BIFMSMTK Volume 2 Chapter 34

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Chapter 34: The Second Defensive Battle at the Cultivating Center 5

The girl who listened to my command, died in front of me.

It’s my mistake.

I have subconsciously, used a game’s thinking to consider things.

I had felt that, as long as the orcs remain in chaos and caused a jam, the elite orcs will not be able to come forward.

I forgot how violent and brutal the elite orcs are.

Because of this mistake, my companion died.

And the elite orc is currently in a state whereby it could move freely.

Arisu and Tamaki are currently at a faraway place fighting with the other elite orcs, and Mia is busy supporting them.

The bronze-coloured orc who cut the girl into halves, is currently kneeling down at a place which is a few steps from me.

It stood up, and looked at the girls at its sides.

「How dare you!」

The 2 girls left kept stabbing in rage. No, that sort of weak attack can’t even harm that thick skin of the elite orc.

Just exactly how strong is the orc that Arisu and Tamaki have been facing? The truth is clearly shown before me now.

I felt that the flow of time have become slow.

Attacking randomly is too dangerous, the opponent will take the chance to retaliate in the time frame after they attacked. If their heads are chopped off, then everything will end.

But I can perhaps escape from the time that they bought. If I turn and escape now, perhaps I can survive.

There are still 2 familiar wolves by my side, if I use the 2 of them as shields for a few seconds, they could also buy me a bit of time.

And while I am moving, Arisu, Tamaki and Mia should return after defeating the elite orc. Then they can defeat this guy after that.

But in that interval, the girls fighting now could be killed……

But we can survive. Me, Arisu, Tamaki and Mia, and even Shiki-san can survive.

Thinking of the big picture, this is the best method.

If I calculate the risks and benefits, this method is the most suitable.

So, I ordered the 2 wolves.

「Go! Protect them carefully!」

The wolves indeed followed my orders and moved……

They rammed the girls’ bodies.

The 2 wolves used their bodies to press on the 2 girls who are holding the spears.


The 2 girls with spears looked speechlessly at me.

This moment, the elite orc’s gigantic axe swept past their heads.

If they are not pushed down by the wolves, the girls would have lost their lives. The 2 of them will be cut into halves from their middle of their bodies.

I relaxed.

While I relaxed, I thought in my heart—— why?

Why didn’t I take the chance to run? Why did I save them?

I actually knew the answer clearly. I raised my head and glared at the elite orc, staring straight into that evil red pupils.

That’s right, I have already developed feelings for them.

I felt sorrow for the girl who died, and strongly blamed myself for not protecting her well, because I felt that I have the responsibility for protecting their lives.

Now then I realise the meaning in the words that Shiki-san had said. She advised me to not treat my companion’s death as my responsibility, and that she will take on all these burden, so all I need to do is to treat them as pawns.

If I did not do so, my mind will perhaps collapse.

Thank you, Shiki-san.

Eat shit.

I stood up and glared at the elite orc.

This beast—— I glared at this violent murderer.

「Come at me, you damn pig!」

I don’t know if the elite orc could understand my shouting, but it seem to have at least taken it as a challenge. Only seeing it roar in anger, getting closer to me.

Fireball and knives flew out from trees, attacking this elite orc.

The support from my companions are useless. Even if the elite orc is hit by fireballs in the stomach, its footsteps did not even stagger; the small knives that are thrown at his shoulders are also deflected off easily by its skin.

「That’s right, come here!」

I dashed out while back facing the elite orc. Luckily I had casted 《Physical Up》 on my legs first. Anyway I need to buy as much time as possible.

At this moment——

I turned my sight to the entrance of the Cultivating Centre, and noticed that the door is opened. Someone walked out from inside, it’s one of the girls that we have saved from the girls’ dormitory.

The girl saw me and the elite orc that was chasing me, and was so scared until she stood at the spot.

Shit, if I ran over like this, I will involve her. I quickly stopped my steps, and jumped a few steps forward.

Then, a chill suddenly went down my back.

I quickly turned, and witnessed the moment that the elite orc threw its giant axe at me.


I immediately called out.

The giant axe that was approaching my face, met with an unseeable wall.

The axe was reflected by that wall, flying back at the one who threw it.

The giant axe cut into the elite orc’s face, hitting its left eye, and blue blood gushed out like a spring. Did it succeed……?

The elite orc gave out an angry howl.

It pulled out the axe, and swung it strongly.

Just the wind pressure is enough to blow me away. No, that did not cause any lethal injuries to it.

This fellow is too strong, the difference in our power is too big. Other than Arisu and Tamaki, what other methods could be used to handle this monster?

And the elite orc got closer to me, only mindlessly swinging its axe. This fellow……can’t see in its right eye?

Looking at it carefully, I noticed that its right eye is closed. Did it get contaminated with the blood that sprayed out? But what should I do? How should I attack this crazy axe swinging fellow……

Suddenly the randomly swinging axe coincidentally swung past a location near me, causing me to take a step back……

Hearing the sound of me stepping on the grass, the elite orc turned over suddenly.

Shit—— cold sweat covered my back, it had indeed captured my location.

The elite orc raised its giant axe, preparing to swing it and……

A chain flew out from the forest nearby, entangling the elite orc’s legs. Looking at it carefully, Shiki-san showed her face slightly from the shadows of the tree.

「Great, this move is also considered as within the Throwing Skill.」

Shiki-san pulled at the chain strongly, causing the elite orc to lose its balance and fall. I stood there blankly, feeling completely dumb-folded……

「Kazu-kun! Steady yourself!」

Hearing Shiki-san’s scolding, I regain my sanity. I gave the 2 gray wolves commands and they lurge at the elite orc together.

「Attack the hand that is holding the axe! If it’s possible, bring the axe over!」

One of the wolves bit apart the struggling orc’s finger, and the other used its mouth to bite on the handle of the giant axe, and dragged the axe over to me.

Because of the need when digging holes just now, so I had cast 《Mighty Arm》 on my body, and the time has yet to reach an hour.

After I looked at the giant axe for a while…… I picked with great determination.

「Wait, Kazu-kun! Let me……」

「Don’t come here, Shiki-san.」

It’s heavy, but if it is just swinging it, I can still manage it.

「This will be done by me, please let me do it.」


Hearing Shiki-san’s voice, I understood—— she probably knows what had happened in the frontline.

Did she see it? Or did she deduced it?

Anyway is fine, she felt that I was in danger and came to save me. Even now she is struggling to salvage my mistake, that is what I can’t do.

Thank you, but this is my job.

The revenge must be done by me, if not I will not be able to forgive myself.

No, even if I did such a thing, I also do not feel that I will be forgiven. But I still have to do it.

1 step, 2 step, I walked closer to the elite orc that was still struggling.

The distance is just right. I gave a roar and swung my axe down.

The strength I displayed was extremely weak, it was simply shitty. But thanks to the weight of the axe, it still managed to become a strong blow.

And my luck was good, this blow happened to land on the neck of the elite orc.

The bronze coloured head flew up like a round ball, and then landed on the ground, rolling on the grass.

「Defeated…… it.」

I sat blankly on the ground, feeling that my strength is gradually seeping out from my body.

The cheers entered my ears, looking at them carefully, the girls on the trees are cheering for me.

「Well done.」

Shiki-san came to my side and said to me in a small voice.

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