BIFMSMTK Volume 1 Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: Arisu’s Awakening

20 minutes later.

I am running away from the 4th orc that I met today, to lure the orc to the trap that Arisu is waiting at. My familiar, the crow —— is crowing in the sky. Perhaps it is cheering for me? (TL note: Somehow I WANT ONE TOOO!!!!)

This orc is different from the previous one and it has a spear in its hand. Although it is a roughly-made rusty spear, but it is still much stronger than the bamboo spear. I am thinking that, after I drop the orc into the trap, I should think of ways to get this spear.

Because we can attack at it one-sidedly, hence there is definitely a chance for victory. Once I think about facing a monster that can fight back, I shivered in fear.

Even I am like this, she must be even more afraid.

But we can think about this later. Right now I am keeping an appropriate distance away from the orc, a distance which he cannot catch up and where he is not too far.

The reason is because the power of《Physical Up》has increased roughly around 2 times.

I now know that ,once I increased Support Magic to Rank 2, I will not only get new magic, but the effect of the existing magic will also increase.

Because I have increased my level to 2, my MP have also increased. After I asked in the white room, I now know that I can use Rank 1 magic for around 2 times more.

When I am at level 1, I can only use 10 times of Rank 1 magic.

When I am at level 2, I can use it 20 times.

As this is too troublesome, so I decided to use 「1 MP」to express that 「I can use Rank 1 magic for 1 time」.

In other words, my MP is now 20.

As for HP, I only knew that it rose.

I am not going to get attacked by the orc just to find out the greatest value of my HP.

I got near to the trap and signalled to the back of the trunk. Just as we discussed, Arisu is hiding behind a tree.

Her clothes that were originally torn by the orc, is not completely restored. This is because I use Rank 2 Support Magic 《Repair》. That was a magic that was originally used for repairing weapon and protective gears. After I used it on torn clothes, the clothes turned in a state that is like it had been washed. But this magic seems to be unable to remove the sweat and mud on the clothes, so it still looks a bit dirty.

Okay. I jumped across the trap and landed on the other side. This is the third time, hence I am already very familiar with it.

I turned my head, and the orc that was chasing me, give a heavy step and stepped on the place that I was just at.

And he stepped onto the trap that was covered with fallen leaves.

The orc’s figure disappeared, and a second later, a cry came from within the trap.

I took a peek at the trap, and saw that bamboo spears in the hole piercing through the orc’s body.

This time the bamboo spears penetrate very clearly, and due to this, the orc released the spear in its hands. Though it is good that there is no need to think about methods to get the spear, but……

What if this becomes the determining blow?

We have to act faster. I took the plastic bucket, and poured the contents into the trap.

The orc’s body is covered with oil.



Arisu ran out from behind the tree, and lighted the ball of newspaper with a lighter, before throwing it into the hole. The orc’s body began to burn.

「The bamboo spear!」

「I.. I am going to strike!」

Arisu held the bamboo spear with an anxious face. I ran to her, and gently touched her trembling hands.

「《Mighty Arm》.」

Arisu’s arms began to glow. Maybe it is because I leveled up, the glow seems to be even brighter.


「Un, good luck.」

Arisu flinched and I lightly patted her shoulders.

「Bring out your guts!」


The tip of the spear was dyed black because of the magic that I cast on it.

《Blood Attraction》—— This is the new magic that I gained when I raised the Rank of Support Magic to rank 2.

Arisu shouted with her cute voice, and stabbed the spear into the hole.

The orc’s groans echoed from the hole.

At the same time, Arisu’s body is surrounded by bluish-white light. The wounds on Arisu’s body gradually healed, as long as one use a weapon that is enchanted with《Blood Attraction》to injure the enemy, the wielder’s wounds will gradually disappear.

In RPG terms, as long as you decrease the enemy’s HP, the wielder’s HP will recover.

With this, it amounts to increasing the attacking power as a whole, no wonder this magic is a Rank 2 magic.

With every stab from Arisu, the orc groaned. Arisu stanned towards the hole furiously.

Finally, the orc’s groans stopped. I looked into the hole, and saw the fatally wounded orc gradually disappearing.

Arisu’s body suddenly shook.

Although it is only for an instant, I can clearly feel that the change in the aura surrounding Arisu.
Yes, she has already leveled up to Level 1. She is now the same as me, having the qualifications to enter that white room. It maybe like a instant to me, but she has already spent a long time in that room.

I suggested to her to use the laptop to ask all sorts of information, if she followed my words, she must have spent at least 1 or 2 hours.

Because of that, she seems so calm.

Arisu breathed out. With the spear in her hand, she turned towards me.

Maybe it is just me, but the stance which she used to hold the spear seems to be more natural.

No, it did indeed became so.

「I have gotten Spear Skill and Healing Magic.」

Arisu said so.


Arisu cast healing magic towards my hand.

My hand that was hurting due to the abrasions and wounds, was wrapped in bluish white light.

The pain gradually disappear, and in an instant, even the scars are gone.

Only a red trace was seen at the wound, like a proof that it was injured before.

「I see, that is really convenient.」


Arisu laughed and began to heal her wounds. It was obvious that her wounds are more serious, but she insisted on using the healing magic on me first.

「There is really a white room.」

「So you actually suspected me.」

「Not that wasn’t it……」

I gave a bitter smile.

「After all this is hard to for people to believe in.」

「That’s right.」

The truth is, if our positions are reversed…… Mmm, I will probably be the same.

「But I did choose the Skill. This is all due to Kaya-senpai.」

「Just call me Kazuhisa or Kazu. Because we are companions.」

「Yes, Kazuhisa-san……Kazu-san. That~」

A shy smile appeared on Arisu’s face as she looked up towards me.

「Please call me Arisu since everyone does that. Also I am your Kouhai, so just call my name directly.」(TL note: Kouhai = junior)

「I understand, Arisu.」


Arisu happily smiled. Seeing her expression, I am also infected with her happiness, and smiled.

「Do you know how to use the spear now?」


The weapon in her hand, is the rusty spear of the orc that just died.

The metal spearhead maybe rusty, but it is still much better than the bamboo spear that I made casually.

So this spear should also be《Repair》as well. I borrowed the spear from Arisu and use my hand to touch the spearhead.


The metallic spearhead glowed with blue light and the rust gradually disappeared. After about 10 seconds, the metal tip of the spear became almost like new, radiating its shininess.


Arisu could not help but exclaimed in surprise.

「Amazing, Kazu-senpai.」

「Yes, amazing.」

Although that is done by me, but I also said it uncaringly. Because the thing that happened in front of me is really extraordinary. It should be, in my heart, there is already no more feelings of the reality.

「But as long as I have this, I will…… be able to fight.」

Arisu clutched her lips and nodded with a stern expression.

「I am no longer powerless.」

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