BIFMSMTK Volume 2 Chapter 44

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Chapter 44: Item Vendor

Okay, regarding this machine that looks like a coin vending machine, which is Mia Vendor——

According to Q&A, this is a machine that can turn tokens into abilities or tools. The ones who can use this, are the people who are in this white room.

「What are your thoughts, Mia?」

「It seems like a remedy, but it is extremely suspicious.」

Indeed—— the 2 of us who are more familiar with games, looked at each other and sighed. While Arisu and Tamaki’s faces are in baffled expression.

「Kazu-san, what does that mean?」

「First of all, if it is a remedy, then there shouldn’t be a need for tokens to exchange things. And the owner of this white room—— let’s assume that it is the person who controlled the computer—— he is a person who will not answer when it reaches a crucial point.」

「Hmm, he is fair, yet very evil.」

Hearing our opinions, Arisu thought about it slightly……

「But, the owner of this room gave us skills.」

「Including this, all of the happenings are unable to let us understand the meaning behind the other party’s intentions, hence Mia and I are troubled. Because if we don’t use skills, we would be unable to survive, so until now I am unable to refute this.」

But this Mia Vendor, it has a different feeling. I am unable to say what is different, but I feel that the other party seemed to have other intentions.

「For instance, how would Mia explain the meaning behind this action?」

「Something like all of these are for the sake of reclaiming the tokens.」

「The all of these, is referring to……」

「Which is summoning this mountain into this world, then letting the orcs attack here, until us getting the skills—— all of these.」

This is something that is not impossible……

Then isn’t it okay if the owner of the white room goes and directly defeat these orcs? Since he is able to do things in a roundabout way, then such a task like defeating orcs shall be easy……

「Or perhaps it is a setting like this—— this world has a certain existence like a god, but he is unable to make a move, so he needs other people to do these stuff.」

「What anime is this?」

「Games, animes, light novels and mangas.」

I see, so this is a common setting in stories? The higher existences in most of the works, are unable to act by themselves, or have certain inconveniences in some areas.

Of course, those are for the sake of the story’s development, if not the main characters will lose the meaning of their existence.

So from a viewpoint of reality, so what’s about it? If a higher existence really exist, then what is his aim……

A presence that can demonstrate power on their behalf—— that point is definitely confirmed.

If not, the skill system will not exist. It is obvious that there is an unnatural force at work, and it is playing around with us.

Perhaps there is someone laughing at us as we roll around on the ground. If that is so, then from the start……

No—— I shook my head. If there is true, then it is also some small issue, it has nothing to do with their intentions.

What we have to mind now, is only one thing——

If this unknown fellow enters the fray, will he be on our side or against us from now on?

「Regarding if we should use this Mia Vendor actively, what do you think of it Mia?」

「Rather than discussing if we should use this machine actively, I think we have to try it first.」

I see, Mia is right. But…… I could not help but sigh when I saw the required token amount one the LCD screen.

「So expensive……」

Surprisingly, the cheapest things are actually magic. Like Rank 1 Magic 《Read Language》, needs 100 tokens.

Rank 2 Magic, needs 400 tokens; Special Skill Shield, need 200; Special items, items replication set: Class A needs 200, Class B need 2000.

Other than that, there are also weird things like notebooks which needs 250 tokens. The Q&A shows that if we write the words in it while we are in the white room, then we can bring it outside. Hmm—— it is indeed convenient, but that is like charging too much.

As the magic products only showed until level 2, hence I tried asking the computer. The answer I gotten was that as the person’s level grows, the types of product will also increase.

The tokens we have currently are only 8 blue and 30 red, the rest of them are left in the Cultivating Centre. Argh, because none of us had thought that we will know the use of such things at such a timing.

「We only have enough for Rank 1 Magic.」

「Which is to say—— what do we do with it after buying?」

I asked again regarding this portion, that the below is what I have understood:

After inserting the necessary number of tokens and choosing the item into the Mia Vendor, the computer will choose the selection screen, then we just have to follow the instructions on the computer.

Then why not just let all the procedure be done on the computer…… why do you say it is for reclaiming the tokens, and are these procedures necessary?

Regarding the part about magic, we have to choose one of the same Ranked magic that we have learnt currently and give up on it, then we can replace it with the new magic.

Taking myself as an example, it means I have to give up 1 of the Rank 1 magic in Summon Magic or Support Magic. if it was me, I will replace magic like 《Summon Cauldron》.

Regarding the part about special Skills, we have to use Skill points to learn them.

In other words, to get the Rank 1 Skill Shield, we have to use 1 Skill Point. If we use 2 Skill point then we can raise it to Rank 2. Hmm—— other than 200 tokens, we still have to add in Skill points.

We just have to place a tool into the items replication set, then we can obtain another similar good tool.

What kind of Skill is that? No, even if I tsukkomi magic, it is useless.

Just a mention, Class A items replication set is a square box, it seems like it can put in something around the size of a soccer ball. The Class B items replication set seems to have a length of a metre on a side.

The items replication set can only be used in this white room, and it can only be used once. if we can shove it inside the box, then we can replicate a few things at one time. But there are also things that cannot be replicated, which is like tokens, but that is also natural——

I tried asking a question:「If we fill it with bullets, then can we replicate all of it at once」, and the answer is YES. Oh is it~~

Okay, forget it. What I should be considering now, is not something about others.

「According to our current tokens on hand, we can only buy Rank 1 magic.」

There are over 20 Rank 1 magic. Although it is troublesome, but I still ask the computer one by one.

According to my rough investigation, the Rank 1 Magic that we can buy, is roughly split into 2 types.

One type are those magics that are slightly weaker than normal Rank 1 magic. Even if we rank up the magic to Rank 2, the effect after using it is also equivalent to normal Rank 1 magic. Among them, we can obtain similar effects in normal low-ranked magic.

Ah, since that is so, no wonder we can buy it. So in the end we have to use the magic Skills that we got from Skill points as our main, and these are just for support?

「Like Kazu-chi buying them for self-defense since he has no attack magic, is that how it works?」

Like Mia said, these magic are only complementary abilities for people or parties with Skills that are unbalanced.

The other type is convenient magic. For instance 《Read Language》 can make the user read all the text, a magic that can make the user understand meanings. If we are going to live in a foreign civilization, then we will need this magic.

Foreign culture? If this is another world, then there are probably other humans living in these lands. When I had a Q&A on the orcs, the computer’s reply was「monsters called as orcs by the natives」.

In other words, there are other humans who called them「orcs」?

「If we really have to buy, then we should choose one from 《Read Language》,《Magic Hand》or《Ghost Tired》.」

《Magic Hand》 can create a slow moving invisible hand, and allow the user to freely wield it. Objectively speaking, this magic can lift other people’s skirt secretly, but it can’t hold a sword and it can’t do intensive movements like throwing. According to its uses, it shouldn’t be a very effective magic.

《Ghost Tired》 is a magic that can only be used when you are touching the other party, and it can make the other party tired. Although it is not very striking to the eye but it seems quite useful. The problem is the requirement to touch the other party…… This magic is probably very suitable for Arisu.

Other than that, the magic that can directly attack is probably 《Tinder》which light things up. Regarding 《Tinder》, even though Arisu and Tamaki said that it is convenient, but……

「Mmm, just use a lighter or something to light it.」

Mia’s intelligent sentence settled everything. That’s right, if the magic can be replaced by a simple tool of civilisation, so we do not need it. In the list of 20 Rank 1 Magic, about half of them are magic like that.

「I vote for 《Read Language》.」

Mia said. This magic indeed does not make one feel that it is useless. After everyone agreed, I deposited 30 red tokens, 7 blue tokens into the Mia Vendor, and selected 《Read Language》 on the LCD screen.

A melody came from the computer behind, as though like the sound when you received an email. I looked at my computer and discovered content on it—— to get the new magic 《Read Language》 , you have to select a magic that you have currently to exchange for it.

I controlled the cursor and chose 《Summon Cauldron》. Good bye, cauldron.

《Summon Cauldron》 this magic, is indeed useful if you want to discuss. But if we want a cauldron, we can go to the cooking classroom in the Cultivating Centre or dig in the kitchen in the dormitories.

And even though I got 《Read Language》, this magic did not disappear from the screen on Mia Vendor. Very good, the worry that「every tool would be first come, first served」disappears.

Hence, there is no need to worry about things in the future. If it is possible, I hope to discuss with everyone—— at least with Shiki-san——, and get the necessary stuff.

Anyways I got the new magic《Read Language》, then we left the white room.

Returning to the original place.

Kazuhisa: Level 10 Support Magic 4 / Summon Magic 3 Skill Points 4

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