BIFMSMTK Volume 2 Chapter 39

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Chapter 39: Shiki-san’s Repentance

Before 2pm, I spent all my time on enhancing gym clothes and weapons.

With this, my MP is completely empty, and it will need about 100 minutes before they are completely recovered.

「When your MP recovers, we should also move out to fight.」

Shiki-san decisively announced. When I finished casting all the magic, she enter my room on level 3.

I sat on the bed and Shiki-san sat on the only chair in the room, facing me.

「While I said that, the ones responsible for the battle are the 4 of you.」

「After all it is better to concentrate the experience on us.」

Shiki-san’s plan is very simple, which is to use a certain magic as basis, and for the 4 of us to attack the main school building.

「Wouldn’t the orcs be separated in various classrooms in the main building? I feel that it will be fine as long as we use 《Silent Field》 to enter from the window, then attack them from various points.」

《Silent Field》is a skill in Rank 2 Wind Magic. Mia raised the Rank of Wind Magic in the previous battle and gotten this magic.

This magic can create something like a barrier to prevent sound from reach, and it can be cast on humans or objects. If the target that was cast with magic was to move, the space will also move along. The range is made with the target as the center, with a radius of around 3 meters. When Wind Magic is Rank 2, it can last around 2 to 3 minutes.

As long as the entire party is inside the space, then we can move without making a slightest sound. When we fight in the space, we can also erase the sounds of battle. Even if we entered the classroom and wipe out those orcs, the neighbouring classrooms will also never discover it —— as long as we have this magic, even such tricks can be realised.

Of course, this is the result if everything proceeds smoothly. But I don’t think that we can always fight in an ideal situation.

Even so, if its Arisu and Tamaki now……

「If there is an elite orc, then we should be able to handle it?」

「Well, if we enter combat in a situation where the enemy does not discover us, then it should be fine.」

According to Arisu and Tamaki’s feedback, after their Weapon Skill raised to Rank 4, they can go toe to toe with the elite orc, and even attain the advantage.

Although a part of this is attributed to the effect of my support magic, but according to their strength, they do not need to fear the elite orc too much.

「The problem is how many orcs do we need to defeat for Arisu and Tamaki’s Weapon Skill is raise to Rank 6.」

I briefly calculated it. In the previous battle, after Tamaki and Mia leveled up, for the sake of raising the levels of the girls from the dormitory to level 1, they kept running around. So after they leveled up, we shouldn’t have defeated anymore orcs.

We can discuss the exact details later, but we should calculate like this first. Same as previously, the experience of 1 orc is 60, argh……

Hmm, Tamaki’s experience value is the same as a new level 7, which is 1680. Arisu needs to add 900 more, so it is 2580 of level 8.

Tamaki’s skill points has 3, while it is 0 for Arisu. If it is like this, for weapon skill to be rise up to 2 more Ranks……

Tamaki’s level need to reach 11, then her sword skill can be rise to Rank 6. To raise to level 11, she need 3960 experience, which is to say she needs 2280 more, and has to defeat 152 small fry orcs.

For Arisu, if she does not reach level 14, then her Spear Skill cannot reach Rank 6. To reach level 14, she needs 6300 experience, and she is missing 3720 currently, so she needs to defeat 248 small fry orcs.

「Like this even if we kill all the orcs and elite orcs in the middle school section, it does not seem to have enough?」

I said out my feelings directly.

「Yes, the number of orcs are exhausted.」

Shiki-san acted like she is joking…… Even if we can defeat a few elite orcs in between, but it is still tough to find over 100 orcs.

「But, we should at least let Tamaki’s skill rank reach 6. If not, it will be tough in the battle against the general orc.」

「Must we fight today?」

「Do you feel that those girls would still be alive after today?」

I remembered those girls that we saved from the girls’ dormitory, until Arisu casted healing magic, they all looked very miserable. And they still have to continue to suffer the brutal treatment from the orcs, and survive a night……

Mmm, not possible. Today is probably the limit.

「Just a mention, by measuring from the degree of violence that I suffered……」

「Please still stop being masochistic.」

Shiki-san laughed sarcastically again. Ah really, this person’s masochistic jokes are not comfortable to listen to!

「Other than that, there is still 1 more thing I have to tell you.」

Once Shiki-san got to that, her expression turned serious. Yes, she went to ask the girls’ that we saved from the girls’ dormitory.

「Did you understand what happened?」

「Regarding the number of girls not tallying, it is because a portion of the orcs seemed to have brought the girls to another place.」

「From the girls’ dormitory?」

「Mmm, those orcs are dressed in purple robes and small sized, which is a bit different from the other orcs. Although we cannot judge what they are, but they selected some girls that can be brought away.」

Orcs wearing purple robes? What is going on? Can they use magic?

Why did they kidnapped the girls? Just raping them in the girls’ dormitory isn’t enough?

No no no, wait a moment. I had never thought about this problem before…… No, it is because there is no value in thinking about this question, hence I had ignored it.

「Then again, why did the orcs attack us?」

「Well, perhaps they need sacrifices for a ritual?」

Hearing Shiki-san’s guess, I suddenly came to a realisation. The 2 of us looked at each other.

◆ ◆ ◆
「The orc came from the north side of the mountain, which is from the peak.」

「It seems so. If that is so, then they are probably brought there. But it could also be possible that they are locked up somewhere in the main school building.」

「To confirm this, there is a need to sneak into the main school building.」

Regarding the reason as for why the orcs attack the school, I had initially thought because there are girls here, so the orcs came to rape them.

After the feeling they gave off is rather simple, and they are pigs, and in actuality they are also stupid, so they are not suitable for group movements.

I had thought they are straightforward monsters, hence I did not notice other areas.

But if there are certain organisms leading the orcs, and they have matters for the orcs to do.

Using the things that they can use until its limits, then the rest of the students are useless to it. So——

「Then the rest is up to you to play with.」

「Indeed Ozu-sama, you understand it! 」(Tl note: these lines are from Tactics ogre. According to the chinese translation, it is about Ozu discussing on how to treat a female with his subordinates. I don’t play it so yeah.)

I guess the orcs had a conversation like above. Then again who is Ozu!

「Yes, Kazu-kun. After I thought about it, I felt that the place that those orcs stayed before, there are sure be general orcs, or even someone who is of a higher position, so……」

「So, we have to take the time now to gather the power that can oppose those fellows, right?」

Shiki-san nodded.

「I don’t think that the orcs in the main school building is the main force. According to Kazu-kun’s investigation, the high school section and the middle school section have similar number of orcs, hence I guess that the possibility of the main force being deep in the a certain part of the forest is quite high.」

「Should we attack there today?」

「I guess so.」

Hmm, I also felt that there is no choice. But I agree with killing as many orcs as possible, so as to increase the strength of our side. And, I also agree with saving the girls who are trapped in the main school building. As for the reason……

「Let me guess what you are thinking about?」

Shiki-san revealed an evil grin as I expected.

「To face off against the high school section, it is better to have as many pieces as possible.」

「That’s right, I am thinking of treating the people we rescued as pawns, using them to resist the high school section. Your opinion?」

「Agreed completely. At least from what you have said, I feel that I will not work well with Saso-kun and the gang that he leads. Didn’t he use other students as shields? What is the difference between imitating the elite orcs and that.」

「That is afterall an image I saw, moreover I could also lie due to hatred for Shiba.」

「From your looks just now, I don’t think that you are lying. You are not some actor so your skills can’t be so trained until you can act out fear so realistically.」

Stop babbling and mind your own business. Shiki-san smiled.

「The worst situation is to wipe him and those who follows him out.」

「Your decision is pretty fast.」

「Ah, that is the conclusion after I thought about it for a long time.」

When did you get the time to consider about it for so long?

「When I leveled up to level 2.」

Ah, is it? In the battle before, she was fighting alone, so she raise to level 2. During that time, she considered these?

In other words, regarding the situation in the high school section, she already had some sort of prediction?

「Nope. I only constructed a few possible scenarios, within a certain situation, and considered.」

I see, I do not completely understand. No, I understand the motive, but I can’t imitate it.

「I feel that you are a person who get stronger in adversity, the type that can make the best decision in a sudden situation. I am different. I will think deeply, and make preparations and choose the best methods depending on the situations, so I am not good at making sudden changes.」

「Well I can’t see that.」

「That is because I hid it quite well usually. But not yesterday, a sudden attack by mythical beings like orcs, I was so shocked that I stopped, and could only stay on the spot, unable to move.」

Shiki-san said so, lowered her head, and hesitantly fell silent.

After thinking about it, she raised her head and looked directly at me.

「If that is only like that, it is still okay. Kazu-kun, you know…… I, that time held onto my friend’s clothes, causing her to be unable to escape as well.」

Ah, so that is the reason—— I had thought so. Seeing Shiki-san crying and yet forcing smiles, all the questions are finally explained.

This is her regret that she never confessed to anyone before. Because of her selfish behavior, she caused her friend to miss the timing to escape, and unfortunately lose her life.

This is a result from a stupid action, which is she herself, surviving alone.

So that is why she is like a martyr, suffering this pain alone. The reason for excessive mentioning being raped by orcs, this perhaps is a punishment that she gave for herself.

Not letting Arisu cast 《Cure Mind》 on her, is probably to view her pain as a punishment for her crime.

Boring—— To laugh at her is a very simple thing.

But I can’t laugh. A person who facing the burdens from her failures, and yet continued to struggle to move forward, I am unable to laugh at such a person, telling her that this is nothing but self-torture.

Because this is the same mistake that I made yesterday.

In the time after meeting the elite orc, saving Shiki-san, I did not confess my relationship with her to Arisu, so that is why Arisu stopped to save Shiki-san.

I nearly lost Arisu.

Luckily everything ended smoothly and thanks to that, Shiki-san and I can face each other. My gamble won, and my reward is great. That is a battle that is worth risking.

But all of this originated from my mistake, and it just happened to have gone well. Because I know this, that is why I can’t laugh at her.

If I lost Arisu then, can I still stand back up? Can I still smile like this?

If this became true in the future, can I still smile——

No matter if it is using a time machine or what, anyway I will use all sorts of methods to beat up such a me.

That is a very fatal mistake, it’s a mistake that cannot be tolerated.

So I will not laugh at Shiki-san.

But even so, I will not console her. She probably will not wish for me to do so.

She only wish to suffer quietly, and then use that as a motivation to work for everyone.

That’s right, no matter what her motive is, she still helped us. Without her, we will not be able to continue like in the past.

And, the most important is……

「So Kazu-kun——」

Shiki-san laughed with sarcasm again.

「I will say it again, give me more burdens. Give me a burden that is so heavy that I will roll around in pain and I will accept it for you to see. What you need, even if I were to die, I will also prepare it.」

If her sacrifice can save all of us, then what is the problem with it.

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