BIFMSMTK Volume 2 Chapter 32

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Chapter 32: The Second Defensive Battle at the Cultivating Center 3

Returning to the original place, Mia who left earlier came back immediately.


I carried Mia onto my shoulder and let her step on my shoulder to climb up the tree. Mia who does not seem to be good at sports, depended on 《Physical Up》 and climbed up the tree easily.

After Mia’s hand touched a seemingly sturdy branch, then she stopped and looked down at me who is below her.

「As compared to a butt with bloomers, isn’t it better to see the panties from under the skirt?」

「Enough, hurry and get up.」

There really isn’t any sense of urgency. Ah, just take it that she is steady. But behaving like that, is also considered as pushing herself to a certain extent. Initially she went weak in the legs from just hearing the roar of the elite orc, how could she have not been afraid.

Even so, she still continued to fool around. I decided that her actions are sort of her way of putting up a front.

「Kazu-san, sorry for letting you wait.」

「We reached——!」

Arisu and Tamaki brought the wolves back respectively, and with this, the preparations are done.

Mia stood up on the sturdy branch and looked at the group of orcs.

「Where should I cast it on?」

「In the middle.」

「Hmm,《Earth Pit》, and another 《Earth Pit》.」

Mia’s hole digging magic caused the group near the centre of the orc group to sink in continuously.

The orcs frantically escaped into the left and right side of the forest.

「《Rampage Plant》」

Just at this moment, Mia used the Rank 3 Earth Magic 《Rampage Plant》 at the left side of the forest

The woods around the orcs spreaded widely, the branches became as sharp as knife, stabbing deeply into the orcs’ faces or bellies, spraying blue blood around. The falling leaves are like swords, slashing the orcs’ body as they fall.

「Again,《Rampage Plant》.」

The forest on the right also started to cause the orcs to cry. The magic《Rampage Plant》 is able to make the plants go crazy, becoming a vicious carnivore, attacking its surroundings indiscriminately.

《Rampage Plant》 can only show its worth in a place with trees, hence it is able to demonstrate unmatchable power in this forest.

Just that the effective area is too big, causing other problems—— that is our companions will also get attacked. This is different from a game, friendly fire is very possible, so I had Arisu and Tamaki return temporarily to avoid it.

And this magic will still cause accidents. In total about 3 orcs got out of the attack of the forest on the left and right side, covered in blood. Their frenzy actions, confirmed that I am the leader of the attack, and attacked here……

「Arisu, Tamaki!」

The 2 person who acted as my bodyguards began moving, the sharp stab of the spear and the blow from the giant axe ended the lives of the 2 orc quickly, but the leftover one kept edging closer to me……

A spear thrown from the shadow of the nearby tree pierced through the orc’s heart, causing it to die immediately.

「Ah I leveled up.」

Shiki-san walked out of the forest, the one who threw the spear just now was her.

「Because Kazu-kun got targeted, so I could only act just in case.」

「Hmm, I got saved. Forget it, currently there is no need to save the white room, this should be fine right?」

「Indeed, raising my level is also ideal. But I did not plan on standing out.」

Even if she did not invoke the attack, the wolves will probably become my shield. Even so, Shiki-san still showed herself to protect me. Seems that she is a girl who usually worries and likes to take care of others.

「You seem to have something to say?」

Shiki-san seems to have read some of my thoughts from my attitude, and her eyes showed some sign of displease. Just as I was about to refute her……

The level up message rang in my mind.

「Forget it, this represents that our relationship is to the extent that we can talk crap about each other.」

As long as she is around, the burden on me will be reduced by half, and I could also use more daring tactics.

In the white room.

I shrugged my shoulders at Arisu and the others.

「Arisu, Tamaki, the rest will be dependent on you.」

「Yes, I will attempt to answer to your expectations.」

「Umm, um, I will do my best.」

「…… Tamaki, you have just begin to feel afraid? Going to leak?」

「Really—— why do you have to say such words! Kazu-san, you really do not have any tact! 」

Facing Tamaki who is blushing red with anger, I revealed a smile.

「Tamaki, the meaning of these words is that I believe in you.」

「Ah, argh, emm! I know, this time I will show you my good performance.」

Tamaki clenched her fist with a lot of strength, and then looked at me with a desiring look.


「Th..that, I want touch touch.」

「Touch touch?」

「Argh, which is caressing my hair…… Is it possible?」

I nodded, and placed my hand on Tamaki’s golden hair, caressing it roughly. She who usually have a noble aura, shrugged her shoulder lightly, and look up at me, then smiled with an embarrassed look.

「Got your spirit back?」

「Hmph, leave it to me. I will return in victory!」

I nodded, expressing 「good」……

After confirming the strategy, I raised Support Magic to Rank 4.

Kazuhisa: Level 8 Support Magic 3→4/ Summon Magic 3 Skill Points 4→0

Raising Support Magic to Rank 4 is one of my aims. Because with ample time, I can achieve my target. After yesterday’s earthquake, we have gained the power known as Skills, becoming able to go toe to toe with the orcs, and even achieve victory.

Just like in a RPG, with more battles, the stronger we will become.

But, the items that are naturally available in a single player game are not available to us.

That is weapons and armour that comes together with levels.

《Hard Weapon》,《Hard Armour》.

The effects of these 2 magic in Rank 4 Support magic, can let both weapons and armours obtain similar power up as the Skill Rank.

In other words, the spear that Arisu is using now will become『Iron Spear +1』.

It is fine for the weapons. Although I do not know what kind of changes will『Iron Spear +1』bring. Asking the computer also only gave me vague replies like how the sharpness will increase.

The important point is regarding defensive gears. Arisu and the others are currently wearing gym clothes and bloomers, and from a game’s point of view, the defense is nearly 0, at most at 1. Anyway, it is a gear with no defensive power.

Hence, I tried asking the computer in the white room on the increase in defensive power after gym clothes are casted with 《Hard Armour》.

Q: Gym clothes with 《Hard Armour》 will have how much defensive power?

A: No definite number.

Q: Arisu’s chest suffered an attack from a rusty spear by an orc, and she is wearing gym clothes that are casted with Support Magic Rank 4 《Hard Armour》, then how serious will her injuries be?

A: The orc’s spear will not be able to penetrate the gym clothes, and the impact power will be reduced by a portion. Depending on the situation, it may cause bruise.

When the computer replied, I could not help but tsukkomi—— wouldn’t there be fractures! After repeating the questioning a few times, I understood that it will feel like the magic absorbed the damage. This is really like the defensive ability in games.

Honestly speaking, as compared to Rank 3 Summon Magic, I wish to obtain Rank 4 Support Magic even more. After all as long as it is cast on my clothes, there will be some guarantees on my life.

But the hiccups that occurred in the battle at the girls’ dormitory, caused me to prioritise summoning magic……

Anyway the magic 《Hard Armour》 can allow me to get a defensive equipment that I can trust. Moreover once it is casted, the effect will stay forever.

After returning to the original place from the white room. I immediately called Arisu and Tamaki, and cast 《Hard Armour》on their gym clothes and 《Hard Weapon》 on their weapons.

Actually I also want to cast 《Hard Armour》 on their bloomers, but after exhausting 16 MP at once, my MP is nearly empty. The leftover amount is only enough to cast 《Reflection》once, which I want to use it as my trump card.

「This time we will not use 《Haste》, and try to defeat the small fries orcs first.」

For the sake of letting Arisu and Tamaki level up, we need to defeat 10 more orcs first. With another level, their weapon skill will be raised to Rank 4.

With the power of 《Hard Weapon》and《Hard Armour》, then they will be able to go toe to toe with the elite orcs and even surpass them…… that will be good if it is so.

No, I cannot cower. I tried to act confident as much as possible, and told them「I will depend on the 2 of you, but don’t push yourself」, and they nodded energetically.


I touched Tamaki’s head and Arisu’s butt, and sent them to the battlefield. Your hand—— Arisu raised her head and looked at me with a troubled face, while I smiled to cover it up.

「Really—— I will have a nice talk with Kazu-san later!」

「Kazu-san is really pervertic.」

Arisu puffed her cheeks in anger while Tamaki smirked, and then they disappeared into the left and right side of the forest respectively.


Not knowing when she climbed down, Mia stood beside with her eyes in slits, staring at me.

Okay, with this I did what can be done. I will depend on everyone for the rest and leave it to fate.

「Mia, the effect of 《Rampage Plant》……」

「It has ended, do I have to increase the support?」

「No, you should keep the MP for casting 3 《Heat Metal》.」

Mia answered with a「mmm」, and then suddenly stretched out her hands.


「The view here is indeed very bad. I want to climb up a tree, help me.」

「Since that is so, then don’t deliberately climb down.」

I lent my shoulder again, and let her climb up the tree in front of us.

「You can take the chance to touch my butt as much as possible, it is fine.」

「Okay okay okay.」

「If it is just the meat, I will not lose to Arisu.」

「Yours are fats!」

Moreover Arisu’s butt is very bouncy, with a smooth skin, and when you touch it, it will give out a very nice sound……


While Mia is climbing, she unconsciously looked in the direction of the orcs and stopped. I was wondering what happened, and looked over as well…… Then I realised that the orc group became more chaotic and kept on giving out shrieks periodically.

「The 2 of them rushed into the centre.」

「Oi, is that real? I already told them not to be reckless……」

I maintained the posture of supporting Mia’s butt with both of my hands, and frowned.

「Okay, you better climb up faster.」

「Now it is just exciting, Tamaki-senpai did a big spin with the giant axe. Wah, it’s damn cool.」

Ah, oi, damn, don’t give such a vivid announcement. I quickly pushed Mia up the tree, and climbed up a nearby tree myself.

I looked down from the tree, seeing the orc group in a state of chaos, not knowing what to do.

Arisu and Tamaki surrounded the orcs from 2 sides, killing them when they see them, their battle forms felt as though they were like Ashura. As for the frontline, the orcs in front are still being pushed into the hole by the orcs behind, and the 3 girls with the spear are giving them the fatal blow when they saw a chance.

Other than that, that the rear of the orc group, due to the confusion, the orcs that are planning to escape are all kicked away by the bronze coloured orc. The panicking orcs could only head towards the direction where Arisu and Tamaki are at.

「I see, I had wanted to say that since they had suffered such a great loss, so why aren’t they retreating—— so the elite orcs are acting like the Soviet army huh?」

「Eh, Leader, what is going on?」

The girl on the tree beside me, heard my mumbling and asked. I explained it to her that I read a passage in a certain book in simple terms, the content is regarding Soviet and Chinese Army——the commander team will point their rifles at their troops, forcing them to charge forward. In short, it is very brutal.

「I felt that these orcs are really pitiful.」

「Even so, if we gave them mercy, the ones to die would be us.」

「That…… is right.」

The girl laughed bitterly. Forget it, it is not that I can’t understand her feelings.

But on a hand she is saying「they are really pitiful」, on the other hand, she is casting fireball magic mercilessly, burning the orcs in the middle to her desire. The girl’s magic became the best support and as the surrounding orcs sunk into chaos, Arisu killed them one by one.


Mia lightly said. I see, so it has already reached 10.

As expected, I was sent to the white room in the next second.

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