BIFMSMTK Volume 2 Chapter 41

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Chapter 41: Middle School Suppression Operation 2

I cast 《Haste》 on Arisu and Tamaki.

Arisu rushed out, followed by Tamaki, through the broken window and invaded inside.

Mia and I got closer to the window and peek in.

So it is the Art Classroom. The plaster statue at the wall is broken, the canvas is torn and the tools are all scattered around.

There are 3 guys at the corner of the room, they are lying there with their heads in weird directions.

And near the centre of the classroom, there are 3 orcs currently raping 3 naked girls.

Arisu and Tamaki attacked the orcs that are back-facing us.

One used the spear to stab through the body, another used the axe to cut of the head.

The orcs gave out dying groans…… No, although they opened their mouths, with movements like they are going to cry out, but they fall silently.

In the effective area of 《Silent Field》, all the sounds are isolated. No matter sounds or movements, all of them are silent.

The remaining orc turned over frantically, and opened its mouth as though it wanted to say something, and tried to stand up. It is probably swearing.

It is just that I completely cannot hear its voice.

The next second, Tamaki’s axe cut the orc’s body horizontally. The orc is splited into 2 on the spot, and blue blood sprayed out like a spring and it died like that.

All these happened in a soundless environment. The battle ended.

I waved as a signal to Shiki-san and the others who are hiding in the shade of the trees, the 4 of them immediately ran over.

We entered the Art Classroom. Among the 3 girls, 2 of them have already stopped breathing. Arisu cast 《Heal》 and 《Cure Mind》 to the girl who is still breathing.

These 4 MP is a necessary expenditure, we cannot not help the victims.

If it is just concerning the battle this time, the priority is of course eliminating the orcs. But Shiki-san and I factored in the possibility of the survivors entering the battle force into considerations. After all we are not sure if we can rescue more companions in the future.

The people we saved may not be willing to join in the fight, but if a person like Nagatsuki Sakura is among that few, then tomorrow it will be slightly easier for us, and it will be even easier in the day after tomorrow.

Considering the situation in the high school section, this is probably a good method. At least, we are unable to believe in the people who survived in the high school section, and I am unable to tolerate Shiba’s methods.

Being only able to recruit from the middle school section, that is what Shiki-san and I have thought.

Shiki-san is approaching the door of the Preparation Room beside the Arts Classroom alone, and silently placed her ear on the door.

The position she is at is not within the 《Silent Field》 of Arisu and the other. Shiki-san turned her head over here, and raised a finger, meaning there is at least 1 orc inside. Although I do not know how many orcs are there, but no matter what, the matter of defeating them will not change.

I used a movement to give Arisu and the others the permission, and Arisu and Tamaki stood in front of the door.

Shiki-san opened the door.

Inside there are orcs. From my position, I can only see 1. When the other party showed a surprised expression, Arisu rushed in.

Arisu rush towards the orc, and stabbed out. The orc had its throat pierced, and stopped breathing immediately.

Tamaki followed Arisu and rush deep inside, this means there are orcs on that side too. Shiki-san peeked inside and showed 3 fingers.

3 orcs? I see.

There are corpses in the preparation room too. 1 naked female school teacher’s corpse, 2 boy’s corpse and a girl’s corpse. After the females are dead, the orcs still continued to rape them.

Even though it is painful to see, but expressing our feelings here will not have any benefits. What we can do now, is to do our best at killing all the orcs in this school building. Then saving those who are still alive, even if there is only 1 person.

I sent the crow out to investigate again. Although 《Silent Field》 may lose its effect during the investigation, but this is something that cannot be helped.

According to the information from Arisu and the others, the next room beside us is the Home Economics Room, then it is the Science Classroom. The special classrooms that need to use fire are seemingly placed together. Following the corridor, the next classrooms are the Year 3 Classrooms.

In the building for Middle school section, the Year 1 Classrooms are on level 3, Year 2 Classrooms are on level 2, while the Year 3 Classrooms are on level 1. There are 8 classes in a Year, including the special classrooms, each level has about 12-14 classrooms.

There is a difference in the number of classrooms on each level, because there are big classroom like the Music Classroom, and there are small rooms like the preparation room. And within them, there are south facing classrooms that faces the courtyard, and the north-facing classrooms that we entered from. Other than that, there are a few empty classrooms.

After the crow returns, it reported that there are no orcs in the classrooms opposite and beside of us, while in the classroom diagonal of us, there are 4 orcs.

Among the orcs, there is one with blue skin. Is it an elite orc?

「Are there orcs in the corridor?」

The crow answered that currently there is none. Good, then we can only do it now.

「Arisu go and defeat the small fry orcs first, Tamaki will aim for the elite orc.」

There are many obstacles like tables and chairs in the classroom of the main school building, and the ceiling isn’t that tall. To Arisu who uses an iron spear, perhaps there will be the danger of being unable to use her full strength.

But the one who have 1 more day of experience of facing an elite orc is Arisu, it is hard to say which is the right choice……

「Leave it to me, Kazu-san. I will properly show it to you!」

Tamaki seems to have alot of push behind her, well I will leave it. After the 2 of them got the assistance of 《Haste》 and 《Silent Field》, they immediately rushed out. After Mia and I confirmed that there are no more orcs along the corridor, we followed closely behind them.

Shiki-san and the others one of them was carrying the girl survivor, followed slightly further away from us.

I lean over as though I am peeking in the classroom diagonal of us which Arisu and Tamaki ran in.

The orcs near the entrance reacted quickly to the invaders, and used its large sword to block Tamaki’s giant axe.

There should have been a sharp sound from the collusion of the weapons, but the classroom remained silent. The elite orc hence showed a shocked expression.

Arisu used a stab to pierce the head of the orc that is currently raping the girl, and killed it. The other 2 orcs are also stabbed to death as they were turning back. Her skills are superb, killing 3 orcs in a blink of an eye.

Tamaki’s axe and the elite orc’s sword clashed again and again. If《Silent Field》 was not casted, it would have given out quite a shocking amount of sound.

Their attack and defense exchange was very impressive, I completely could not follow their moves.

Arisu who finished off the small fry orcs, went to support Tamaki. Arisu and Tamaki’s weapon skills are all risen to Rank 4, even if it’s the elite orc, facing off against 2 of them is unadvantagous to it.

The 2 of them crossed arms a few rounds, then the elite orcs lost its balance due to Arisu’s strike, and Tamaki’s giant axe swung towards it at that moment.

The attack that swept pass, cut the thick neck of the elite orc in a blow, its head flew up into the air.

Arisu leveled up.

◆ ◆ ◆

In the white room.

「Did it, we did it! We can finally defeat the elite orc easily!」

Tamaki kept jumping around, seemingly very happy, her golden ponytails jumped around like a dog’s tail.

「That is because there are 2 of you and there is still support from 《Haste》, don’t let your guard down.」

「I of course know that this is due to Arisu and Kazu-san’s efforts.」

「I do not mean that. There is no need to thank me, I just wanted you to keep your guard up. Please.」

Tamaki blanked out for a moment, seemingly understanding that I am worried about her from the bottom of my heart, and「Mmm!」, nodded with a lot of strength.

「Then again, ha—— not speaking, seems to let me feel so stuffy until even breathing is hard!」

「It is fine to shout out. Actually, Arisu has been shouting while she is stabbing.」

I turned to Arisu, she replied shyly:「 saw it?」

「If shouting out can increase your strength, then feel free to shout. After all in the《Silent Field》, the surrounding people cannot hear anything.」

「Th…that is true.」

Arisu placed her hand on her chest, and relaxed. While Tamaki opened her mouth in shock saying:「Is it?」, I always feel that this is a combination that will make one worry for their future…… Erm—— forget it, it is fine.

「The 2 of you are so interesting, Arisu-chi and Tamaki-chi are a *bumpy* combination.」(TL note: でこぼこコンビ)

Mia said. Although it is indeed so, but you actually dare to say it.

「Yeah, Mia, didn’t you still call them senpai in the morning?」

「We have discussed it and not use that sort of formal titles.」

Tamaki was explaining at a corner. I see, after all we are companions.

「But, Arisu-chi and Tamaki-chi is a bit……」

「If I simplify it more, it will be Tamakin.」(TL note: its a pun but i don understand it. but i am guessing Tamakin is a flipped “kin tama” which means testes. The chinese translation tells me it has the same sounds as balls)

I silently stared at Mia.

「What an embarrassing name.」

「Then don’t say it like that.」

「Mmm—— it is fine, I don’t mind it.」

Tamaki said so with loud laughter. What an amazing person, I am respecting you for the first time.

「Okay, anyway, everyone should rest as how you want. At this timing, it is best to relax your mood.」

Although I only slightly glanced, but the classroom that we are in, also have corpses. There are a few naked bodies of the girls on the ground, there are also corpses from the boys. They probably suffered the orc attack while they are participating in some group activity.

Did anyone escape? The windows are all shutted tightly, so I am afraid……

No, better not think anymore. Just now I had thought about resting, and now I am moping.

「Kazu-chi, Kazu-chi.」

Mia pulled a corner of my shirt.

「If you want to do some unspeakable game with Arisu-chi, Tamaki-chi and I can face the other side……」

「You don’t have to worry about that sort of boring thing.」

I shook my head and rejected her suggestion firmly.

「Mmm, so you are the type who gets more excited when you are being watched?」

I used my fist to knock on Mia’s head, she showed a shy smile. She probably feels happy fooling around with everyone. Well I can’t do much about her—— I shrugged my shoulders.

Arisu revealed a shy smile and Tamaki also laughed loudly.

◆ ◆ ◆

After resting, we left the white room.

Arisu: Level 9 Spear Skill 4/Healing Magic 3 Skill Point 2

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