BIFMSMTK Volume 2 Chapter 27

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Chapter 27: Defense Battle at the Cultivating Centre

Because there are 9 people gone among the 11 people, so currently the Cultivating Centre only has 2 people guarding it. Under the situation of limited combat power, how much time can they buy under the orcs’ attack?

Before leaving the Cultivating Centre, I had instructed everyone to dig hole around the surrounding in front of the main door. Due to the moat-like holes, the enemy’s’ invasion path is restricted.

Even so, there is no time for us to hesitate.

「Arisu, Tamaki, Mia, follow me. The rest of the people will be commanded by Shiki-san.」

The moment I finished, I cast《Physical Up》 on my party members, and head towards the Cultivating Centre ignoring Shiki-san’s protest, now we cannot even waste a second.

Initially I was quite rejected on giving command to Shiki-san, but now I was quite decisive, ignoring the knots in my heart. That sort of boring thing can wait until the battle ends.

My familiar wolf and I were at the foremost, and the sounds of footsteps from behind is enough to know that Arisu and them have caught up.

I let the wolf head over first, not forgetting to instruct it—— to help the girls who are protecting the Cultivating Centre when they are in danger.

The familiar wolf increased its speed, and its grey shadow immediately disappeared into the forest.

Even though I sent out my familiar, I did not stop running. Not long, I began to hear sounds of swords clashing.

I remembered that the skills of 2 person protecting the Cultivating Centre are Spear Skill 1/Support Magic 1 and Spear Skill 1/Fire Magic 1 respectively. The reason why they chose Spear Skill is because of my recommendation to use weapons with long reach.

I had read a piece of news before, the content is regarding a competition between a girl with a knife and a guy with a sword.

In the martial arts side, the difference in the strength of the male and female is apparent. But girl who was a champion with the knife, is able to fight to a draw with the guy who is a kendo champion, that is how the new report said.

From this, it can be seen that the attack range of the weapons is very crucial.

Arisu had used the attacking range of the spear skillfully yesterday, and made herself one step before the orcs, attaining the edge in the battles.

So even if both of them are level 1, as long as they support each other carefully, they can still handle 2 or 3 orcs…… That is what I had hoped.

After passing through the forest, my vision widened.

20 orcs and above are gathered around the surroundings of the Cultivating Centre.

As there is a big hole in front of the main entrance, hence the orcs split into 2 teams, approaching the main entrance of the Cultivating Centre from the left and right side.

The 2 girls stood at the entrance of the main door, and fought back to back desperately to prevent the orcs from invading.

Luckily the orcs did not have anyone holding a spear. The weapons’ attack range is effective, and they managed to prevent the enemies from getting near.

But even that is reaching its limits, one of the girls lost her balance because she could no longer hold on.

Seeing that she is about to fall, the orc which was holding the sword, took the chance to close the distance……

At this moment, my familiar wolf entered the battle.

It crossed the moat with a jump and pushed the orc that is about to attack the girl, the orc and wolf then fell into the hole.

Hmm, well done! I stopped and gave praise.


Hearing Arisu’s call, I quickly pat her shoulder as she ran past from behind……


Golden light surround Arisu’s entire body, and increased her speed. Holding her spear, Arisu thrust at the group of orcs on the left side.

She stabbed at the heart of the orc from its back. Suffering Arisu’s blow, the orc fell with a groan. The orc group then realise that there is an attacker from their back, and are in a panic.

「Kazu-senpai, kazu-senpai, help me cast 《Haste》too! 」

「No, Tamaki you will stay here and wait.」


「Your role is to protect me and Mia. Mia!」

「Hmm, 《Sleeping Song》!」

Rank 1 Wind Magic《Sleeping Song》is a magic that can cause an enemy to fall asleep. But it is also stated that if it is not done well, the target will wake up when it falls on the ground.

Mia cast《Sleeping Song》repeatedly on the group on the right side, and the orcs behind the group collapsed one by one.

Even if the orcs hit the ground with their heads after they suffered the magic, they still gave off the breathing sounds of a sound sleep.

On the other hand, the orcs in front are concentrated on the girls defending, completely did not discovered the abnormality behind.

「Say, isn’t this magic super strong?」

I could not help but whispered. Mia shrugged her shoulders.

「Hmm, the orcs are…… then I imagined. 」

「More stupid.」

Since that is so, we do not need guards.

「Tamaki, give the sleeping orcs the final blow.」

「Understood, leave it to me!」

Tamaki ran to the right side where the fallen orcs are, and swing her giant axe down. No matter the target is the body or the head, Tamaki’s strike is strong enough to kill the enemies in a blow.

These orcs could only gave a groan and then turned into gems.

On the other end, Arisu, who in among the orcs that are gathered on the left side, is in a tough battle.

Seeing that 6, 7 orcs gathered in Arisu’s surround, she is already tied with just restraining them.

Even if it’s Arisu, being surrounded is dangerous, I wish to summon another wolf to help her.

After the continuous battles, I don’t know if my MP left is enough.

「Mia, how much MP do you have left?」

「Still okay, enough to help Arisu-senpai.」

Mia cast 《Heat Metal》.

The orc facing Arisu threw its weapon down. Noticing the moment that they become defenseless, Arisu gave a fierce strike. The vital points like the heart and throat are pierced through, and the orcs died one by one.

The 2 girls who are defending near the main door, regained their spirit because we entered the battle. The girl who know fire magic saw her chances and cast Rank 1 Fire Magic 《Fire Bullet》 to attack the orc in front of her.

The fire bullet hit the orc’s face, burning it, and it fell painfully into the hole.

The girl discovered that the magic is effective, and casted 《Fire Bullet》 continuously defeating 3 orcs. The orcs behind noticed the situation, and began to retreat a step back.

The girl noticed the chance and decide to cast 《Fire Bullet》 again……

One of the orcs deliberately fell into the hole, and then climbed up the wall that is closer to the Cultivating Centre, thinking of using the sword to hook onto the leg of the girl.

Shit. I immediately had the crow on my side fly over. The orc with 1 hand on the wall and the other hand holding the sword, is pecked on the head by the crow, and it fell into the hole again with a groan.

「Watch the edge of your foot!」

「Ye.. yes! Thank you, Kazu-senpai!」

Ah, she called me Kazu-senpai. But for names, anything is fine.

Mia even called me「Kazu-chi」.

The leftover orcs, one of them is finished off by another girl with a strong stab. The other orcs are killed by Arisu, Tamaki and my familiar wolf.

The fighting spirit of the orcs finally collapsed, the few surviving 5 or 6 orcs escaped into the forest.

「Tamaki, Arisu, give chase! But do not force yourselves too much!」

Although it changes to a chasing battle, but the opponent escaped into different directions this time. As for my wolf…… I looked into the hole and saw that the 4 legged it, was in a tough situation because it was hard to climb out of the hole. Ah, this is something that can’t be helped.

One of the orcs was caught up by Arisu when it had just entered the forest, she use the spear to stab at it fiercely. The dying groan echoed through the air, and Tamaki and Mia also leveled up at the same time.

◆ ◆ ◆

We entered discussion in the white room. The result after discussing, Tamaki raised Sword Skill to Rank 3, while Mia raised Earth Magic to Rank 3.

But the important thing is what to do next. There are about 3 orcs which escaped into the forest, should we give chase? I looked at Arisu and Tamak, both of them looked a bit tired. Even if that is so, as long as I give the order, they will still chasing after the orcs until the end of the world.

Then what will be the result? If the 2 of them chased too far in, they could be discovered by other squads of orcs. If they are surrounded, and are unable to escape successfully——

Or what if they meet the underlings of the elite orcs……

Okay. I set my determination and raised my head.

「The 2 of you listen up, do not keep pursuing. If you are too far away from the Cultivating Centre, then give up the pursuit and return.」

「Is this fine? Kazu-senpai?」

「The 2 of your safety is more important.」

I said so and placed my hands on their heads, caressing their hair.

「I believe in the 2 of you. Do not force yourselves.」

「Un..understood, Kazu-senpai.」

Tamaki blushed, raised her head and looked at me, and nodded. Hm, it seems that she will not disobey the order and only cared about chasing the orcs.

Tamaki: Level 4 Sword Skill 2 → 3/Physical 1 Skill Point 4→1

Mia: Level 4 Earth Magic 2 → 3/Wind Magic 1 Skill Point 4→1

We returned from the white room to reality.

Afterwards then I know that Arisu and Tamaki defeated another 2 orcs. They followed my instructions, and gave up pursuit, returning to the Cultivating Centre.

The surviving orcs will inform their companions about our existence. I pretended to be calm and listened to Arisu and their report.

Not long after, Shiki-san and co who are carrying the survivors came over carefully.

「Has it ended……?」

「Hmm, it is finally over. Although it is not the best ending, but everyone worked hard…… but——」

I explained the situation simply. Shiki-san nodded with a stern expression.

「This place will be exposed sooner or later, since that is so, we have to increase our defense.」

The orcs know that the survivors are gathering here.

They will definitely come back, and it will be with a huge army. The next battle will be crucial.

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