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Chapter 5: Just what to level up

I am in the white colored room, with a blur face.

I have fought desperately. That was an intense battle that was different from the previous 2 battles.

Until now then I realized that, that is a life and death struggle.

I only understood it now.

My hands and legs begin to tremble again. I squatted on the floor, adjusting my breathing.

Okay. I stood up. As long as I am in this room, I have unlimited time to use. In that case, I have to make good use of this advantage until the limit.

That’s right, I have a lot of things to think about.

There is also a lot of things that I need to know.

First, I can confirm 1 thing.

That is I do not have any ways of using a sword to fight.

It is too scary. During the battle because I am too into it and was unable to think clearly, but even now, I still cannot help but shiver in fear. I am such a timid person.

The orc’s power is very strong. The other party is obviously unarmed, and I am holding a weapon, but I completely did not feel that the situation is to my advantage. The orc’s physique is just too strong.

But that is definitely because my strength is too weak, and unable to penetrate through the orc’s thick fats, and give it the fatal wounds.

In the previous 2 battles which uses the traps, I have already discovered the reason why I can win, it is because I am using ambushes, stealing their weapons, using summon magic to disturb them, and even using support magic to increase my basic abilities.

If I am missing any one of them, then the me of now would probably be a corpse on the ground.

I am not suited for physical fights, and the extent can be fatal.

I have always vaguely felt it, even while practicing Kendo or Judo in the gym classes, after a short while I will be overwhelmed by the opponent’s pressure. Even if I was resolved to face the other party, my actions will also become very simple and direct, and immediately it will be dodged by the other party.

But, when watching a match like the others, I will still say irresponsible comments like 「Do it that way」,「Do it this way」……

I am completely not suitable for that kind of activity.

But, knowing what I am not suitable for, is also an good thing. Hence, I will not need to waste any points on weapon skills. Skill points are very precious, even 1 point cannot be wasted.

I need to think about what to do next.

I need to think of a way to defeat orcs which does not rely on close-combat. The most ideal method, is to use summon magic to call out something other than crows……

The crows from Skill Level 1 may have the effect of restraining, but they are unable to act as shields, to ward off the enemy’s attacks.

I sat before the laptop, and entered the question: What can I summon with Summon Magic at Skill Level 2?

「Puppet Golem.」

Oh! In my heart, I was suddenly filled with anticipation.

Targeting this, I asked a few more questions, and finally obtained the following information:-

Puppet Golem is a wooden man familiar, and it is armed with a pole. Its height is roughly around 150cm. The combined strength of 2 Puppet Golems, is equivalent roughly to 1 orc.

This is after I asked a series of questions, one of the things that I managed to understand.

So, the things that are summoned with Summon Magic are called 「familiars」.
I should have confirmed this earlier.

Saying about matter that should have been confirmed earlier, actually there are still alot of them-

Regarding the duration of magic, if it is the Support Magic Skill Level 1, it can roughly stay active for 25 minutes plus/minus 5 minutes.

So it is just a rough estimate, it seem that for safety, I should recast the magic every 20 minutes.

No, wait a minute. If a person’s level or skill level increases, then what will happen?

I entered the question again.

And hence understood the following:-

The increase in a person’s level has nothing to do with the duration of magic.

Only when the specific Magic Skill Level increase, then the duration will also increase.

If 《Mighty Arm》, 《Physical Up》 and 《Keen Weapon》level is raised to Skill Level 2, then the magic duration will change to 50 minutes plus/minus 10 minutes.

I see, as long as I increase the Support Magic Skill Rank, the duration will increase to 40 minutes to 1 hour. This will be very important with regards to reducing MP consumption.

Next, I said some questions regarding familiars-

Familiar Summon Magic and other Magic is different, the required consumption of MP by Skill Rank, so as to say,when Skill Rank is 2, the MP consumed is 4; when Skill Rank is 3, the MP consumed is 9; when Skill Rank is 4, the MP consumed is 16.

In principle, the familiars will always obey the master’s orders, until the summoner returns it, or disappear because it is defeated. In this period, the maximum value of MP will maintain at the state after the deduction of MP. There is no limit to the amount of familiar summoned at each summon, but the decrease of the maximum of MP will accumulate.

This matter is very important. So I can call out 2 crows at a time!

But I am not going to do so.

No matter how many crows there are, they are after all just a flock of the same feathers.

Because they are crows, hence they are of the same feathers. That’s good. This saying is very good.

……kohon. (TL note: the above crows thingy is something like a lame joke by the MC. tried to make it in english. but not very well done I guess. Kohon = sound of like being empty since he is alone)

But, to be able to call out 2 Puppet Golem is pretty attractive.
Although the MP consumed for Rank 2 of Summon Magic is 4 times that of the crows, but if I cast 《Keen Weapon》, 《Physical Up》 and 《Mighty Arm》 before sending them to fight with the orcs, then if it’s only facing 1 orc, then there should be a chance for success.

No, this way of fighting seems to be too harsh……

To raise my Level from 1 to 2, I killed 2 orcs. Next, to level up the amount of monsters that I have to kill, will definitely increase.

But, the Skill Point gotten for every level up will remain as 2, and to rank up the skills, I have to consume the same amount of points as the next rank.

My combat ability will reach a bottleneck sooner or later.

Then what about the enemy?

Is there only orcs? No definitely now, at least there will be a monster like leader of the orcs or something. Perhaps there maybe monsters which are much worse. No, I believe there is.

Like dragon.

When facing a dragon, should I use Puppet Golem as a shield and fight? Although I don’t know what kind of existence is a dragon, but I will just assume it is a Tyrannosaurus.

I tried to imagine.

A wooden doll against a Tyrannosaurus.

In my imagination, the Puppet Golem is crushed in a instant.

Not possible. Definitely impossible. I feel that even with Support Magic, it will still fail badly. I completely cannot imagine any chance of winning.

But one thing is for sure.

Even if I have Skill Rank 3 or 4 of Summon Magic, when having a close combat, I will definitely lose to those with a similar ranked Sword Skill or Spear Skill opponent.

In other words, the most ideal vanguard, is a person who have such a sword or spear skill.

That’s right, its humans.

「Shouldn’t I find a companion?」

I mumbled to myself.

Believe in others, and get companions?

I shook my head, thinking what kind of foolish thing I am saying.

Then, I am suddenly reminded of what happened just now. From the results, I have saved that girl from the middle school section.

When she discovered that I am planning on defeating the orc, and even though she was slapped, she continued to help me divert the orc’s attention. Thanks to her, I managed do the surprise attack at the best timing.

If not for that, then what will be the outcome of that battle?

Perhaps I will lose. If I am unlucky, I may not even have the chance to escape, and be killed just like that.

Thinking of that, I can’t help but think that isn’t it too early for me to challenge the orc……

Ah, forget it. The most important thing now is that girl. Although it is only once, but she trusted me. She believe I will save her, and fought hard in her own way.

Could she become my partner?

「Then you will be betrayed again?」

I murmured on.

Perhaps so. But, maybe it will not be.

First, I have to think about the power I get from this room, and the structure.

The condition to come to this room is to level up.

The first time I came to this room, I killed an orc.

That was under many coincidences of good luck, and hence I got the victory.

As in, from my perspective, I had intended to kill the despicable fellow who has been constantly bullying me, but I didn’t expect the one I killed to be a pig-human who has blue blood. I was very shocked at that time, it was impossible to put into words.

……No, this is not important. I shall put it aside first..

The problem now is, to kill 1 orc, it is a extremely hard task. Other than me, how many others are lucky enough to do so?

Until now, I have met with 3 orc in a short period of time.

So as to say, there should be a considerable amount of orcs in this mountain.

Among those orcs, how many will break into the school?

The students and teachers in the school, how are they now?

「Well, most people would not be able to win.」

Perhaps those students in the Kendo Club who practiced Kendo, can work together to kill 1 or 2 orcs. But it maybe a bit difficult for students who practice Judo. If the students from the Baseball Club used bats to fight. Perhaps it will be of use……? The students in the Soccer Club…… Probably only in the world of manga, then they can depend on kicking soccer balls to defeat the enemies. As for Archery Club, our school do not have them.

The students in the school Middle and High School section, have a total of about 2000 people.

In addition there are the staff and operators of the school, there are about 200 adults.

「If they are lucky, then about 10 to 20 people will be able to survive?」

From the most optimistic viewpoint, the number of people who can raise his level to 1 just based on his own power, will probably be around that much.

But, if I assist that girl in this place?

I still got a completely perfect trap. I can lend her the bamboo spear, and use support magic to increase her ability, and call her to stab the orc in the trap to death. As long as she obediently follow my instructions, then she should be able to visit the white room successfully.

She can acquire skills in the white room. Yes, since there is a bamboo spear, then I should get her to acquire Spear Skill.

As for the other skill, Healing Magic seems good. In a game, recovering physical strength is important; and in reality it is even more important. Her lips are broken, and her knees also have abrasions. If those wounds can be healed, then that will be good.

But there are other problems. There are many problems.

The first problem, is that I am letting a girl who is younger than me to hold a weapon and fight, while I am in the rear. More importantly, I don’t know if she will listen to my words obediently, and if she will trust me.

The moment when she acquire skills, will she kill me—— there is also this risk.

Even if not, once she get the weapon, will she be arrogant, and command me in return?

Or maybe she wouldn’t listen to my instructions, and act alone.

No, there is the possibility that she will acquire other skills from the beginning, and let my plan completely fail……

A large number of negative thoughts surfaced in my mind.

I carefully pondered the risks and rewards of these possibilities may bring.

The first point to consider, is that this girl has a very calm personality.

So how I know this? And how calm is she?

When this girl is almost raped, she is still willing to trust me, and assist me.

This sort of person under such circumstances —— although I don’t know why, but in such a situation whereby there are monsters like orcs roaming about, will there be a possibility for her to take hostile actions against me?

No, if she is such a superficial and short-sighted person, just now when her eyes met with mine, she should have already betrayed me.

……Superficial huh?

In that sort of situation, I believe most people would scream for help. If it was me, I would not deliberately shout. Though this is not something good to talk about, but I am really a cowardly person. So as to say, her brain is more flexible than most people.

Is there a possibility that she is smarter than me, and hence command me in return? Well for this, if her orders are correct, then that is fine. In fact I don’t really reject being ordered, but I just hate situations whereby I have to obey irrational orders.

Actually in such an emergency, the age of the other person is not a problem. As long as she can make a more correct judgment than me, then I will also be happy to obey her orders.

Can she trust me?

Just now, she has already acted as a bait for me. Does that prove that she believes in me?

No, that should be just a wishful thinking on my side.

That moment, it can be said that we are just mutually using each other, so as to break status quo.

It might not be the same in the future, or perhaps she does not need my help at all.

Or perhaps she just wanted to make full use of me.

To make use of the other party—— Although it is annoying, but there are such people. The me in the past has also been subjected to such a treatment, and hence I am very sure, that once they found themselves in danger ,every one in the world would easily leave other people in the lurch.

Wait a minute. So, what if we can maintain in a situation whereby we can mutual use and benefit from each other?

If such a situation persist, then what will happen?

Hmm, I should think in this direction.

I have to let the girl know, what kind of benefits she would have if she cooperate with me.

The other possibilities include: She does not want to be a vanguard, or she cannot kill creatures that look similar to human, even if its an orc.

Regarding this point, even if I rack my brain out it will be useless.

If it really becomes like this, then I can only revert to my original plan, and fight alone.

Yes, plan. I have a long term plan.

But I have to grasp the situation first, then lay the foundation for future actions.

It is just that right now there is no need for such preparations. The most pressing thing, is to make the greatest effort, so that I can survive.

「……In short, let’s talk to her first.」

I felt that, how could I, to a girl who was almost raped by monsters, proposed such an exchange……

But its just the opposite, actually now is the best timing. Regardless to her or to me, this is the only chance. So I have lend my hand out to her first.

Luckily, lending a helping hand to her will not bring any negative impact to me.

Now I just have to do my best.

If I am too timid, even if I could have won, I will lose.

In fact, actually I could only suffer the bullying every day.

If I didn’t even dig a trap……

Yes, that perhaps maybe a dying struggle, but even so, if I did not do anything……

Then there would not be such a situation now.

In that case, the top priority is to take action. For the sake of my goal……

I begin to type at the keyboard, asking questions.

After a series of asking, I learn of a new and important information.

That is the system of 「Party」.

「……It is getting more and more like a RPG.」

So far, the party system is the element that is closest to RPG.

The leader of the party just have to make physical contact with the person that he wants to party with, and think of 「Form Party」in his heart, then the party will be formed.

When leaving the party, it seem that as long as you have the idea then you can leave. The leader can kick any member out of the party.

A party can at most have 6 people inside.

This is like the world’s first RPG on the computer.

Only people who are level 1 and above, can form a party.

So as to say, everyone must kill at least 1 orc to form a party.

……That is very difficult.

People in the same party, will be able to get the evenly distributed experience.

And it is strictly distributed evenly. There is no extra experience like MMORPG.

Some magic can only be used on party members.

Some magic’s effect is across the entire party, and there also seems to be some skills, that can only be used on party members. I am not too sure. Maybe I have to wait until everything is over then I will confirm it one by one.

People who are too faraway from the party, are unable to get the experience.

This sort of situation seems to be treated as not joining the party. As for the distance, there isn’t an exact answer given, but it seems that it does not matter as long as you are within 100 meters.

I see, this system is very important.

Just now I had intended to use that girl as a shield, and then use the Puppet Golem to defeat the monster, and gain the experience……

If this is so, then all I need is for her to defeat the monster alone.

Of course, I will use magic to support her. As long as she has my support magic, she should be able to fight with an orc in a very safe condition. I can also use Summon Magic to restrain the enemy. Then, even without traps, we should be able to fight easily with the orcs.

Of course, all of this is under the premise that she agrees with my proposal……

「Should I trust in others once again?」

I look at the white ceiling, and remembered her eyes.

I imagined the instant when our eyes met in my mind. Just like an obsidian, her clear eyes seems to suck people into them.

If you disregard logical judgment, and just based on purely feelings……

The weird thing is, I completely do not think that she may betray me.

「Let me believe in her first.」

I mumbled to myself.

Clenching my fist, I nodded.

Okay, I have decided. I turned to the keyboard, and use the 2 newly acquired Skill Points, and raised my Skills.

To raise a Skill from Rank 1 to Rank 2, I have to use 2 Skill Points.

In other words, I have to use all the points I have gotten.

Kazuhisa: Level 2 Support Magic 1→2/Summon Magic 1 Skill Point 2→0

After I moved the cursor to 「Confirm」, and press the confirmation button.

In an instant, I returned to the forest, back to near that girl.

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