BIFMSMTK Volume 1 Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: Level Up

Shimonozo Arisu said that she had a very good friend.

Her name is Ryuuki Tamaki. They have been in the same class for the 3 years in the Middle School, and no matter where they went, they are inseparable.

「Tamaki is a very lively girl, and she frequently runs. I am not good with sports, but I like to watch Tamaki run in the past. I am always looking from the side, until a certain time when she came and took my hand, telling me『Let’s play together』. Thanks to her, I managed to make a lot of friends.」

Arisu gave an embarrassed smile. She said that she is a not a person who can make friends readily, and thanks to this friend, she can enjoy a happy school life.

I replied at appropriate times, while listening to her explain.

「Today the 2 of us should be in the Cultivating Centre. Tamaki said that she wanted to learn how to cook, so I agreed to teach her.」

The Cultivating Centre is a building with multiple facilities near the middle school building, it was modified from the old school building. The aim of this building, is to let the students who are isolated in the mountain, learn all sort of skills and talents. In this building, there are rooms with exceptionally luxurious wooden floors and rooms with tatami.

It is said that that building even had a cooking classroom.

「But after the earthquake, the fire suddenly extinguished, and the water also stopped…… Then the orcs appeared.」

She said that there are about 10 orcs. After Tamaki and Arisu left the Cultivating Centre, they tried to escape to the high school building. First they headed to the road in the north, but instead they discovered that the road is buried in soil and rocks, becoming inaccessible.

In the end the 2 of them are discovered by the orcs here. It seems that it was because Arisu accidentally let out a sound.

In order to save Arisu, Tamaki willingly became bait. She said that she is faster, and had a higher chance of escaping successfully, and after saying she took off immediately.

While the orc is chasing after Tamaki, Arisu escaped into the forest.

But in the end she is still discovered by another orc, and then discovered by my familiar.

「I believe Tamaki is still alive. We agreed, if we are safe, we will meet in the forest……」

「Did you agreed to meet at a location?」

Arisu did not say anything, and pointed to a stone tablet near the place that we just hunted an orc.

There is actually such a thing, I did not know about this before……

It is said that they discovered it when Arisu and Tamaki came to the forest to「adventure」. She said that the 2 of them decided to meet here because the 「adventure」at that time is a precious memory to them.

「I only managed to escape because of Tamaki. Hence, I must save Tamaki.」

I pondered about the possibility of that girl who is called Tamaki being safe and alive, but yet being unable to come to this place.

I have never been to the Cultivating Centre, only hearing about it from my classmates. The Cultivating Centre is in the forest, a distance away from the other buildings. When there are lesser people heading there, the surroundings woods gradually took over, and without knowing it is swallowed by the forest.

Hence, the vision in that region is very bad. I remember the notice by the school, requesting students to take extra care after dark. If that girl called Tamaki managed to escape from the orc, she would think of ways to escape into that forest.

Is it possible that she can’t do that? For instance, an injury causing her to only hide.

Well that is not impossible.

The question now, is not about the chances of the girl called Tamaki being safe, but the fact that as long as as the girl Tamaki have a slight chance of being safe, Arisu will attempt to go rescue her.

「We must avoid the situation of dying while saving others.」

Hence I said this.

「If we were defeated while going to save others, then that is definitely a no.」


「Wait until your Spear Skills and my Summon Magic are both Rank 2, then we will got check it out.」


Arisu nodded obediently.

This is the best compromise for the both of us—— I thought so in my heart. Luckily she has a goal, hence because of this, her modus operandi becomes very clear.

Next is to fit the things that each of us wanted.

Conversely, if she hid it from me, and took actions alone to fulfil her goal, I will be more troubled by it. Now, we are considered as united. I cannot separate from her at this point. At least until I reach level 3, and raise my Summon Magic to Rank 2.

Once I reach level 3, I can summon Puppet Golems. And once I called 2 of the Puppet Golems, and use Support Magic to strengthen them, I should be able to battle with the orcs to a certain extent.

Just that I do not know how Puppet Golem works.

But, in the Q&A earlier, the other party once answered me: using Summon Magic to call out Familiars, the ability value is about 2 Ranks lower than a human with weapon attack Skills.

And now my Support Magic has already risen to Rank 2, the effect of《Keen Weapon》,《Physical Up》and 《Mighty Arm》have already gotten stronger.

From Arisu’s current actions, through the rank up of the Summon Magic and Rank 2 Familiars which became stronger, with the addition of these Support Magic, it should be able to defeat an orc easily.

Before that, I still need this shield called Arisu. I cannot let her go.

Arisu agreed with my suggestion, that is good.

Initially I was still very nervous, what if she said「I want to go save her now」. What should I do?

Of course, I do not wish to go back on my words. Once I reached Level 3, I will raise the Summon Magic Skill to Rank 2, and then follow our promise and send the crow to scout.

But, if according to the scouting report, if I discover that we cannot enter the Cultivating Centre by force, then I will also tell her directly.

I don’t wish to conduct a suicide attack. If it is possible, I also do not wish for Arisu to do so.

Once Arisu’s Spear Skill reach Rank 2, I will use Summon Magic to call out Puppet Golems, and increase our combat strength, then even if we face 2 or 3 orcs at once, perhaps it will not be a problem. Even if there is 4 of them, we should be able to find a solution.

But, what if the 10 orcs that she mentioned are still there……

If those fellows are all gathered at the same place…… Then that is impossible, we do not have any chance of victory.

At least not until both Arisu and I have increased our level further.

When that happens, I intend to convince her with reason. As for whether it will be successful, I do not know, I can only try.

Assuming such a situation, if Arisu still insist on going to save her……

I will abandon her, and let her go on alone.

She should be unable to win against those orcs. A tragedy will definitely happen.

But I will not stop her. I can’t stop her. In my heart, I am indebted to her.

Because she is present, that is why I can level up safely. Under the current situation, this is something at put one at ease.

More importantly. she is sincere towards me. Including the enemies’ number, the danger in the Cultivating Centre, she told me everything. She asked for my assistance in such a situation.

Telling me all of dangers honestly, will increase the chances of me rejecting it, but she still said it.

She faced me seriously.

Hence I also wish to face her sincerely. I will not trick her.

I took a look at my watch, and the needle is pointing to 4.30pm. The time when the earthquake happened, is roughly around 2.30pm to 3pm, which is to say from the earthquake until now, only 2 hours have passed.

In this season, the sun will set before 6pm.

No, at least yesterday and the day before is like this. Since such a thing happened, then today may not be the same as before. But from the height of the sun, there should not be a big difference in the sunset timing. Moving in the forest at night is dangerous.

「Hurry up, we must level up within 30 mins from now, before 5pm.」


I sent out the crow familiar, and ordered it to search of orcs who are alone.

Then I ran to the orc, and lure it to Arisu.

When Arisu is fighting with the orc, I sent the crow familiar to search for the next orc.

Though the endless cycle of not wasting a second, the 2 of us within 20mins, defeated 3 orcs. And Arisu leveled up.

The next second.

Arisu and I entered the white room together.

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