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BIFMSMTK Volume 2 Chapter 40

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Chapter 40: Middle School Suppression Operation 1

After Shiki-san left, I took a nap. Without MP, there is nothing I can do. If that is so, resting when there is time is also very important.

Thinking about it carefully, we have been having intensive battles since early in the morning.

Losing to the sleep demon is also a matter of time, so my conscious sunk into darkness just like that.

◆ ◆ ◆

I was shook awake by someone. I opened my eye and saw Arisu’s face.

「What time is it now?」


3.30pm, theoretically my MP should be completely full.

「Shiki-senpai want me to wake u up. And also that……」

After Arisu mumbled a while, she kissed the me who is still groggy from sleep.

She stuck her tongue into my mouth and we kept exchanging saliva, until we are unable to breathe.

After our lips separated, Arisu is flushed due to a lack of oxygen, and her breathing is also very fast.

「She also said to help Kazu-san get his spirit up.」

Mmm, some other place also became very energetic. Even though I was nearly overwhelmed with desires, I still desperately endured and got up.

Even if I have only a moment of happiness with Arisu for a short while, the people waiting will probably only use warm expression to look at us, then laughed while saying「there is nothing we can do about you two」.

But my MP is already full, wasting time here is too wasteful. If I want to do happy things with Arisu, it is better to wait until my MP is empty.

「Where should I go?」

「Shiki-senpai want you to go down to the lobby.」

I followed behind Arisu out of the room. In front there is a group of girls moving, they are the girls who fought side by side with us just now.

One of them gave regards to me stiffly, and I also answered stupidly.

I know I should express myself more naturally, but Shimoyamada Akane’s face will keep appearing. This gave me some hesitation, on whether if I should shorten my distance with them.

「Please do your best Kazu-san. We will maintain the state where we can head out anytime.」

That girl clenched her first while saying it. It seems that the reason why she is so stiff, was only due to her opinion of me being too exaggerated.

In their hearts, just how noble a hero was I?

Also, Shiki-san should have also told everyone on the matter of attacking the main school building. Although she did it without informing me, but this also saved me a lot of trouble so I will forget about this matter.

And in actuality the ones battling are Arisu, Mia and Tamaki, including my familiars.

All I had to do, is to act confident and give out orders, which I felt that it is similar to what Shiba is doing. But I am not that arrogant like that guy, and I also do not want to be like that. If it is possible, I do not wish to let any of my companions get injured.

I do not know when a few tables and chairs are placed in the lobby.

Part of the area became a place to place stuff, and there are a few bags filled with alot of things.

Shiki-san crossed her hands in front of the bags, and raised her head to look at me, and Tamaki and Mia are also beside her.

I don’t know why, but they gave out smirky smiles.

「Morning, until which step did you have Arisu do for you?」

「I only had her wake me up.」

Arisu lowered her head, blushing. With this, didn’t my calm reply lose its meaning? Forget it, after all Arisu’s shy look is also very cute.

I walked down the stairs from the balcony, and looked at what is inside the bags unconsciously.

Other than water bottles, CalorieMate and torchlights, there are still things like toolbox, tapes and medicines.

「I think there are some stuff which requires Arisu’s healing magic, but there will also be a need to save MP. If you feel that they are too heavy, you can freely choose some to take out.」

「There is no need, with 《Mighty Arm》, these stuff should be easily carried, thanks.」

I thanked Shiki-san and turned to the other 3. Okay——

「I believe you have already heard from Shiki-san.」

I announced to the 3 of them.

「Next I wish to attack the main school building.」

Arisu and the others nodded with nervous faces

◆ ◆ ◆

The elite party’s gym clothes and bloomers are already casted with 《Hard Armour》.

I had Arisu and Tamaki wear working gloves and hats and cast 《Hard Armour》on them.

I continue to add on other support magic. With me included, I casted 《Physical Up》,《Mighty Arm》and《Clear Mind》, while for Arisu and Tamaki’s weapons, I add an extra 《Keen Weapon》.

After casting so much magic, it only cost my 14 MP, which will be recovered in 20 minutes. Because my support magic is now Rank 4, so the effective time of the magic has changed from 80 to 120 minutes.

「I wish to reduce the enemy force in the main school building, that will be the priority. We must turn it into a situation whereby they will be unable to make a move on the Cultivating Centre.」

I reported the information I have gotten from the investigation by the crow. But I hid the matter on the high school section temporarily, because that has nothing to do with the current situation.

That’s right, it is just because of that. I hope that they will focus their mind on attacking the main school building of the middle school section, just that only……

Mmm, I can’t lie to myself, I better admit it.

I am scared of the high school section.

No, the person that I am scared of is Shiba. I fear that once that guy forms a strong force, they will bring danger to us.

Of course, things may not become like that, the survivors may work together too.

But Shiki-san told me that we have to imagine the worst situation. She also ordered me not to make any optimistic prediction. And even expressed that we should be gathering power now. I do not have objection to that.

Hence, I had thought about attacking the main school building.

Hearing about the existence of the general orc, the expressions of Arisu and the other tightened.

Other than that, beside the general orc, the existence of an unknown beast, made them their expression even more complicated.

Arisu and Tamaki looked at each other, as if thinking on what should they do to obtain victory……

「Basically we will not fight with the general orc.」

I told it to them directly.

「It should be that there is no need to fight. In the battles until now, the general orc have never appeared before, hence I judged that its character is not one that heads an attack. According to the situation on our side, if there is only 1 general orc, there should be methods to handle it, such as luring it into a trap etc.」

「Kazu-san, you really like traps.」

Tamaki said dumbfounded. So rude, our battles until now have mainly depended on traps to succeed.

People who laughs at traps will also cry because of traps. This is a common logic, and also a basic law of life. Okay, I shall put this aside for now.

「The objective of this battle is to decrease the number of small fry orcs and elite orcs as much as possible. Luckily the orcs in the main school building does not seem to be gathering in a location, but separated all around in the classrooms. So we will attack each classroom. As for the method……」

「We will use my 《Silent Field》.」

Mia said.

「That’s right, Shiki-san explained it?」


Good, since it has already been explained then the discussion will be fast.

「But, Kazu-chi, that beast’s nose maybe very keen.」

「That is a monster that just looks similar to a beast, and it is in the most deep room on level 3 with the general orc. Anyway, just avoid standing in the upwind direction. At least when fight on storey 2 and below, there should not be any chance of revealing ourselves due to smell.」

I see—— Mia nodded.

「Once things get dangerous, then run away immediately. After all the matter of us being at the Cultivating Centre is already exposed, there is no need to care about it too much. During retreating, we will borrow the power of Shiki-san’s party.」

This time, Shiki-san will lead 3 girls as support.

They have 2 main roles, one is to provide assistance when the main force is retreating; the other is to bring the survivors out when we discover them.

「Then, regarding traps……」

I looked at Mia.

「Mmm, just now Shiki-senpai asked me, I have already dug the holes, which arer in the forest that is about 5 minutes away from the main school building.」

With Mia’s 《Earth Pit》, then we do not need to take the risk to dig holes near enemies. We just have to use magic to dig, then carefully hide them. Theoretically, we can finish in minutes.

「I remembered the positions of the holes properly. There are a few, so we can lure the enemies according to the situations.」

Shiki-san said so. I nodded.

「As for how to contact……」

Shiki-san took out a wireless transceiver, it is an old model which is bigger than the palm and uses batteries.

「This is found by chance when a student was searching deep inside the basement of the Cultivating Centre. Because there are 2, so one of them will be kept by Kazu-kun and the other by me.」

I see, then this will be different from using the crow, we can communicate anytime. I really hoped that we could have found this earlier…… But from the situations, we can’t expect too much.

「Then we will proceed like this. Is there any questions?」

Nobody asked. We carried the bags and left the Cultivating Centre.

「Arisu, Tamaki, if you feel that the stuff you are carrying is heavy……」

「We will throw them away during battle, no worries.」

「That’ right, that’s right, there is no need for Kazu-san to worry, just relax and see us in action.」

Hearing Tamaki say it, I felt even more uneasy……

No, I had intended on giving it to them. After all I do not have any fighting capabilities, physical fights can only be left to Arisu, Tamaki and the wolves.

I casted 《Summon Gray Wolf》, and called out another gray wolf, maintaining the state of 2 wolves. Basically we are taking stealth actions, so I do not want to increase the number of the familiars too much.

I also cast 《Keen Weapon》,《Physical Up》and《Mighty Arm》on this wolf.

I only summoned 1 crow that is used for investigation, since there is a transceiver, this should be enough.

My MP has already recovered during discussing, with the highest value at 71. This time we intend to end it fast, hence according to our needs, it should be enough with 《Haste》, but……

I don’t know if any unexpected situation will occur in this battle, so it is better to save MP.

Shiki-san and the 3 girls followed behind us, 2 of them with spears and the last is with a sword. One of the girls holding a spear, is the pony-tailed girl who talked to me before.

Argh, I remembered she is a girl that we saved from the girls’ dormitory. Even if it is just for a short period, she had stood guard for us, is her strength okay?

Noticing my glance, the girl said in a monotonous tone:「Please take care of me.」

「Ermm, mmm, me too.」

「After all I couldn’t sleep and my body is also cured by magic, so I hope to be of help, even if it is just a little bit.」

「Is that so? Don’t force yourself.」

「Yes, please kill many orcs for us.」

That…… I did have such an intention.

She said it lightly, with no change in her expression, making me feel a bit scared. Argh, from how she had suffered, I can understand the hatred that she had for the orcs.

As for my awkward state, I don’t know what Tamaki is thinking, and actually jumped in, saying:

「Sakura-chan has always given off such a feeling. Although her attitude is cold, but she is not a bad kid.」

「Ah—— you knew each other?」

「Well no, Sakura-chan may not know me.」

The girl named Sakura nodded, saying:「That’s right, I do not know senpai.」Since she addressed Tamaki as senpai, she should be a Year 2 or Year 1 student?

「She is famous. Year 2 Nagatsuki Sakura, from the track club, her running speed is very fast, and she has even entered nationals before.」

Ah—— I see, she is the type that is good at something.

Even for such a powerful person, danger will reach her equally. She, being able to survive, is also because of luck.

No, is it really luck? This perhaps is only prolonging her pain. Working hard to ensure that the situation did not become that, is our responsibility……

I always felt that such things does not concern me. Actually in such times, all I need to say is「let me pave the path to your futures」or something like that.

But this is not my style.

I just want to finish everything that can be done for now.

「Anything that needs speed can be left to me. I raised Spear Skill and Physical, I will do my best as bait.」

「I understand, then I will depend on you.」

Her skills are Spear Skill 1 / Physical 1. With this, the battle in the forest will perhaps be easier. I used 《Physical Up》 on all the support members including her.

After we reached near the main building, we had the supporting members hide in the nearby woods.

And quickly killed the 2 orcs that are patrolling.

Though I said patrol, they only seem like they are just walking around the school building. Anyway Arisu and Tamaki finished them off in a second.

We quietly got closer to the broken window of a certain classroom, and sent the crow in to see the current situation in it.

「3 orcs.」

Okay. I gave Mia a secret sign, and had her cast 《Silent Field》 towards Arisu and Tamaki.

In this timeframe, I had the crow to fly to the window side again.

I ordered the crow to wait until all the orcs are back-facing the windows, then raise one of its wings.

About 10 second passed.

The crow raised one of its wings.

The battle has began.

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