BIFMSMTK Volume 2 Chapter 42

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Chapter 42: Middle School Suppression Operation 3

While invading, Arisu and Tamaki’s classroom is also liberated from the orcs. Even though they saw their classmates’ bodies, the 2 of them only clasped their hands together and prayed for a while.

「Now there is no time for us to cry.」

Tamaki said in a low tone, and hugged Arisu who is a bit down.

「Let’s take revenge together, Arisu.」


From the classroom at the south, you can see the courtyard from the railing. Although the campfire has extinguished, but beside the small mountain made from corpse, there are still about 20 orcs which are in tip top condition lazing around.

Tamaki is right, we cannot waste time here.

Luckily at this time, because of the influence from the light, the courtyard should not be able to see what is in the classroom clearly.

Even so, if we continue staying around, there is no telling what may happen. Before the orcs notice us, we left the classroom.

After that, we spent roughly 20 minutes suppressing the level 1 and basement of the main school building.

We saved 3 girls on level 1 and another in the basement, a total of 4 person.

Until now, we killed a total of 18 small fry orcs and 2 elite orcs.

「I want to ask you all to bring the girls we saved back to the Cultivating Centre first.」

I instructed Shiki-san.

「If there are more survivors, we should also consider how we can move them.」

Even if the girls we saved took Arisu’s treatment, they are still very tired, and unable to even stand up.

This also can’t be helped, they had spent a whole day under the violence of the orcs.

「I understand, all of you should be careful.」

Shiki-san and the others carried the powerless girls and left through the broken window.

Okay—— I turned to face Arisu and everyone. From their colours of the faces, they do not seem to be tired.

「By the way, if you want to go to the toilet, you should do it now.」

「I will not pee in my pants!」

Tamaki growled out like a wild dog.

「Roar~ Kazu-san really have no tact, right, Arisu.」


Arisu looked at me with some hesitation. What is it, my little angel, feel free to praise me.

「Kazu-san, only wanted to see Tamaki’s perplexed expression right? 」

Thank you for giving me sentence that was harsher than I have expected.

I shrugged my shoulders, like changing the topic to the nearby stairs and said:「Go, to the second storey.」

There are stairs at the 2 ends of the school building that can lead from level 1 to level 2, we are currently near the stairs on the left side.

The crow that went to investigate the stairs to level 2 had already came back.

According to the crow’s report, there are a few orcs gathering along the corridor on level 2.

This is a bad news, as we will be discovered once we walked up the stairs.

I thought while I was biting the CalorieMate that I took from the bag.

Or we could go outside first, then climb the railings up to level 2. Our arm strength has risen due to 《Mighty Arm》, so this method should succeed. And with 《Silent Field》, we will not make any noise.

But this method is based on a premise—— which is that our hands must be empty.

Arisu’s iron spear and Tamaki’s giant axe are big and heavy, it would be tough bringing these 2 weapons to climb up to level 2.

Of course we could let someone climb up first then throw a rope down…… But in such a situation, that person is akin to being completely defenseless in an enemy territory, which I feel that the risk is too big.

「Mia, how about 《Path Wall》?」

Rank 4 Earth Magic 《Path Wall》 is like how it is said, it is a magic that can open a hole on a wall. In other words, it can allow one to sneak past a wall without being discovered, most suited for a bank robbery.

As for the hole that was created with magic, it seems that it will disappear after a certain period of time.

「It is fine using《Path Wall》on the ceiling, but without a ladder, we can’t climb up.」

「If we use 《High Jump》, can we reach?」

Rank 2 Wind Magic 《High Jump》 can greatly increase jumping power, as long as there is no weight on the body, it can let a person jump up to a tree branch.

「It should be possible, but we have to reach level 2 in a try.」

「Right, if the classroom above has orcs, then it will be dangerous when the landing fails.」

If they are just small fry orcs, they it is fine, but if we fall in front of an elite orc…… Even if Tamaki’s skill rank is 5, I feel that it will be dangerous.

「To find ladders, there is no need to get back to the Cultivating Centre…… There should be some ladders that are commonly used somewhere in the campus?」

「That, Kazu-san. Things that take up a lot of space like ladders, in the middle school section, we always put them in the storeroom in front of the courtyard..」

Arisu said it with a face of apology. I see, currently it is filled with orcs at the courtyard, even if we have raised a few levels, facing 20 at once is still very tough.

And if we make trouble in the courtyard, the orcs on level 2 and 3 will discover our presence. Then the covert actions that we made painstakingly, will be wasted.

Okay, what should we do, I crossed my hands and thought.

「Right, there is a magic in Wind Magic that can make a person invisible.」

「《Invisibility》 is a Rank 3 Wind Magic, I can’t use it yet.」

Indeed, but Tamaki and Mia has only 30 exp to next level, which means that we only have to defeat 2 more ordinary orcs.

Mia has 1 skill point left, so as long as she level up, then she can raise Wind Magic to Rank 3. Though we have to take a longer route…… should we go and gain some exp?

I felt that this seems like an single player RPG. Hmm, but it is better to gain some exp. I let the crow fly outside and search for some orcs that are alone and near the school building.

Before long, the crow came back to report. Situated behind the shoe cabinets on the right side side of the school building, there are 2 orcs. From the courtyard, it seemed to be a blind spot. This building has 2 entrances. From our position, the crow is talking about the shoe cabinets that are within that entrance which is the furthest away from us.

「I understand, I will finish them off now!」

Tamaki finished with a happy tone, and rushed out with her giant axe. Mia chased after, and casted 《Silent Field》 for her.

After roughly about 2 minutes, we came to the white room and listen to the report that Tamaki and Mia leveled up.

◆ ◆ ◆

We gathered in the white room. With this, the 2 of their levels is now 8.

「Ah, and, Kazu-san, I found a surviving girl.」

「With the orcs?」

There are also girls captured in that sort of place? Although it is a bit regretful, but my heart seemed to be numbed, As long as she survived then she should be thankful—— I had already thought like that, separating my emotions and thoughts.

If it is possible, I hope that the survivors will become our power in the battlefield.

I hope that the person will began from tomorrow, to fight for the sake of surviving. Even if it is just one more person, gathering more companions, is also one of the aims of attacking the main school building. But Tamaki shook her head.

「No, that girl was hiding in the cabinet that stored the cleaning tools near the shoe cabinet. And Arisu, she is Sumire.」

「Oh~Sumire-chan is still alive? That’s great!」

Arisu revealed a smile that was a vibrant as a flower blooming. Ah, they are friends?

「Ah—— in other words, that girl called Sumire is fine…… am I right?」

「Mmm! She is very afraid, so she has been quietly hiding there since yesterday.」

Tamaki happily reported.

「Then, because she could not come out the whole of yesterday, so she peed her pants!」

「Why are you so happy about reporting that someone has peed her pants……」

「Eh~ didn’t Kazu-san like girls peeing in their pants?」

I looked at Arisu and Mia while speechless, and the 2 of them kept nodding their heads.

「I do not have that sort of interest.」

「Eh—— there is nothing wrong with this. Kazu-san is a guy, having one or two perverted interest is also natural! I don’t mind it at all!」

Oi oi, why is it only on this matter, that you seems like a very understanding girl? Arisu blushed, and glanced at me without a word.

No, you are mistaken. I am perfectly normal, that is nothing but Tamaki’s delusion.

「Arisu, believe me.」

「Is it better for me to leak as well?」

Arisu held her breath while blushing, filling her abdomen with strength. What are you saying and doing?

Mia lightly patted Arisu’s shoulders, and shook her head gently.

「No, not like that. It must be like desperately enduring but yet『no I can’t, I am going to pee, don’t look——』, then shuu and peed out.」

「You don’t need to say those excessive stuff.」

I pulled Mia away from Arisu. Really, this girl has a bad influence on Arisu’s education.

No, Arisu is older than her.

「Back to topic, that girl called Sumire, can she walk?」

「Probably so. Ah, but at that time I was very nervous, so I did not speak with Sumire-chan, so I do not know the exact details.」


「Because there is 《Silent Field》.」

Ah right—— I face-palmed. The area around Tamaki, is under the effect of the silent field.

「If that is so, how do you know she has been hiding there since yesterday?」

「That part is by charading.」

That is what we called linked by hearts—— Tamaki said it jokingly. I see, they have a good relationship.

「Then, it is better to let her hide a bit longer…… No, that should be pretty hard.」

I do not wish to spent too much time attacking the main school building. From my view, decrease the number of the enemies moderately, at least confirm that the Cultivating Centre will be safe until tomorrow morning, and that will be fine.

I hope that we can retreat before the general orc and that beast-like monster appears.

Although I thought so, but asking the girl who was saved to endure a bit more is kind of cruel.

「Anyway, can you bring her over first?」

「Mmm, I understand. Then again, which one do you want?」


「Should I bring her to the toilet to change then come over, or just bring her directly over in her soaked pants?」

I squinted, staring at Tamaki unhappily.

「Let her change her clothes first.」

「Yes yes——」

I sighed.

「I will use the transceiver to contact with Shiki-san.」

Okay, the direction has been confirmed, next is regarding the use of the skill points……

「Mia is of course raising her Wind Magic to Rank 3. As for Tamaki…… Since your Sword Skill can be raised to Rank 5, then we will do that?」

「Mmm, I feel that it’s very good. Great—— my skill rank is finally above Arisu’s, I am number 1!」

「Congrats, Tamaki.」

Arisu congrated Tamaki directly. Aiya, Arisu is really a good kid, she is an angel.

Then again, Tamaki is really…

「Wh..what, why did Kazu-san show that sort of expression? It is as though I am an idiot who don’t know how to see the situation……」

「You knew?」

Tamaki pouted, showing her displease.

「Kazu-san is too much! Hey, Arisu, do you feel so too?」

Arisu revealed a troubled smile and looked at me.

「Reprimanding is also an expression of friendship.」

「Argh, well, but I will not be angry at Tamaki……」

「Yes yes yes, it is fine, Kazu-san. I am best friends with Arisu!」

「Mmm—— forget it, just don’t be too carried away.」

「I wouldn’t be like that, my character is one that is very cautious, right—— Arisu!」

「Argh, this……」

My eyes met with Arisu’s, then she slowly turned away.

「Only good friends will understand each other well.」

「Oh~ what, I am obviously cautious okay? Even during exams I would not forget to write my name.」

「Such a thing like forgetting to write your name is something that will not happen even in a lifetime?」

「Tamaki will have such a time every year……」

Argh, mmm——

Tamaki: Level 8 Sword Skill 4 → 5/Physical 1 Skill Point 5 → 0

Mia: Level 8 Earth Magic 4/Wind Magic 2 → 3 Skill Point 3 → 0

Even though there is some unease, we still left the white room.

◆ ◆ ◆

After returning back to the original place from the white room, I opened the transceiver, but Shiki-san did not reply. Ah—— that’s right, with the forest in between, they should not be able to receive radio waves.

Other than that, distance is another problem, this transceiver is really useless.

As I was considering such matters, Tamaki brought a girl back.

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