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BIFMSMTK Volume 2 Chapter 35

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Chapter 35: Aftermath

Seeing the elite orc who was the leader being defeated, the other orcs escaped in the confusion. The girls in the support party also chased closely behind, defeating them one by one for their companion’s revenge. This is a big chance for leveling up, hence I also let them kill the orcs on the premise that they will not chase them too deeply in.

Arisu and Tamaki should have also successfully defeated the elite orcs. With Mia’s support, I feel that there should not be any problem……

At this moment, Tamaki and Mia suddenly poke their head of the forest.

「It has ended over here. Kazu-san, we will go over to Arisu next……」

The moment the 2 of them looked at my face, they were so shocked that they could not say anything. Ah, is the expression on my face that bad? No, like this I could not qualified to be a commander.

「I will understand what happened here first, the 2 of you should go and support Arisu first.」

「Mmm, mmm, Shiki-san we understand.」

Tamaki and Mia looked worriedly, before turning away and moving out. Luckily, they don not seemed to have noticed the tragic scene near the trap. Mmm, it is better to not look at it. No matter if it is sorrow or condolences, they have to wait until the battle has ended.

「Kazu-kun, you should take a break.」

「That isn’t good.」


I was glared at by Shiki-san. Ah, damn, I am really useless. I signed and lowered my shoulders. At this timing, the sound of leveling up sounded.

I see, it was smooth on Arisu’s side.

In the white room, Arisu and the others looked at me with faces of worry.

「Kazu-san, what happened?」

Arisu asked, so I told her the news of the death of our companion.

The 3 girls swallow their saliva, and looked at me.

「Is that so……Akane-chan……」

Tamaki said.

「Her name is called Akane?」

「Mmm, Shimoyamada Akane-chan. She is from the cooking society, and had once made a bento beside me and Arisu, saying it’s for her boyfriend, and she did it with vigor……」

Is that so—— I nodded.

Until now, I noticed that I do not even know her name.

What kind of feeling did she have when she was making the onigiri? She must be worried about the situation that her lover is in. In the situation of despair, she still had traces of hope, thinking that we could perhaps save her lover?

But, wouldn’t dying as a shield be defeating that purpose? Because she would not be able to see her boyfriend anymore.

I sat on the floor of the white room, powerlessly.

I lifted my thighs, lowered my head and sighed.

Ah, what am I doing.

I had to encourage everyone, and why am I showing my depressed state in front of the 3 of them? Didn’t I promise to Shiki-san that I will be strong?

That’s right, Shiki-san had said so that time—— even if our companions die, it is all her responsibility, and that I do not have to feel responsible for that.

How can that be.

I will definitely mind it, after all I was the one who caused her death. I bit my lips tightly, to the extent that blood flowed, and the taste of iron was felt in my mouth.

If I gave my body more pain, will I feel better? I thought so.

I clenched my fist. What am I saying? What am I doing.

This moment, I was hugged tightly by someone.

And it’s not only one but 3. They came from the front and my sides and hugged me tightly.

I can feel that warmth of their bodies, as well as their sweat, and their breaths are blowing on me, even their heartbeat were transmitted.

Raising my head, I discovered Arisu’s face was in the middle and the left and right were Mia and Tamaki. (TL note: the author finally placed Mia’s name first!!!!)

「Kazu-san is not alone.」

Arisu said so.

「Yes, Kazu-san, did you comfort me that like too? So now it is our turn to comfort you.」


They revealed a smile with enough warmth to encompass me, and a serious expression.

「To go through both happiness and pain, that is a companion.」


「A certain manga said so.」

A good atmosphere was spoilt by this fellow.

「Kazu-chi, a guy do not have work so hard, occasionally revealing a weak side is cool.」


I glared at Mia, this petite girl answered with a「mmm」like a proper lady, and nodded…… then lightly kissed my forehead.



「This is a kiss to console a desolated guy.」

Mia blushed, and looked at me straight. Her eyes are very serious, she is really worried about me.

I stole a glance at Arisu. Arisu used both her hands to hold my face, and locked my head in place. Then she came forward and our lips overlapped with each other. A short kiss, and Arisu revealed a grin.

「Come, Tamaki too.」

「Eh, but Arisu——」

「This is just everyone consoling Kazu-san only.」

I looked at Tamaki. Tamaki played with her golden hair strands and lowered her head shyly. Then she locked eyes with me as though she had some sort of determination.

「…… I am going console you.」

「Oh, okay.」

Tamaki kissed my cheek.

「Ah, such a boring kiss.」

Mia smirked to taunt at Tamaki, causing her to shout out while blushing:「I..it’s fine! The lips are for Arisu!」. That look was really cute, I could not help but laugh.

「Mmm, finally smiled.」

「Yes, it was all of you who made me smile, thanks.」


Without a sense of urgency, fatigue came in, The warmth from their bodies, made me feel very peaceful.

I caressed Mia and Tamaki’s hair, and both squinted their eyes, as though it is very comfortable.

「Arisu, I also want to thank you.」

「Yes….. This, ah, but……」


Arisu hesitated for a while and looked at me before speaking:

「Kazu-san, you…your survival is the most happy thing for me.」

「Ah, mm, I will do my best.」

「Please do not die.」

「Well, I also do not wish to die.」

Is it because she saw that I was depressed so she is worried? No, the feeling is a bit different. I quietly looked at Arisu’s obsidian-like pupils, and her sights are swaying, as though she can’t calm down.

「Please remember this, as long as Kazu-san is alive, then I will feel very fortunate.」

Kazuhisa: Level 9 Support Magic 4 / Summon Magic 3 Skill Points 3

◆ ◆ ◆

Returning back to the original place, I left the role of exterminating the leftover orcs to my other companions and looked at the person who came out from the Cultivating Centre.

It’s the girl who had a pony tail. Ah, then the girl who spoke to me at the girls’ dormitory is also her.

「Sorry, I had interfered with your battle just now.」

The girl lowered her head, it seems she isn’t afraid, but yet I am unable to feel other strong emotions from her. But her looks does not seem to have shown that she had let it go.

The girl raised her head.

「I wish to see the looks of orcs being killed. They made us go through such a scary experience, so I wish to see the looks of these fellows dying.」

The girl lightly mentioned it, and her clenched fist is shaking.

「Thanks to all of you, I saw a very happy scene.」

「I.. I see.」

「But I wish to see more orcs die.」

The girl used an emotionless tone to say that, and that pair of black eyes that contains a deep darkness penetrated me.

「Please let me level up.」

Mmm, this wish is just as what I had wanted. If it’s now, it should be easy to restrain the escaping orcs.

「If there are others like you and can move immediately……」

The pony-tailed girl turned back and waved to the other girls hiding inside the inner side of the main door at the Cultivating Centre.

Including her, there are 4 person.

「I understand, all of you should take the bamboo spears—— do you know what is that? It is that which is beside the main door, then come with me. If you can lift the iron spears, then you can take those too. Argh, it is better to have Arisu too……」

At this moment, I am transferred to the white room again, so it was Tamaki and Mia who leveled up.

「It came at the right time!」

Seeing the happy emotion that was different from a few minutes ago, Arisu and the others looked at each other while puzzled.

「Nothing. Erm, Arisu, Tamaki and Mia, I have something I want you to help with.」

Hence I asked Arisu to help the girls whom we have rescued from the girls’ dormitory to level up. And to let Mia raise Wind Magic to Rank 2.

「Increasing the variety of our tactics is better.」

She expressed so and I also agreed with that thinking.

Tamaki: Level 7 Sword Skill 4/Physical 1 Skill Point 3
Mia: Level 7 Earth Magic 4/Wind Magic 1 → 2 Skill Point 3 → 1

◆ ◆ ◆

Leveling up the girls who just came to the Cultivating Centre was easier than I had expected.

After all they have extreme hatred towards the orcs, hence when using the bamboo spear to stab at the enemies, they showed no signs of hesitation.

When the extermination battle ended, the 4 of them are raised to level 1.

◆ ◆ ◆

The battle ended. The orcs are all escaping, and there is no signs of any enemies near the surroundings of the Cultivating Centre. Suffering such a brutal defeat, will they gather their companions again to attack?

Even if they will come again, I feel that it will not be today, although this is merely a wishful thinking of mine.

Shiki-san judged that there should not be any orcs going to report.

「Reporting such a tragic ending to the commander, will they still be alive? I guess they will pretend that they don’t know, and then escape to a place where the commanders cannot find them.」

From how the elite orcs commanded, perhaps the result is like how she mentioned. Even though their ruling is not like an army, but from the actions of those orcs until now, it indeed has that possibility.

No matter what, even if the enemies come now, we are unable to battle. Everyone is extremely tired, and I am also too exhausted, wanting to just collapse and rest.

But before that, I have something I need to finish.

「I wish to make a grave for Shimoyamada Akane-san.」

Everyone expressed their will to help.

But I rejected.

「If there are others who died in the future, I will depend on you all, but this time, just let me do it.」

Shiki-san stared at me as though wanting to say something, and finally just said「I understand」, and then turned away.

「Then just do it until you are happy.」

I went to the back of the Cultivating Centre and dug the grave alone. Arisu, Tamaki and Mia placed the pieces of the corpse in a bucket and brought it over.

「Shiki-senpai called us 3 to come and help.」

「I see.」

I could understand her thinking, she wants to use my emotions as a way to strengthen the relationship of this elite party.

Damn. But at the same time, I also felt that this plan is really good.

I am angry at her actions but at the same time I admired her leadership.

The contradiction in my heart, caused me to groan out.

Then the 3 girl placed their hands on mine.

「Let me say this again, Kazu-san you are not alone.」

Arisu said so on behalf of all 3 of them, and my tears could not help but flow out.

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