BIFMSMTK Volume 2 Chapter 29

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Chapter 29:The Two Playmakers

「I trust you, our party need someone like you who have leadership abilities. For the sake of uniting everyone, I hope you will move accordingly.」

「I understand, I will do my best to work for you. Just wait, I will create an organisation which can give you your needed support, handle the troubles that you may bring and allow everyone to live together.」

Shiki-san continued:

「Hence, you must also attain the strength that can counter whatever that happens successfully.」

We all knew that even if we do not say it out, that all these actions are based on a premise—— that there will not be any support.

If the teachers in the middle school section are safe, they would have contacted us long ago. The worst scenario is that even the high school section are completely wiped out.

Or there is still a possibility, which is that they are not united like us, and end up going against each other, becoming separated.

While we have Shiki-san, the talented girl who is willing to step aside and promote me as leader and unite everyone. Even if it is the high school section, there may not be a student or teacher as talented who survived.

Only a person who leveled to level 1 can survive in such a tough environment; a person can only improve his strength steadily by forming a group and training others to grow.

The worst is that, the people who can reach level 1 currently, perhaps are the people who are in the Cultivating Centre only.

We have to unite everyone who is level 1 and above, and form an organisation who have the same will, if not we will be annihilated.

No, people whose level are like me and Arisu, will perhaps have the method to continue to escape in a person or 2 team. When my level reaches 50, perhaps my familiar will be able to restrain the rocs. But with just this, it is probably not enough.

Even if it is just assumption, but these orcs are definitely just a vanguard.

Why is there a white room? Why are we transported to another world with the entire mountain? It is strange with just these stupid orcs suddenly appearing in this school.

There is still「something」hiding behind this event.

This is definitely only the beginning.

Even the orcs’ attacks is also a preparation period for the real arrival of the disaster. Shiki-san’s words are obviously hinting this as a premise.

The organisation created to handle the future, is mainly constituted of the people who supports the elite few with me as leader. Shiki-san also express to me that she will lead the support team, and take the role of the villain to handle the troublesome issue.

Why didn’t she say out these words yesterday or in the morning?

That is because I did not trust her then.

She is extremely smart, to the extent that people will hate it. She had such a blueprint from the start, and planned everything to be so. That extremely smart brain is now attempting to move forward.

Honestly speaking, I hate her like this, but at the same time envious of her. But, right now we need people like Shiki Yukariko, after all I can’t do something like that.

The magnanimity to accept others—— that is the request she had for me.

Okay, I will become what you desire.

I have people who I want to protect—— Arisu. To protect her, no matter how big the changes, I will show it to everyone. Even if it’s the devil, I will also work with him.

Moreover as compared to the devil, her methods are definitely better.

「Then, let us restart the strategy meeting.」

「Hmmm, first is about how many enemies will come and attack……」

「Estimated number will not be low. Hence, regarding companion placement……」

Shiki-san took out a black marker from who knows where, and began drawing the map around the Cultivating Centre on the ground.

「I have long wanted to draw on the ground to see.」

She said with a face of happiness, revealing her naughty smile.

「And it is okay to anyhow draw here, because next time when we return, everything will be back to normal.」

「Well that is right……」

Reversely speaking, this also means that no matter what we write in this room, we cannot bring it out. What we can bring out from this room, are only memories.

So we discussed to the limits in this room. We did not care about the time and continued to discuss everything.

I finally understood one thing, although it is kinda ironic, but she is quite compatible with me. First she gave the initial concept, then I used it as base to create a concrete plan. When my tactics are not enough, she is able to discover and remedy it. As the plans become more concrete, our thoughts became more aligned.

Finally just with「this」, 「that」,「which」,「there」, we can communicate.

「I did not expect that it will become like this.」

Shiki-san crossed eyes with me, and revealed a bitter smile, seemingly as surprised about this.

Other than that, she seem to be a game lover. She seems to want to hide this…… But I discovered it from her words.

「Shiki-san seems to be very familiar with games.」

「There is no such thing.」

「Since that is so, why did you treat support magic as buffs?」

「I.. I didn’t say that.」

Shiki-san’s cheeks were dyed red, and she turned her head away. Oi, now it has come to this, is there a need to hide?

「Come come, reveal all your embarrassing past.」

「No, I am only slightly addicted to MMO, and end up not exiting the house for half a year. So my parents send me to this stay-in school with no internet in a fit of anger……」

Shiki-san’s past is too unexpected, and surprised me. She who is the vice class rep is actually addicted to net games and neglected real life. Does our classmate know this?

「Since entering this school, I changed my mentality, and concentrate on studying. The reason for entering the Tea Ceremony Society, is also to tell my parents that I changed……」

「All these are just pretending.」

The result need to enter this school for transfer students is very high, for a person who only cared about playing net games to be able to get in, is too amazing. Her usual result must be really good, no wonder this worried her parents. But now, it has become like this……

「After coming to another world, don’t even mention internet, there isn’t even anything.」


「Then again, I do not know if I will survive pass today, in fact I am not even sure I will be alive 2 hours later. Ah, don’t get it wrong, I will only rant in this place, outside I will still pretend to be a leader who is full of confidence.」

So you have to maintain your confident state—— this is her hidden words.

「But from another point of view, I entered the Tea Ceremony Society because of minding other people’s views, that’s why I am still alive, this perhaps is also a good thing. 」

After experiencing that sort of thing, and still could say「good thing」? Even if it’s me, I can’t. Shiki-san seems to feel my doubts from my atmosphere, and she maintained the posture of hugging her chest, and lightly shrugged her shoulders.

「As for the high school section having any survivors, I did not have any hopes for it.」

「Is it?」

「Even if there are survivors, I don’t even know if there is 1 out of 10 people. And perhaps there are a few being captured by orcs now?」

Hmm, considering the difficulty of raising everyone to level 1, it is indeed so…… My feelings could not help but turn dark. I really wish to send the crows to the high school section to scout as fast as possible, but currently there isn’t any leftover energy and time to handle such matters……

If there is leftover energy, then I wish to send the crow to scout each dorm in the middle school section.


Shiki-san said.

「Can I call you Kazu-kun?」

Meaning she wish to show that she is close with me in front of others? Currently this group is a group of juniors ruled by me and Shiki-san. The leaders calling each others’ close name should bring them a sense of ease. (TL note: in japan, they usually call each other by their surname until they are close enough to call them by their names. So it’s a sign of being close.)

「No problem, I don’t mind. But I want to call you Shiki-san like as always.」

「Ah, the girls in class also call me so, who told『Yukariko』to be so hard to be spoken.」

That saying, I remember the girls in class did call her Shiki-san.

「Ah, I did not hate my own name. Although I feel it is old fashion, feels super old.」

Isn’t that the meaning of hate? I wish to tsukkomi but since it’s regarding such a troublesome topic that is names, hence I choose to be silent.

「But as long as you want to, if it’s Yukariko, Yukari or Yukarin is fine.」

「Shiki-san is better.」

Right—— Shiki-san smiled.

「That’s all, please take care of me, Kazu-kun.」

Shiki-san reached out to me with her hand again, and I took it without any hesitation.

「Ah, there is no need to force yourself to become closer with me at such times. When we are alone, it is fine to call me pathetic orcs’ hole.」

「It is about time for your self-sarcasm to stop.」

Shiki-san stick her tongue out and laugh naughty. She can show herself as being so brave, her strong heart can indeed be quite dependable……

Finally—— Shiki-san said.

「In this battle, other than your party, the others will be commanded by me. Other than the elite party, I will accept the authority to order the other members, is that fine?」

What does that mean? I tilted my head in doubt.

「The meaning is, you only need to think about how to protect the lives of Arisu, Tamaki and Mia.」

「It is fine for me…… But why?」

Shiki-san lifted her hair in silence, seeing her sorrowful eyes, I understood immediately.

「Your meaning is that our companions will die? And I will be unable to handle that guilt?」

「Just an assumption only. But if things really happen, you will collapse due to guilt, and I will be troubled by it.」

「So that guilt will be shouldered by you?」

「I will endure it for you to see. As long as I thought about being raped by orcs before, then I feel that throwing away my companions after using them is nothing much.」

Lies—— I stared at her. How can she lie to me with that expression and sight? But Shiki-san showed a warm smile at me.

「Just said it’s in case, I only wish to consider the worst situation first. You and me, if one will die first…… Shouldn’t it be better if it’s me?」

I am unable to retort. From an objective point of view, what she said is the truth.

Kazuhisa: Level 7 Support Magic 3/ Summon Magic 3 Skill Points 2

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