BIFMSMTK Volume 2 Chapter 36

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Chapter 36: Main School Building of the Middle School Section

The time is now at noon.

We decided to rest a while, although an afternoon nap sounds very relaxing, but everyone is actually too tired.

After the two Year 1 students returned to the Cultivating Centre, they collapsed in the lounge.

The 2 surviving frontliners brought a change of gym clothings and panties and entered the toilet quickly.

Everyone treated it as though they did not see it, it is really heart-warming.

But Mia still happily told me about this. This girl seemed to be more energetic than the others, I don’t know if it is because of the level up so her endurance also got increased. But after all she had been brought around, so she is still a bit unstable when walking.

「So smelly, the 2 of them are so scared until they shitted.」

This girl is really a rascal.

I felt that the situation when the elite orc is approaching and that a companion, who has been fight alongside you, is splitted into 2, just being able to maintain conscious is already pretty impressive. Is this the effect of 《Clear Mind》? If that is so, then it has not been a waste of my MP to cast them.

One of our companions died.

But everyone is quieter than I had expected. Even though they are sad, but the only one minding our companion’s death is only me.

Thinking about it carefully, this is natural. The people who went to the girls’ dormitory have all seen the tragic deaths of their friends, even if they didn’t see them, they also went through a lot yesterday.

Have their tears dried? Or is it simply that they have gotten used to people dying? No matter what, the feelings that are gradually being numbed is also a fortunate thing.

I feel that it is a good thing that everyone is not shocked by a person’s death. If they mind it too much, they will fall sick mentally soon.

Afterall, we are surrounded by too many deaths.

◆ ◆ ◆

I am also exhausted. Actually now we should be concentrating on scouting or being alert, but I no longer have the strength to mind such things.

「During this timing, we will be staying guard, please rest well.」

The pony-tailed girl called Nagatsuki Sakura said so.

「But, all of you should be tired?」

「When we are being raped by the orcs, we are all half-awake.」

When she said these words, her emotions did not change, causing me to not know if it is true, or just a low level joke. But I chose to accept their kind intentions now.

After all the members of the support party are all first-timers in the battle, and they should have long passed their limits. The girls are lying in the lounge not caring about their image, that is what I thought as I looked down from the balcony on level 2.

The person who exhausted them to this state is me, and there is someone who is sacrificed.

Shimoyamada-san, her death is my responsibility, and I will gladly accept all these.

From now on, there could others who will die and those are all my responsibility.

But I am not alone, there is Arisu, Tamaki and Mia, and Shiki-san will also split the responsibility with me.

I must endure, and learn to split responsibility and live with everyone, then I will be able to repay Shimoyamada-san who died for me.

I must go and do what I can do.

Luckily, I got a strong magic from the battle just now—— Rank 4 Support Magic 《Hard Weapon》and 《Hard Armour》, I am going use them to strengthen everyone’s weapon and defensive equipment.

If possible, I wish to strengthen everyone’s gym clothes and bloomers. Other than that, I also wish to strengthen some hats.

I raised it up to Shiki-san and was retorted immediately.

She brought me to a room on level 3 and then locked the door.

We are alone in the room. Shiki-san wanted me to sit on the bed while she herself sat on the chair and crossed her legs, then arrogantly raised her chin.

「You actually thought of casting magic on everyone, how long do you think it will take? Including the 4 who just level up to level 1, there is a total of 8 vanguards. Among them, you just have to enhance Arisu and Tamaki’s set of clothes and hats, even gloves too. The others just enhance the gym clothes, for the rearguard there is no need to enhance anything, except for you and Mia.」

But—— I protested, and Shiki-san shook her head.

「Listen carefully, Kazu-kun. We are not equal, among the members, there are some who can die and some who definitely cannot die. The 4 persons in the elite party cannot die, especially you. You are everyone’s hope, there is no one that can replace you.」

「You mean that Shimoyamada-san is replaceable?」

「Mmm, that’s right.」

Shiki-san said it in a calm tone and then gave a cold laugh. She has expressed herself as though she is the antagonist, even though she is not well-versed in acting, she still tried to be like a demon queen.

But the fist that she is clenching is still shaking. That pair of eye stared at me, the feeling is sorrowful yet lonely. This person is not suitable as an actress.

「Even though it’s a pity, but both you and I are special. We are different from Shimoyamada-san, we cannot die to escape from all these. If anyone of us dies, we will be leaderless. Using other people as bait, struggle to survive, even if disabled, we must also survive—— this is what a leader should do.」

She loved to talk to me about such irritating and horrifying stuff. Such depressing stories to make my heart timid.

But now I understand, this is her sincerity. I am not alone. Shiki-san also means that she, too holds the preparation to take on the deaths of her companions.

This is really stupid, she likes to push herself even more as compared to me.

「Kazu-kun, if Arisu is necessary to you, then to let her survive, you must do your utmost to invest in her, even if it decrease the resources that are given to us.」

「Do you feel that this is fine?」

「I am fine with anything.」

Shiki-san smiled.

「I have already decided not to run. No matter what kind of difficulty, I will do my best to resist. Even if I am hated.」

「Even if I disagree?」

「I will convince you.」

「Even if I guard against Shiki-san, will you be able to convince me?」

「Well, if it is difficult face to face, then I will link up with Arisu first. If that does not work, then I will cry to Tamaki. Mia is smart, so I think that she will agree with my thinking……」

My instincts tells me—— that this person is dangerous. No, I knew this since the beginning.

She is a bad girl. If I want to escape from her, perhaps I can only end her life.

Shiki Yukariko this girl knows that as long as Arisu is around, I will not take such reckless actions. Because there is the safety called Arisu, she is able to be honest with me on all these stuff.

「Mmm, anyway that will be like this.」

Shiki-san stood up after finishing, and looked at me rebelliously.

「You are not allowed to die, Kazu-kun. You cannot break down too. If you feel upset, then rely on Arisu or me. No matter how ridiculous, it is fine. As long as you feel there is a need, just tell me. I will think of something.」

If there is a need…… I revealed a bitter smile.

If I say I need a woman, she will definitely offer me her body. Maybe she will even add in a sentence:「Do you think that I do not have this level of awareness?」

Even if I expressed that I want a companion’s body, no matter who, she will go and convince the other party. Ah ah, this girl is really……

Eat shit.

Mmm, how should I say it—— I finally found a word that is very suited for her.

「You are really manly.」

Shiki-san revealed a bitter expression as though she ate something bitter.

Good, I got back at her. I clenched my fist.

◆ ◆ ◆

My current level is 9, 9 MP will be recovered for every 10 minutes, to fully recover, I will need 1 hour and 40 minutes.

In the time while waiting for MP to recover, I sent the crow out to scout, while I lie in the room on level 3. Shiki-san is sitting on the chair nearby, with both her hands around her chest, looking at me like that.

《Summon Raven》requires 1 MP, 《Remote Viewing》 need 3 MP. With all these calculated inside, I cast 《Remote Viewing》 on the crow that flew off.

First is the main building of the Middle School Section. I had verified with my eyes that this is our real aim—— the place where the orcs are gathered. Just now the orc army that marched to the Cultivating Centre also came from the direction of the main building. We should have decreased quite a bit of their fighting force, but……

The premise of the school building has about 30 orcs currently, and there is a campfire in the middle of the schoolyard.

The ones burning inside are humans. The orcs seem have used the corpses as firewood, then cheered around the surrounding, as though they are doing some ceremony.

I bit my lips tightly when I am surveying the scene. The crow will not hesitate because of my emotions, it flew around in the air and then entered the main school building to scout.

The building has a total of 3 floors. The windows at the level 1 classrooms are all broken, and it was done from the outside. The orcs seems to have broke the glass windows and entered from there.

Although that time school had ended, many students seemed to have stayed in the school. I saw many corpses of the teachers which had their head splitted apart by axes, and there are still naked bodies of the girls being raped by the orcs. They are completely powerless, not even moving.

The crows surveyed on the level 2 and 3, including the interior. Occasionally I can see bronze colored orcs mixed within the small fry orcs. In the main school building, there are perhaps 7, 8 elite orcs.

From the situation, there could be close to 10. This number is too many, enough to make me despair.

Then its level 3, the deepest part on this level is the music classroom, the sturdy door of the classroom is opened.

The crow sneakily peeked into the classroom, inside there is only an exceptionally big black colored orc. In its hand is a shiny silver sword and it’s covered with a golden cape, sitting firmly on the piano, looking lazily at its subordinates that are servicing him.

General orc—— such a word floated in my mind. Even if it is not called this name, it should not be too far away. That orc indeed have the air of having been through hundreds of battles.

Beside the general orc, there is a black coloured animal with a lot of fur. What is that? That thing hid under the shadow of the piano, so I can’t see its figure clearly.

That animal is bigger than my familiar gray wolf and its eyes gave off a red glow.

At this timing, the sight of that animal came over. No, it locked eyes with the crow.

That look sends shiver down my spine, a feeling of being seen through surged through my body.

The next second, that animal raised it head and looked at the general orc.

The general orc’s right hand moved. It is throwing, it threw something sharp at the crow.

I shutted my eyes unconsciously……

The connection broke and the crow has been killed.

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