BIFMSMTK Volume 2 Chapter 28

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Chapter 28: Confrontation with Shiki

The girls in the lounge of the Cultivating Centre are panicking.

The orcs already knew that the surviving students are gathering in the Cultivating Centre, this news caused them to be very shocked.

What should I say to them? What sort of strategy should I take next?

Wait, is staying at the Cultivating Centre really the best choice? Wouldn’t it be better to escape from this place immediately?

If we are going to escape, are we going to escape altogether?

About half of the girls that we brought back from girls’ dormitory are still powerless, the others probably can’t run too.

Don’t tell me we have to abandon them and escape by ourselves?

Not caring if the others will agree, what shall we do in the future? Liberate another place from the orcs, and use that place as a base? Or avoid the orcs, and camp while moving?

Even if we protect our lives temporarily, what about tomorrow or the day after?

Or shall we abandon everyone?

How about only Arisu, Tamaki, Mia and I escape? But will Arisu and the others agree……

I stood at the entrance where the intense battle had just occur, desperately thinking. Tamaki, Arisu and Mia looked at me with their faces full of worry.

Shiki-san clapped her hands, focusing everyone’s attention on herself.

「Anyway let’s do what we can do.」

The girls began to move with her instructions. She allowed the survivors who remained weak and lifeless to sleep on the beds on level 3, and lead the girls who came from the girls’ dormitory to the showers.

In this timing, I only watched silently at Shiki-san instructing the middle school students.

Actually I am very clear that she is more familiar with such stuff as compared to myself. No matter how she is as a battle commander, she is definitely a leader with ability.

And the conflict between Shiki-san and me, is the greatest instability in this group. Noticing this point, probably is only Arisu who knew everything. But everyone will discover it eventually.

They will discovered my narrow-mindedness, and Shiki-san’s good points. Then everyone will……

No, I have battle prowess, and Arisu and Tamaki also obeys me. Since I have the power, the others will not reject me.

But so what? With this problem, can we win against the orcs?

I almost bit my lips with a strength that could cut.

Weak minded, paranoid and timid, I began to hate myself like this.

What should I do?

I decided.

I raised my head and looked at Arisu and the others.

「I wish to temporarily disband the party.」

I used my smile to pacify the 2 of them who are shocked, and walked outside to send the crow out to scout.

Then to Shiki-san who came to the lounge to command, and grabbed her hand.

「Oi, wait, what do you want!」

Shiki-san’s face turned green and looked at me with a timid expression. Shit, I forgot that she is scared of touching guys.

I immediately apologised to her, and then entered the main topic.

「Form a party with me.」

「What do you want……」

「I will level up with another orc, I wish to speak with you in the white room.」

Shiki-san looked at me, while confused.

「Only the 2 of us?」

Shiki-san can tell what kind of determination from my expression?

「Understood, I will go with you.」

Even though she is hesitate, she still nodded, and this time my crow returned with the information.

「In the south-east forest, there is an orc patrolling, I will go and defeat that fellow.」

「We cannot leave for too long, so let’s set out immediately.」

Shiki-san and I entered the forest quickly.

We only spent 5 min then we discovered the orc patrolling with a spear. I ordered the gray wolf to attack. The familiar wolf lurge at the orc, and the orc used the spear to retaliate.

「Hurry up and end it.」

Shiki-san’s voice came over. I surveyed the surroundings but I can’t find her figure. Because she used Detection Skill, and began stealth movements.

I was shocked. She can’t be thinking of killing me……

I shook my head to shake off that thinking. How could that be, it is more possible for you, Gaya Kazuhisa. Now to her, killing me has no advantages.

In reality, Shiki-san is currently hiding in a blind spot at the tree, throwing a small knife at the orc which was fighting with the wolf, and that knife embedded deeply in the back of the orc.

The orc was enraged, and turned back, forgetting to defend against the wolf.

The wolf did not miss the chance and lunged at the orc.

The gray wolf pressed down the orc and tore apart its windpipe.

I leveled up.

Shiki-san and I are sent to the white room together, becoming the situation where the 2 of us faced each other.

「I have something to say to you.」

That is how I spoke.

◆ ◆ ◆

In the white room, Shiki-san and I faced each other, the 2 of us are about 1m away from each other.

「The content to discuss has 2 point, which are regarding battles from now and……」

While saying, I observed Shiki-san’s eyes.

「Regarding you and me.」

「I understand.」

Shiki-san grasped her hands in front of her chest, and nodded seriously, she should be understanding the reason why I brought her to this room.

「So, the aim for bringing me here is to torture me to your delight? Just like what you did to Arisu.」

「You are teasing me right?」

「Ermm, yes.」

Shiki-san curved the edge of her mouth sarcastically.

「Sorry, I am the type that will die if I don’t act strong. If you are not happy, you can beat up until you are happy.」

「You are actually a masochist right?」

Shiki-san shrugged her shoulders lightly.

「I only believe that you would not do something that Arisu hates.」

「You are really irritating!」

She is completely fooling around with me. After using words to tease me, Shiki-san’s expression turned serious, saying: 「Okay——」

「Regarding what you are hesitating about, I shall put these words first. You saved my life, saved me from hell. Although I had decided to die from the bottom of my heart then, but now it is different, I have already sworn to survive. Hence your strength is absolutely essential. As for the middle section girls, I will influence them to embrace the idea of worshipping you.」

What is that, it is too scary. Influencing other people’s thoughts? Wait, what is this person saying?


Shiki-san laughed lightly.

「This isn’t something hard. Those kids need a hero who can be their spiritual support. Arisu was saying about you while beaming in front of them, I am just following the flow. If you do not disagree, I will also praise you in front of everyone from now on.」

「Please do not push it too much.」

My expression is probably very bitter. Only seeing Shiki-san using her hand to cover her mouth, and lightly laughing.

「Are you looking down on me?」

「Why would I, I am only laughing at myself for belittling you.」

「The meaning is that your evaluation of me is very low initially?」

Shiki-san used her index finger and supported her chin. After giving a「hmm——」sound, then she looked up at the ceiling.

「How should I say~ you having such a leadership ability, is indeed out of my expectation.」

「I am not suitable to be a leader.」

「After Arisu met you yesterday, roughly about 2 hours later, she is idolising you from the bottom of her heart. Today too, Tamaki and Mia trusted you fully after a few hours.」

「Regarding Arisu, should be good luck or fate…… Tamaki and Mia are due to the presence of Arisu. They only need an older guy, there shouldn’t be any difference if he is not me.」

Shiki-san shrugged her shoulders.

「No matter what, you have obtained victory in all your battles until now, I feel that that is something amazing.」

「Regarding that, I can only say it is due to luck.」

In actuality, if the timing was wrong, perhaps we would really have lost a few battles.

The battle at the girls’ dormitory is the same, if the level up timing was not timely, it will probably be hard for us to recover. If we are in that situation, we could have been completely wiped out by the elite orc, or let Mia conjure fog with wind magic and escape with our tails behind our back.

「Forget the process, the most important is the ending. You obtained victory continuously in the battles, and everyone knows this.」

「So that is the reason for praising me?」

「To unite everyone, that is a must. You should not complain too much in front of everyone. At most express your weakness in front of me or Arisu, I have already told that to Arisu.」

「The so called told, means……」

「For everyone to respect you, her assistance is necessary. Sorry, I used your lover.」

That was uncalled for—— that is what I thought. But I am also worried if Shiki Yukariko will expose my pitiful side at the high school section…… Am I worrying too much?

「What did Arisu say?」

「As long as it can help you, even if you give off the dirty look, she will also endure it. That’s good, she allowed you to flirt around.」

That sentence gave me a shock. I remembered what Arisu said previously——If Tamaki is willing, I wish for you to develop relationships with her. Is that also Shiki-san’s idea?

I confirmed with her for a moment, but Shiki-san was stunned.

「I did not plan on doing it until that far?」

「What is going on?」

「Did the students in the middle school section agreed to share their boyfriends……?」

Shiki-san shook her head in doubt, and sunk into thoughts. I glared at her.

「I did not hear of such a thing.」

「Do you have friends which will talk about this with you?」

This blow completely took me out.

I silently looked away, and walked weakly to my computer. I sat at the chair in front of the computer and sighed. Shiki-san quickly came over and apologised profusely.

「Sorry, I am really sorry. This is my bad habit, always saying something unnecessary unknowingly.」

「That sentence was too much!」

I turned and glared at her, my eyes are probably full of tears.

「Mmm, I apologise, no matter how times it is. I am willing to do anything, so please!」

Shiki-san bowed, and clasped her hands, begging. Ah ah, damn, I feel that she didn’t mean it…… Seems that she is naturally foul-mouthed.

「You gave me a scare, I didn’t expect that Shiki-san is more evil than I expected.」

「That’s right, I am an evil-hearted and twisted woman, a whore who is lousier than scum.」

「There is no need to say it until like that!」

Ah ah, this person is really—— Shiki-san winked at me with a face of innocence.

I really.. want to bash her up…… No, mmm I am currently not holding as much hatred towards her as compared to the past, nor really hating from the bottom of my heart.

I am clear that I have a feeling of closeness towards her, so the「bash her up」that I said, is closer to 「I want to tsukkomi her」. I revealed a bitter smile, that sort of feeling is long forgotten by me. I don’t know why, but I feel a bit happy.

Ah, thinking about it carefully, Arisu, Tamaki and Mia are all students in the middle school section. To them, I am an older guy, a senpai.

How long was it that I have had a conversation target of my age like Shiki-san? I stood up and shrugged my shoulder, expressing that I no longer mind her misspoken words.

「Back to the topic just now, your meaning is that—— I can order you as much as I want?」

「Yes, even if you used me so much until my soul and body are all torn and tattered like a cloth…… There is nothing sexual in the meaning though?」

「I know.」

「Ah, but if you want to do some sexual assault, I will also keep it a secret. After all I owe you that, I will not resist.」

「I already said I wouldn’t assault you.」

Shiki-san laughed and said「I know」.

「Arisu is really adorable.」

「Yes. Serious and honest, and would not disturb others like a certain person.」

Now it is Shiki-san who crumpled.


Good, I won a round. I gave a victory pose in my heart

「Then the bickering battle should end here, there is nothing to it if we continue.」

「Indeed…… Anyway, if you don’t disagree, I will take charge of the housekeeping and controlling over everyone. Sorry, I actually did an action of testing.」

「You are waiting for me to sort out my feelings right?」

Shiki-san smiled bitterly.

Mmm, that’s right, now I can understand. The reason why she gave command to me completely, it is not because of courtesy, nope expecting my capabilities.

She is gambling. Until I discovered my own limits and count on her. Although I feel it is a bit despicable, but I also feel that such a method is very effective.

Although her spirit is still in tension due to the event yesterday, but now she is looking forward and continuing to fight desperately. Even if she have to work hard and suffer, she also wanted to survive. And she believe letting everyone survive is the best method and hence even deciding to make use of me.

The strong fighting spirit, and the aura of being able to recover over any kind of setbacks, is very shining in the me who is always escaping from bad events.

Perhaps even such an interaction is also her act of trying to resolve the problems between us. Her actions perhaps is trying to form a common topic through ridiculing and mocking each other.

But, doesn’t this mean that I have never escaped from her clutches……

But this is fine. She reveal her true thoughts. At least she opened her heart and is honest, just this is enough for me to believe her.

「Then I will be counting on you.」


I reached out with my hand, and shook hands with Shiki-san.

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