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BIFMSMTK Volume 1 Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: The Girl’s Choice

Thinking back, the me of that time, perhaps just wanted something certain.

Perhaps, I only wanted to believe in something.

Believe in something, or someone.

No matter what it is, who it is, all of that are irrelevant. And she was there, just happen to appear there.

I spent a long time thinking in the white room, but the time spent in that room, is only an instant in reality.

The instant I returned to the forest, I could not help but kneed from being assaulted by a sense of severe fatigue.

I panted, and groaned. For the sake of adjusting my breathing, I place my hands on the ground that was covered by fallen leaves.

The thick smell of the forest entered my nose —— it is a smell similar to that of fallen rotting leaves that are wettened by the rain and mixed with insect and bird poo.. Smelling this sort of unique odor, my emotions gradually calmed down.

Sounds of footsteps can be heard on the carpet-like fallen leaves, approaching me.

I raised my head and notice that the girl whom I saved from the orc, is standing beside me.

Her uniform is in tatters and what she is wearing now is the summer uniform, hence her shirt should be short sleeves. But her right sleeve has been completely torn off, revealing her fair-skinned shoulder. There is also a big hole in her chest area, revealing her breasts in her bra. She tried to used her hands to cover but it does not seem to work.

Though she is quite petite in size, but she is quite big—— I thought so in my heart (TL note: hahaha I think you get what the author is writing about. Refer to coloured illustrations if you don’t)

Her skirt has also been torn into half, revealing her white panties. There are also multiple bruises on her body, and she is bleeding from the scratches on her hands and legs.

But the girl just silently looked at me with her obsidian-like eyes.

Her pupils are extremely clear, making it look very big. It must be because she did not avert her eyes away from my body.

Although she has suffered such serious injuries and her looks are quite ragged, but I don’t know why, I just felt that this girl is very beautiful.

Her fringe on her forehead is very messy, and her black hair that reached her waist have many fallen leaves and branches in it. Even so, I could not help but marvel at that lusty beautiful hair.


The sound that I gave out, was nothing but self-mumbling. It was only something that I accidentally spoke. Because I have already been completely overwhelmed by her aura and do not know what to say.

But the girl seems to have understood the meaning of that word.

「I am Shimozono Arisu from the Middle School Section Year 3 Class 3.」

「Shimozono Arisu ……」

The girl told me that her name is「Shimozono Arisu」.

The other party have already self-introduced, then I guess I should also self-introduce as a form of courtsey.

「I am Kaya Kazuhisa from High School Section Year 1 Class 2.」


Arisu lightly bow to me. The leaf struck in her head also shook, like the ahoge frequently shown in the manga.

Although we are in such a situation, but I can’t help that feel that the scene is kind of comical.

I couldn’t help but laugh.

「Thank you for saving me…… What is wrong?」

Arisu raised her head and puffed her cheeks.

「What are you laughing about?」

I quickly explained that there is a leaf on her head.

And apologised for my lack of consideration.

Arisu gave out a「mu——」sound, making her mouth into a へ shape. She used one of her hands to cover her chest and used the other hand to reach on top of her head, while stupidly mumbling 「Aa—— strange ——」.

She seems to be unable to find the leaf.

I walked closer to her slowly and quickly picked out the leaf that was struck in her hair. All of these felt very natural to me, even I myself do not know the reason why.


The girl looked at me dumbly. After I showed that leaf to Arisu, I threw it away.

「Erm…… That ~」

I looked at Arisu, but my line of sight kept heading towards her chest. And Arisu’s face eventually blushed due to shyness.

「Please don’t keep staring at me like that.」


I shifted my sights away.

「Yes, that~」

「When speaking with others, please look at the other person’s eyes.」

Just what exactly do you want me to do. No choice, I had to stare into Arisu’s eyes. I didn’t expect that I was almost sucked away by that obsidian glow. In my panic, I could only ask some meaningless questions.

「Are you okay?」

「Ah, yes I am. It is all thanks to you.」

「That is great. That~ luckily I made it in time.」

No, what I had wanted to talk about is not this. And Arisu, you should not be on such a topic too right?

I entered in the situation whereby it is not right for me to advance or retreat, and I could only curse at Arisu in my heart. Arisu, you should be full of doubts about all these right? Like magic, and the crow that has been standing on my shoulder since the beginning.

And I am a guy, you should more or less have some guard against me. After all such a thing happened earlier. Ah, but facing a girl who was almost raped, what should I say? No. The more important thing is to let her be dressed properly. I took off my uniform shirt and ask her to wear it. But after I said it halfway, then I discovered……

After just now that battle, my own shirt has also become very tattered.

Arisu looked at me, then looked at my pathetic shirt and could not help but give a bitter smile.

「Thank you for your kind thoughts, but I am fine.」

「Hmm, okay, sorry.」

Damn. I cannot control the pace of the conversation. Not only so, I am actually self-destructing. I have this sudden urge to grab my head and then ran away from her immediately.

「Ah…… Why is Kaya-senpai’s hands and legs glowing?」

Luckily, she took the initiative to ask me the question, that was really helpful.

Ah, my goddess. Arisu seems to be shining holy light, making it feel that I need to pray to her.

「Well, this……」

「Ah, sorry. Can I…… sit down?」

「Oh okay…… I am tired too.」

I sat down with Arisu side by side. Initially I thought Arisu will keep a bit of distance away from me, but I didn’t expect that she will lean on me and sit down. I can even feel her body warmth.

I turned and looked at her, but of our difference in height, I have to look down.

Our eyes met, and a shy smile surfaced on Arisu’s face.

I explained the situation sequentially. Although there is a big change to the initial plan, but I had spent a lot of time in the white room, thinking of which is the best way to explain things to her.

There is alot of time in the white room. Also there is only time in that room.

Hence I feel that my explanation should be very clear and understandable.

I only skipped one point, which is —— why I need to dig traps.

She seems to be interesting in this matter but she did not specially asked about it, but just listening to me and make the appropriate replies.

Arisu is really a good listener. No matter how simple my explanation is, the content is actually quite absurd. Honestly, if it was me who heard of this suddenly, I don’t think I will believe it.

But Arisu have just been attacked by a creature that does not exist normally like an orc, perhaps because of this, she is much more accepting of the words that I said.

「I escaped here. That creature…… is called an orc? It suddenly attacked the middle school section and everyone escaped everywhere……」

So that is the reason, I nodded. Arisu raised her head and looked at me without moving.

「Can I become strong? Can I also become just as strong as Kaya-senpai?」

She took the initiative to ask.

「As long as you can kill an orc, you should be able to. If you have the will, I will naturally help you……」

「I want to kill.」

Arisu did not hesitate to say it. After I finished my words, perhaps only 0.5 seconds have passed.

「Please Kaya-senpai, please grant me power. Please give me the power to fight. I hate being powerless, and I hate being trampled upon helplessly.」

「I understand, no problem.」

Everything is according to plan. Although things have developed slightly different from how I imagined, but it is still on the same path.

Well…… it should be.

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