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BIFMSMTK Volume 2 Chapter 33

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Chapter 33: The Second Defensive Battle at the Cultivating Center 4

Arisu, Tamaki and Mia, the 3 of them leveled up together. They each raise their own Skill Rank, for Arisu, it’s Spear Skill, Tamaki is Sword Skill, and Mia is Earth Magic.

As a whole, the result is as such:

Arisu: Level 8 Spear Skill 3→4/Healing Magic 3 Skill Point 4→0
Tamaki: Level 6 Sword Skill 3→4/Physical 1 Skill Point 5→1
Mia: Level 6 Earth Magic 3→4/Wind Magic 1 Skill Point 5→1

Even though Mia can choose to raise Wind Magic, but I feel that she should prioritise Earth Magic. Her MP like mine, nearly depleted, hence even though she can only raise the effect of 《Heat Metal》 by a bit, I judged that it is the best way to bet the chance of victory.

Considering the future, having the convenient Wind Magic is indeed attractive…… But now we have to concentrate our power and survive the next few minutes.

「Although your Weapon Skill are now Rank 4, but this time I do not have the power to cast 《Haste》.」

I made a final confirmation with Arisu and Tamaki who are in front of me.

「The battle this time will perhaps be even more intense than the past. Until now, did you suffer any injuries?」

「Yes, I am fine.」

「No problem, thanks to Kazu-san’s 《Hard Armour》.」

After asking, I realise that gym clothes with『+1』will reflect all the attacks that has caused injuries. Even if the orcs ram them, it seems that they will not suffer any sort of impact.

The 2 of them expressed in a bit of excitement that the sharpness of 『Iron Spear +1』and『Giant Axe +1』are incomparable to the past.

The strike from the spear pierces through the orc’s body easily, and the axe’s strike split the orc’s body easily into halves, the feeling is as though they have become completely different weapons.

「Actually, it is probably not the same item.」

I had considered it in same game terms. Weapon and Armour + 1 is just my way of calling them, perhaps the changes between them could have been from 「rod」to 「iron sword」, or it could have been Rank changes like「leather armour」to 「holy armour」.

And according to the Q & A I had with the computer——

If my support magic’s rank rises, the weapon and armour effects caused by the magic will also increase. Hence, every time my support magic raises its rank, there is a need to re cast them for Arisu and Tamaki.

Forget it, these are all in the future. The most important thing now, is to instruct them on how to face the current threat.

「This time the opponent is 3 elite orcs, do not fight with them at the same time. Follow what I taught you, separate the opponents and finish them off 1 by 1.」

「Kazu-san worries too much!」

I glared at Tamaki while squinting my eyes, she gave a「mmm」sound, and backed off as long she was pushed by my aura. Really, what kind of words are this girl, who had just leaked just a while ago, saying.

「I do not wish to bring out someone’s failure as discussion repeatedly, but since they concerns your life, I could only deliberately remind you again.」

「Ah, wait, I know, I know! I will obey orders carefully!」

Tamaki panickedly waved her hands around, and her pigtail also moved around. Really, what should I do with her.

「As for Arisu…… Although I am not worried for you, but please do not force yourself.」


Arisu nodded with a face of seriousness. Ah, Arisu is so honest and cute, such a good girl.


Finally I turn towards the most petite girl.

「Follow the plan, your role is only to cast 《Heat Metal》…… But if you feel that the 2 of them is in danger, then do not save your MP, and cast magic to help them, do as the situation calls for.」


Mia expressed a strong nodding in her own way. I said「okay」, and then looked at everyone……

「Then please rank up.」

We returned to the original place, and head towards the final battle place.

◆ ◆ ◆

When I returned to the tree from the white room, the situation at the orcs seemed to have changes at the same time.

The orcs finally gave up, beginning to ignore the elite orcs’ instructions, escaping all around.

Some escaped into the forest; some tried to pass the elite orcs, but they are cut into shreds; some gave up and tried to pass the frontline, only to get stab through.

In the hell like scene of shrieks and cries, Arisu and Tamaki calmly continue to observe the prey before their eyes.

This is fine, get rid of the small fries first, then open a path to the elite orcs.

Their Weapon Skills are raised to Rank 4, and they are getting familiar with their weapons, and their movements are more agile.

This is good, if it’s like this, even if they meet with the elite orcs……

At this moment, a roar that could freeze a person’s body came from deep inside the enemy’s camp.

It’s the elite orcs’ roar.

And it is a roar by the 3 of them at the same time.

Luckily none of them are scared by it, not wasting the MP that I had spent to cast 《Clear Mind》 on everyone except for Arisu.

Judging from our level, Arisu and I should be able to handle it……

Just as I expected, the elite orcs’ roar rang in my ears, and I could only feel it as being noisy.

As for Arisu, she is mercilessly attacking the orcs who had stopped due to the roar, concentrating on killing. Arisu has become a merciless killing machine, her growth is indeed excellent.

Some fellow suddenly got closer to Arisu.

Because the orcs are escaping, the group became less dense, creating a route between Arisu and the elite orcs.

An elite orc is rushing toward Arisu.

「Arisu, it’s coming!」

I shouted out. But before my voice could reach, she had already turned and dashed into the forest. Very good, she is able to notice the situation around her.

The elite orc chased Arisu into the forest, everything was just as I had planned.

The other elite orc indeed also entered the forest to chase after Tamaki.

Arisu and Tamaki killed too many orcs, and hence became too obvious. In the orcs’ eyes, they would have felt that they should take actions to defeat the 2 of them first.

The strategy was effective.

「Mia, Shiki-san, I will count on you.」


「Understood, leave it to me.」

Mia jumped down from the tree, and ran out with Shiki-san.

Our strategy is—— Shiki-san will find Arisu and Tamaki in the forest, and Mia will cast 《Heat Metal》 to make the elite orcs drop their weapons.

Okay, the problem is now about the last elite orc that is roaming around freely……

The road forward is blocked by the escaping orcs.

But it could still pass through the left and right side of the forest.

Will this fellow go after Arisu or Tamaki? I must decide the next strategy based on its decision……

Just as I was thinking about it, that elite orc rush directly forward.

Huh? It is using its giant axe to kill the escaping orcs, shortening the distance between it and my camp. Argh, even if it kills its companions, it also wants to proceed forward!

Shit. A chill went down my spine, this forceful tactic was out of my expectations. No, they have already did something like this, I should have expected that the situation will become like this.

To these fellows, the lives of their companions are just pawns to be thrown away.

This matter should be incorporated into the planning as well. Shiki-san and I did not expect them to be so crazy, we are too naive.

「Hurry up and escape!」

I shouted to the 3 girls who are ready with their spears across the trap.

Once they escape, me who is nearby on the tree will be in danger. But I still shouted out in reflex.

After shouting, then I realised this, but it’s too late. But……

The girls who are ready with their spears did not escape, and remained firmly on the spot, waiting for the elite orc who was nearing the hole.

Their Spear Skill Rank is only 2, even Arisu who has Rank 3 Skill could barely handle it. Just Rank 2, even if there are 3 of them……

「We will protect you!」

One of them called out, she is the one who delivered the onigiri.

「We will protect Kazu-san! Please take the chance to escape!」

Huh? I was shocked. Protect? They want to protect me?

Why? As long as Arisu, Tamaki and Mia is around, then there is a way to defeat this elite orc. Other than me, there is still Shiki-san who can communicate and command.

「Didn’t Kazu-san save us yesterday? So this time it’s time for us to help Kazu-san!」

Ah, I suddenly realised.

They felt that I was a hero, and believed in me. Thanks to Arisu and Shiki-san’s hidden movement, their valuation of me is extremely high.

Such a stupid group of girls, how can I be such a noble person. I am only a failure, an outsider who cannot fit into the high school.

Anyway, I can’t stay on the tree, there is no room to escape.

I jumped down from the tree, landing a few steps away from the girls. The impact from the landing, caused me to roll on the ground. I quickly got up, and discovered that the elite orc had already arrived at the hole, preparing to jump.

The bronze-coloured orc jump high up, and raise its axe in mid-air. The gigantic axe is aimed at the girl’s head who said that she will protect me, and it was swung down.

I want to use the last reminder amount of MP to cast 《Reflection》……

But I can’t, because this magic could only be used on one’s party, so it can’t be used to save her.

The girl did not retreat at all, and gave a strong stab. The sharp end of the spear stabbed into the abdomen of the elite orc, but the bronze-coloured orc did not gave a flinch. It used the momentum of the jump and swung its gigantic axe.

The girl’s body became halves.

Blood gushed out like a fountain, what was once the girl’s body fell left and right. The hands which once made onigiri for me, reached out powerlessly towards the sky, before falling on the ground.

The blood sprayed over the vicious face of the elite orc.

I stared blankly at that scene. The tragedy that happened before me, left me immobilized, only feeling numb in my brain.

The elite orc burst out in the laughter brutally.

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