BIFMSMTK Volume 2 Chapter 45

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Chapter 45: Middle School Suppression Operation 5

At the nearest classroom near the stairs on level 2, their battle has just ended, and Mia and I also entered.

Because of the battle, Arisu and Tamaki’s 《Invisibility》 lose their effect but the effect of 《Silent Field》 remains.

When casting this magic, Mia’s wind magic’s rank is 3, so the effective time is 3 minutes to 4minutes 30 seconds. As long as we cast 《Invisibility》 immediately, there should be enough time to attack another classroom.

Actually, if Mia help them to cast magic, her own《Invisibility》will also lose its effect. If we have to add all of them back, it will waste quite alot of MP.

But stealth is the key of this battle plan so we cannot be stingy with MP, we have to do all that we can—— these have already been discussed in the white room.

Mia showed herself and cast《Invisibility》towards Arisu and Tamaki.

We can feel that Arisu and Tamaki have already left the room. Although we cannot see them, and can’t hear them, but we felt a slight scent blow past…… No, that perhaps that is just in my mind.

Actually, Rank 3 Support Magic has a magic called 《See Invisibility》.

That is a magic that can see through invisibility. As long as I cast this magic, I will be able to see Arisu and Tamaki now, but……

This time, it is to let the other 2 get used to the state of invisibility, so I did not cast it on them. But I myself also wish to confirm that everyone has disappeared, hence I also did not cast it on myself.

If we are used to it in the future, perhaps there will be a day where we will add 《See Invisibility》 into our plans.

Next, I sent the crow towards the corridor to check the situation. The crow raised one of its wings, expressing that the plan is successful.

When we looked in the corridor, the 3 orcs that are guarding the corridor are already lying on the ground.

Arisu and Tamaki are already gone.

Perhaps they have already entered the nearby classroom.

They are really smart, the next action is a race against time. Once the orcs in the classroom sees the corridor, they will discover the existence of intruders……

Then at this moment, we are delivered to the white room. Arisu leveled up.

◆ ◆ ◆
Mia Vendor is in the middle of the white room, seemingly the same as just now, without any change.

Arisu and Tamaki defeated another 3 orcs in the next room and there are 3 more orcs left in the next room. Which is to say that they level up in the middle of a battle?

「And there are girls who are still alive.」

Tamaki mentioned. From her dark expression, the situation that those girls are in, must be very bad, perhaps it is until the extent that they are barely alive.

Maybe they will feel that being alive is already a blessing? Or regret that they are still alive? That we will not know.

What we can do—— is to save their lives. If they are willing, then we will use them as soldiers.

I also felt that I am too much.

But considering the future, this strategy is the best. At least, Shiki-san and I will bear the responsibility for such a cruel strategy, and our decisions are quite firm.

「How many?」

「At least 2…… Probably 3.」

That is really a lot. But, it is natural to be happy that there are survivors.

「Arisu, after returning, you should cast 《Heal》and 《Cure Mind》 on them first, then immediately head for the next classroom.」

「I understand, we must finish it before 《Silent Field》 ends right?」

「Yes, we will deal with the rest of the stuff.」

「Okay. Th…that, but……」

Arisu glared at me while squinting.

「You cannot stare at a girl’s naked body.」

「I will do my best to respect your wishes.」

I lowered my head. I will definitely see them, there is nothing I can do about it.

But Arisu’s jealous look is also very cute, so even if she gets angry at me, I am fine with it.

I seem to be too easy-going.

Yes, if this sort of situation continues, I will probably become numbed to it. Even so, as compared to being down and worried, I feel that laughing casually is better.

The girls who are harmed can be replaced, but we are irreplaceable. In this world, humans are not equal. Even so, Arisu is still a bit unhappy.

「Kazu-san, there is one more thing.」

Tamaki said with some difficulties.

「The window frame in the classroom is burnt.」

「What is going on?」

「Mmm—— I am also not very clear about it, anyway it just feels that it is completely burnt. Other than that, there is a charred body…… I feel that it should be that of a teacher’s.」

Charred? Was it burnt by the orcs for fun?

I remembered the low-class campfire in the school grounds. Hmm—— I am confused. No matter what, we should take a look first.

Luckily, the orcs in the corridor has been finished off by Arisu and the others, so there will not be any danger of us being discovered by orcs immediately.

Even though Arisu leveled up, this time I want her to keep her skill points, because I wish to raise her Spear Skill to Rank 5 as fast as possible.

Arisu: Level 10 Spear Skill 4/Healing Magic 3 Skill Point 4

◆ ◆ ◆

We returned to the original place.

I quickly picked up the red gems on the corridor, and Mia also helped to pick them up. Just as we finish picking up all the gems, Arisu and Tamaki walked out from the neighbouring classroom. It seems that they have already defeated all the orcs inside, and done treatment for all the girls who were saved.

Because the effect of 《Silent Field》 is still effective, so we could only nod to each other. Mia and I switched place with Arisu and Tamaki, and entered the neighbouring classroom.

The curtain in the classroom is indeed burnt, and there is still some burnt smell lingering in the air. But there is a stronger scent of odour, so I can’t smell the charred smell too much.

There is a charred male body in a corner of the classroom.

Beside it, there are 4 more bodies of male students who had their head chopped off.

In another corner, we discovered 3 powerless and naked girls. Their bodies are stained with the fluids of the orcs, there seems to be no external injuries, it should be because Arisu used magic to heal them.

Arisu should have also casted 《Cure Mind》on them too, but when these girls saw me, they also did not try to cover up their bodies.

Facing these girls, we are indeed helpless. Before Shiki-san return, we could only let them endure first.

But everyone is still able with their limbs intact, that is really great. If their hands or legs are chopped off, then it will be hard for them to fight.

Basically if we use 《Cure Deficit》of Rank 4 Healing Magic, there is the chance of recovering lost parts.

But Arisu’s healing magic is currently only Rank 3, so she is unable to use this magic.

I called the 2 summoned gray wolves into this room to wait, and have them as bodyguards. When the girls saw the wolves, they are all shocked.

Ah—— it is natural to be scared. But if they scream, we will also be troubled. Due to the effect of 《Silent Field》 still being effective, hence I moved my hands around to signal to them that the 2 wolves are safe.

But they are completely unable to understand.

And feel that I am like an idiot.

I looked to the side and discovered that Mia is laughing until she was on the ground. Damn fellow.

There is no other way, I could only wait for 《Silent Field》 to lose its effect and then use language to convey that the gray wolves are our comrades. Really, see these 2 little dogs with their adorable eyes, what is there to be afraid of?

No, they will indeed cause others to feel afraid. Mmm, sorry.

While I was thinking, the naked girls shook their heads.

「I thought it was that weird dog that those pigs brought along…..」

「Wait, that——」

When I had wanted to get closer to ask questions, I was caught by Mia by the sleeve.

「Kazu-chi, this is not a gentleman’s behaviour, you have to turn back.」

「No, I was thinking——」

Just now when I was doing a mime, you are still laughing until you fell onto the ground.

「Arisu-chi is glaring at you?」

I quickly turned my head, and save Arisu standing at the door with a sad face, I could not help but feel a bit upset.

「Kazu-san, we have looked through all the classrooms. We defeated a total of 2 elites, 9 small fries. The survivor is only this girl.」

Tamaki used her shoulder to support a naked girl. I see, she is the last survivor on level 2?

「Also, Kazu-san’s behaviour made Arisu’s mood turn bad.」

I know.

Ah ah enough. As compared to this, the「monster dog」from their words is the most important thing currently. That is perhaps the 「fellow」 that I saw using《Remote Viewing》.

The animal that was bigger than the gray wolves, beside the general orc.

「What does that dog look like?」

I maintain the stance of back facing the naked girls to question them.

Even though I can’t see the girls, but I feel that they are laughing bitterly. Mmm, being able to laugh is also a good thing.

「It is a black dog, and it can spew flames from its mouth. Then the teacher began to burn……」

Spew flames from its mouth? In game terms, it means a breath attack?

Aiya, since there are already monsters like orcs, even if enemies that seems like monsters from RPG appears, it is also not that surprising. I thought about it momentarily that perhaps one day such a fellow may appear.

As for the reason to why I had thought that such enemies will appear, there is another point supporting it.

In Rank 4 Supporting Magic, there is a magic called 《Resist All》. This magic can target one of the attributes in Earth, Water, Fire and Wind, and create a strong resistance against that attribute attacks.

What is attribute attacks? Damn, just how similar to RPG do you want to make the system into? So—— this means that those sort of attack exist. After seeing the explanations, I had cursed at the computer for a while.

Just a mention, this is something that happened yesterday. That time Arisu who was beside me who is raging, revealed a bothered smile.

「Hellhound …… or Cerberus?」

Mia spoke in a whisper. Ah, then again, RPG have such a monster inside. Since it is a black dog, then we can just call it Hellhound.

Hmm, I feel that Cerberus sounds super strong, so I wish to put it in the range of Hellhounds. Although we gave it a weaker sounding name, but the strength of the enemy will not change.

「Anyway, let’s call it Hellhound.」

「Hmm, it feels that it will be difficult. Kazu-chi, what should we do?」

I thought about it for a while. If we linger here too long, there could be danger.

Honestly speaking, once we meet the hellhound and the general orc together, I feel that things will turn bad.

But the 2 seems to be at the same place, so there is no way to separate and deal with them, then……

「Guess we could only retreat?」

I whispered, and looked at Mia. Mia gave a「mmm」, and nodded. Which means she agrees?

Then is Arisu and Tamaki……

At this moment, the wireless transceiver sent Shiki-san’s voice, it seems that they have already returned back to somewhere near the school building.

「The timing is just right.」

I said in a small voice.

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