south side , then we will be seen clearly by the courtyard side. But if we open it at the the classroom of the north side, then it will lead us to inside of the building. If we just down directly, we will be able to escape into the forest.」

「Oh oh.」

Mia clapped her hands with a「pat」, seemingly very impressed with my idea. Okay, the strategy is decided.

Tamaki: Level 9 Sword Skill 5/Physical 1 Skill Point 2
Mia: Level 9 Earth Magic 4/Wind Magic 3 Skill Point 2

◆ ◆ ◆

After returning to the original place, I called Shiki-san who was lending her shoulder to the girls.

「To the classroom at the north side! We will open a hole in the wall, all of you will jump down!」

Just these few words, Shiki-san seemed to have understood everything, she turned and called out to the others.

In this timing, Mia rushed into the classroom at the north side.

She opened her hand towards the wall inside that was facing outside and casted 《Path Wall》, causing the wall to change shape.

I don’t know if the windows will be affected, hence I had Mia used her magic on the place where there are no windows.

In the end, a big hole that was big enough for 2 person to stand side by side was opened on the wall.

On the other side of the hole, we could see the inside of the school and the forest is nearby it.

We also rush into the same classroom together.

I ran to the hole there and kick away the surrounding tables and chairs, opening a path for Shiki-san and the others.

Since the situation has become like this, there is no need to worry about the ones above. I created the noise without any hesitation.

「Come quickly!」


Shiki-san supported the girl that she is helping, and jumped down first.

But she didn’t expect her landing to fail and both of them fell on the ground.

But she climbed up immediately and look upwards here.

Good, she seems fine.

「Th..that, it’s so high……」

「Sumire-chi, do your best.」

Mia slapped the butt of Sumire who is still hesitating.

「Hurry, while we could still hold on.」

With Sumire as the first, the girls who were rebuked nodded their heads frantically, and jumped off one by one. As a side note, Mia is younger than them. Forget it, since things have progressed to this, age is no longer important.

On the other hand, Arisu and Tamaki are fighting at the entrance of the classroom. They have defeated the initial few orcs, and defeated another 4 orcs that appeared as reinforcements.

Then the 2 of them met with the third wave which is the 2 elite orcs.

Facing 2 elite orcs, even for the 2 of them, they could not avoid a hard fight.

The elite orcs swung the giant axe, attacking violently. I quickly rush to them, and touch Arisu who draw some distance away from the fight.


Arisu’s body is surrounded by red light in an instant, and her movements become very nimble. Making use of the opening from the elite orc’s surprise, Tamaki moved back.

「Kazu-san, please.」

「Okay, 《Haste》.」

Tamaki’s body is also surrounded by red light.

Tamaki jumped forward. Facing the giant axe that the elite orc had swung in front of her, and shortened the distance between them……

She gave a blow that was full of vigor, but this blow only hit the lightbulb on the ceiling. No, she deliberately destroyed the lightbulb.

The broken glass fell on the ground, and in that instant, the elite orcs stopped moving in confusion.

Taking chance of the opening, Tamaki dashed into the opponent’s range……

She swung the giant axe, and pulled out the fruit knife from her bosom.

She had wanted a back-up weapon, so I gave her that knife, and strengthened it with 《Hard Weapon》.

Tamaki held the fruit knife in a reverse grip and swung upwards strongly, cutting open the elite orc’s throat. The fruit knife that was casted with 《Hard Weapon》, cut opened the bronze-coloured strong skin easily. Just this blow, nearly cut the half of the elite orc’s throat.

The elite orc was taken down by Tamaki’s sudden blow, and its blue blood spray out like a fountain.

「Good, I did it!」

Tamaki kept the fruit knife and picked up the giant axe on the ground and went to support Arisu. The 2 of them attacked ferociously together, and finished off the other elite orc in no time.

And I leveled up at this moment.

◆ ◆ ◆

Even though we came to the white room, we also do not have anything else to discuss.

「I am going to raise the Rank of Support Magic.」

This battle has already ended. For the next battle, it is better to raise the power of Support Magic. The others does not have any differing views.

Next is just to retreat, then we will finally be out of danger.

I clicked enter.

Kazuhisa: Level 11 Support Magic 4→5/ Summon Magic 3 Skill Points 6→1

We returned to the original place.

And heard the footsteps of the orcs coming down from level 3.

「Okay, let’s escape through the hole!」

I shouted out and jumped down from the hole. I used my hands to support myself so as to divide the landing force. And my legs do not feel too numb, perhaps it is because of my level up, but I feel that my body has become more muscular.

I quickly let out some space and Mia jumped down after me, followed by Arisu and Tamaki, then the 2 wolves.

All of a sudden, I felt a sudden fear in my whole body.

I raised my head and looked up.

Something broke the windows on level 3 and dropped down, landing somewhere near me.

That is a creature which moves with 4 legs and is bigger than the gray wolf. It’s a black gigantic dog.

That dog is somewhere very near me.

The ground began to give out sounds of cracking, and began to shaking intensively. I nearly fell on the ground but luckily I managed to hang on.

When I raise my head, a gigantic creature that was bigger than 3m was in front of me, that pair of red glowing eyes are glaring at me.

Fear caused me to remain motionless.

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