BIFMSMTK Volume 2 Chapter 38

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Chapter 38: High School Section

The crow flew through the forest, towards the east direction, to the high school section.

Until now, I have completely disregarded the high school section. There are 2 routes linking the middle school section to the high school section, and one of them is already destroyed, while the other has become a route for the orcs to move.

With this, it is obvious that nobody will come and assist from the high school section. Since that is so, it is better to search for survivors in the middle school section.

That is what I have felt until now.

The majority of the middle section has been investigated, hence there is a need to get a hold of the situation in the high school section.

Honestly, I do not have any good memories of the people in the high school section, and I even felt that those people should all be killed by the orcs. Before yesterday that is what I had thought, but now, I still agree to about 80%.

But no matter how much I hate them, the orc threat is the most urgent problem.

If there are more helpers, if there are more companions, perhaps Shimoyamada Akane will not have to die.

Once I had thought about her death, I had to change my thinking. The people at the high school section indeed ridicule and regarded me with contempt, pushing me physically and mentally to the limits. I had once been beaten, kicked, trampled upon on my head, forced to obey humiliating commands and ridiculed.

But they did not take away my life.

While the orcs will chop off my head with their axes.

Hence if Shiki-san judged that this method will work, then I will attempt to consider if we will join hands with the high school section.

No matter how much I hated it. But if those fellows at the high school section mentioned my past situation until yesterday to Tamaki, Mia and the others….. Once I thought about this, cold sweat permeated my body.

Although even if this really happens, Arisu and Shiki-san will still be my companions. Tamaki and Mia will definitely not mind these, and continue to defend me.

But the others…… what about them?

Even though it’s an accident, but I feel that everyone will stand on my side. We had once faced the orcs in battle before, facing a strong enemy that was very imposing, and endured to the limits, forming feelings of companionship, although that could be my one-sided feelings……

While I am considering such matters, the crow finally reached the distance where we can clearly see the high school buildings. First is the most noticeable main school building. That is a 4 storey building, because it was newly built 5 years ago, the outside and inside are all very beautiful. As a side note, the toilets inside are all bidet toilets. (TL note: who is reminded of Gunota ga Mahou Sekai ni Tensei Shitara, Gendai Heiki de Guntai Harem o Tsukucchaimashita!?)

The windows in the main school building are all broken and I can see shadows of the orcs moving inside. I could only shout out with an「ah」.

「Even that side?」

I could not help but murmured. The crow kept on diving through different buildings in the high school section.

Then I saw it.

There are humans there, living humans that are walking around. Near the 2nd boys’ dormitory of the high school section, there are a few guys and girls fighting with the orcs.

It’s the survivors, survivors other than us. They are using swords and magic to fight with the orcs.

Then, I discovered a guy inside that party.

That person have slender eyes like cats, a thin but hunchback figure, an aquiline nose coupled with a unique malicious smile. I will definitely not see wrongly, that guy is——

Saso Shiba.

The guy who is in the same class, the one who bullied me to the utmost.

Shiba proudly ordered the people around, while he stood behind them, with a hunting rifle from who knows where, in his hands.

That’s right, it’s a real gun. There is such a thing in the school? Or is it hidden by someone before?

I am not sure about the answer. But anyway, Shiba is holding the hunting rifle in his hands.

One of the girls holding the sword is pressed down by the orc and is screaming, trembling. Shiba, once he saw that scene, a grin appeared on the edge of his mouth, and after pointing the muzzle at the orc who is pressing on the girl, and pulled the trigger. The orc’s head is blown away, collapsing on the girl.

My whole body stiffened, and my throat is dry, and I clenched my fist involuntarily.

What is this? What is that fellow doing? Oi Shiba, what are you……

The crow flew past the place of gathering, and returned.

◆ ◆ ◆


Shiki-san’s voice entered my ears, I cut 《Remote Viewing》and raised my head.

I don’t know when did Shiki-san come to beside, causing to be so shocked until I inched back.

「Ah, I am fine, sorry Shiki-san」

「Then that is good…… You sweated a lot.」

「Because, it is too hot.」


Shiki-san pointed to my right hand. I opened my hand, and noticed that my palm is bleeding due my clenching.

「Noticed that? You are trembling.」

Is it—— I nodded. Mmm, I know that I am afraid. Even though it is nonsensical, but once I saw him, I will still be very afraid. A certain something have craved itself deep within my soul, and the past wounds are tormenting me. Once I saw that face, I will have breathing difficulties.

「What happened?」

I judged that such things should not be hidden, hence I said out what I saw honestly. I spoke everything in bits and pieces, without hiding anything. Shiki-san listened while maintaining the silence.

「I will sit here.」

Shiki-san took off her shoes and climbed onto the small king-size bed, sitting beside me. Our distance is so close until our shoulders could nearly touch each other. Her shoulders are slightly slanted, it should be that she is still a bit afraid of guys.

「What do you want?」

「Just like you are not good with Saso-kun, I am also afraid of guys. But I believe this can be overcome. No matter how tough it is, I will fight for you to see, and not seek assistance from magic.」

Shiki-san said to her side. She laughed ironically, while leaning her body to a side, placing her shoulders on my body, like she is fooling around with me. Through her shirt, I can feel her warmth and her trembling….. No, it’s fear.

「But it must be painful.」

「Mmm, sorry.」

「What do you want to say?」

「You are not alone, only this, you must not forget about it.」

「I know.」

「If you met Saso-kun on the battlefield, then depend on Arisu, Tamaki and Mia. If he has any intention of talking, then let me do it. If something really happens, no matter how ugly your actions are, it is fine. But, even so, please believe in our support to you, and not escape from facing Saso-kun.」

Ah, right. I had just remembered, I have something very important that I have yet to tell her. It should be, I completely forgot. I only told this to Arisu.

「That, are you willing to hear my confession?」

「Mmm, tell me.」

「Yesterday I could defeated an orc initially, and leveled up to level 1 successfully, do you know why?」

「Now that you mentioned it, I never asked.」

「Do you know why I am so good at digging?」

「Don’t know, why?」

Shiki-san blanked out for a while. So she will also give such an expression? I could only snicker in secret.

「Wait, what is it?」

「Sorry, I should not smile. I did not have any meaning of ridiculing you.」

「Continue just now that topic. Why are you so good at digging?」

「Yesterday before the earthquake, I had intended on luring that guy, Saso Shiba to the forest and let him drop into the hole I dug, and pour gasoline over him, then stab him to death with the bamboo spear.」

「I see.」

「You are not shocked at all.」

「The feeling is like a puzzle being pieced back, I finally knew why Arisu tried to wiggle her way out. In the end, that murder plan failed. 」

「At the crucial moment, the earthquake happened and that guy ran back to the high school section in shock.」

「Then the orc walked over and drop into the hole?」

「That’s right.」

Shiki-san shrugged her shoulders in a dramatic way.



「I am saying about us. Thanks to your intention to kill Saso-kun, after a few complicated times, then we could survive like now. If not. I am probably tortured to death by the orcs.」

「Well that is one way of saying.」

「So, thank you.」

Shiki-san said so, and smiled after turning towards me.

「Thanks for the preparation that you made for killing Saso-kun.」

「That is a crime.」

「Currently there is no law in this place, so we are the only ones who can decide if this is a crime. I will support your actions, no matter what I will defend you. So this is not a crime, you are justice itself.」

「What warped reasoning.」

「Yeah. But morals will change according to era, it is not absolute.」

So—— Shiki-san continued:

「You must maintain your confidence and lead everyone.」

I hesitated for a while, and nodded.

「Meaning I am law.」

「Mmm, that’s right. As long as you are willing, I can make every girl in the Cultivating Centre yours.」

「Arisu will get angry.」

「That’s right, Arisu is your law.」

Shiki-san snickered, and then her expression turned serious again.

「Kazu-kun, there is only a thing that you must have a certain realisation.」


「The realisation to kill someone. Meaning or perhaps in the future, you may have to kill others beside Saso-kun」

I frowned, while Shiki-san just shook her head slowly.

「Of course, that time do remember to tell me first, I will give you the instructions.『please kill this person』, you must follow my orders and kill your past classmates and senpais.」


Shiki-san used her hand to press on her chest and smiled, that smile is so bewitching that it sends shivers down my spine.

「Let me be the villain. Your…… no, all your filth will be beared by me 」

Shiki-san’s heroic words, caused me to hold my breath.

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