BIFMSMTK Volume 1 Chapter 25

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Chapter 25: Earth and Wind Magic in the White Room

Mia used her hands to block the front of the skirt while blushing.

Hahaha, she is really a fool. By doing that sort of movement, doesn’t it attract others’ attention?

「That’s great, Tamaki. You have a companion.」

「I do not feel happy! Kazu-senpai is super pervertic!」

I gave a low-classed laugh.

Then I turn towards Mia and walked towards her, while rubbing my hands together.

Mia moved back with tears in her eyes.

「Kazu-senpai, your interest are too pervertic!」

Arisu puffed her cheeks, and stood in between me and Mia.

She lowered her eyes, revealing a sad expression.

「I hated this sort of Kazu-senpai.」

「Sorry. I wouldn’t be like this anymore, please smile.」

I honestly bowed as an apology. Arisu’s angry look is so adorable, too cute.

But I hurted her heart.

「I know, so Kazu-senpai’s weakness is Arisu!」

「Your weakness is Arisu right?」

「I lost! So we are the same.」

Tamaki laughed with haha. This fellow had also gotten her lower half dirty, but yet she is still so energetic.

No, even her ears are red, and her line of sight is deliberately avoiding me, seems that she is just forcing it to be less awkward.

I feel like teasing her, and make her even more awkward.

I desperately suppressed the surging desire, because Arisu is glaring at me.

「Ah, Arisu, you also leveled up this time?」

「……Yes. Including me, other than Kazu-senpai, the other 2 also leveled up.」

I decided to change the topic.

Regarding the experience needed to level up, it is the same for Tamaki and Mia, and Arisu should need a bit more than them.

Using an orc as calculation, it should be about half an orc’s experience.

…… This sort of calculation is so troublesome.

Let’s assume an orc’s experience is 60.

Why set it at 60? Because it is the smallest common denominator for 2,3,4,5 and 6.

So as to say, no matter whether the party is 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 people, it is a number that can be divided.

My current level is 6.

In other way, the experience needed for my next level up is 420.

We are a 4 person party, so with every orc that we defeated, everyone can get 15 experience.

After the last level up, we defeated 1 elite orc and 3 orcs, hence……

The current experience is 120.

I should still need about 300 points to level up.

Arisu who just leveled up, her current experience is 0.

The experience needed to level up for Tamaki and Mia is 240, and their experience now is 30.

Mmm, we will use this method to calculate in the future.

Well we shall not care about this now.

「Arisu’s skill point is 3 now? Should you save it, or use it to raise the Rank of Healing Magic…….」

「Ah, that, can I voice my opinion?」

Arisu rarely voiced her own opinion.

Currently any arrangement regarding to skills, Arisu left it all to me to decide, hence it is really rare for her to say so.

But I roughly know why she said this.

I have also checked many information regarding healing magic.

Hence, I roughly know what she is hoping for.

「In Rank 3 Healing Magic, there is a magic called 《Cure Mind》. Even if you are so scared until you could not move after hearing the elite orc’s roar, as long as you cast this magic, you will immediately recover. And……」

「If we meet any female survivors, you wish to cure their mental wounds. Am I right?」
「…… Yes.」

Mmm, what I just proposed should be Arisu’s real thoughts. She could have felt that if she just said this reason, I may not accept it, so she thought of the excuse.

This fellow, actually played mind games.

But she is adorable in such a way too. After being exposed by me, Arisu who looked at me while blushing is extremely cute.

She is an angel. I could not help but caress her head, in the end her face gotten even redder.

Regarding the former, I thought about it in detail.

The biggest problem is that when elite orc appears, will Arisu have the time to cast 《Cure Mind》on others?

No, I shook my head. If she had that time, Arisu should attack the enemy. Of course, I will cast support magic《Clear Mind》 on them first.

When Tamaki grew up a bit more and have the method of dealing with elite orcs, then that will be different……

Although that is so—— I crossed eyes with Arisu. The girl in front of me placed her hands tightly on her chest, and looked at me with sorrowful eyes, awaiting my decision.

She saved Shiki-san yesterday, but even though she treated Shiki-san’s injuries, Arisu felt helpless at her inability to cure her mental wounds.

Thinking about it carefully, actually I have always been putting the burden on Arisu. Because I can’t understand the pain of the girls, so no matter what happens, I have to rely on her.

On this, although it is bad to say this, but Tamaki and Mia are currently unreliable.

Since Arisu said she need 《Cure Mind》, then it means that it is a must—— that is the conclusion I made. Afterall me who is a male, is unable to understand the wounds of the hearts of a female.

「I understand, then you will raise the rank of Healing Magic.」

「Yes, thank you, Kazu-senpai!」

A smile like a flower was shown on Arisu’s face. That smile was that pure, and just by looking at her expression, even I was dyed in her happiness.

Ah, so adorable—— I could not help but feel the edges of my mouth curling up. Tamaki and Mia are both looking from the sides, but I do not care.

Ah—— but……

The me now, perhaps will be unable to make decision calmly due to emotions.

Not good. The worst situation is that I will doubt my own decisions.

Hmm—— I am indeed not suitable to be a leader. I do not even have the capability to lead people.

Among us, the person who has such an ability……

I thought about it.

No, even without thinking, the answer is obvious. Indeed the person is Shiki Yukariko.
Without doubt, she has the talent of being the leader. Putting aside my personal feelings, and letting her be the leader in controlling everything, should be the best choice.


Will I be willing to listen to her commands?

…… that is difficult.

I know that my attitude is twisted. Me who is unable to accept it honestly, may even become the cause of causing unrest.

Problems of the heart is hard to solve, especially those in mine.

Normally if I meet people that I do not get along with, I can just ignore them.

But now is not normal times, but war times.

With limited manpower, limited companions, limited ways. Under such situations, can I still make decisions based on personal feelings and likes?

「Tamaki, Mia, how do you wish to use the skill points?」

「I wish to keep them and quickly raise Sword Skill to Rank 3.」

「Should I…… raise Wind Magic, or keep it, and then raise Earth Magic to Rank 3? I wish to hear Kazu-chi’s opinions, Other than that, if you can use 《Summon Cloth》to summon a cloth, I will be glad.」


「That, erm…… cover.」

Mia’s last sound was so weak until it nearly couldn’t be heard.

This petite girl lowered her head with eyes brimming with tears.

Okay. I nodded.

She had wanted to use cloth to replace her clothes. I suppose that is right, if we are going to stay in this white room for a period of time, of course she will think of taking off the uncomfortable underwear.

I used 《Summon Cloth》 to summon a big piece of cloth and gave it to the 2 of them.

The 2 of them wrapped the cloth around their waist.

They took off their skirts and panties, hid it behind them and then sat down. Because I am scared that Arisu will get angry, so I tried to hold back from looking in their direction, at the same time think about what to do.

The rustling of the clothes kept distracting me, and I had to work hard to concentrate on Mia’s suggestion.

Argh, right, the problem is about wind and earth magic, and should be on which one to raise.

「Mia did not even use wind magic once in this battle.」

「I had predict that if there is a need to escape, then I will use 《Smog》.」

《Smog》of Rank 1 Wind Magic, is a magic that create fog in the surroundings. Just as she said, this magic has a great effect when escaping. Vice versa, other than escaping, there is almost no use for it. If we have the infrared goggles used in military, then it will be different. Else even our vision will be blocked. If something happens because of this, then it will be terrible.

「Other than that if we need to do ambushes, we can use 《Sleeping Song》 to hypnotize the orcs.」

「I feel that Mia’s current MP is too little, if we use MP on such magic, we might as well get Arisu to defeat them…… Moreover I was thinking of using the sounds of battle to attract the enemies.」

「In the future when I continue to raise my level and MP becomes more, then Rank 1 《Sleeping Song》will be useful.」

Just like she said, among Rank 1 Wind Magic, there isn’t any strong magic that directly attacks the enemy.

The 2 magic left, are 《Air Blast》which uses strong wind to restrict the enemy’s’ movement, and 《Soft Landing》 which reducing landing speed.

I believe when they are used in correct timings, these 2 magic are very useful. Just that in this battle, we chose other magic.

As for Rank 2 Wind Magic……

「If you want to focus on attacking, then 《Silent Field》should be useful.」

《Silent Field》is a magic that is cast on a person or an object.

It can create a space where no sound will leak out.

When the target which has the magic cast on moves, the space will follow. The space is roughly around 3m wide.

As long as the entire party enters the space and move together, then we can move without sounds of footsteps.

Or isolate the sounds during battle, and do assassinations like assassins in period dramas.

「There is still the attack magic 《Sonic Edge》 right? But Earth Magic has attack magic too.」

「If we keep the skill point and use it to raise the rank of Earth Magic, then what are the magic in Rank 3 of Earth Magic?」

「There is a magic called《Earth Pit》 that is very suitable for Kazu-chi, that is a hole digging magic.」

「That’s it!」

I pointed my finger at Mia.

Mia could not help but lean back, and her lower body that was covered by the white cloth was nearly exposed.

「…… You wanted to peek just now, pervert.」

「Well don’t care about this for now.」


The 3 girls glared at me.


I lost to the pressure of numbers, and could only bow honestly.


Mia raised her chest in a swagger manner. This damn fellow.

I coughed a few times.

「I guess, Arisu will raise her Healing Magic to Rank 3, and it is better for the other 2 to save their skill points first. After all your levels are too low, and now you should focus on 1 skill.」

Nobody objected. In the battle just now, both Tamaki and Mia clearly felt that their power isn’t enough.

The 2 of them gave a serious expression, as though saying they want to catch up to me and Arisu immediately.

「Then we will decide it like this.」

We returned to our ordinary world.

Arisu: Level 6 Spear Skill 3/Healing Magic 2→3 Skill Point  3→0

Tamaki: Level 3 Sword Skill 2/Physical 1 Skill Point 2

Mia: Level 3 Earth Magic  2/Wind Magic 1 Skill Point 2

I sent the crow in to scout first, while we carefully stepped into the girls’ dormitory.

The first target is the cafeteria.

The stench that came, caused all of us to frown.
The tables and chairs in the cafeteria are all destroyed , and there is an empty space in the middle.

There are many naked girls piled up here.

About 50 people.

No, should be 50「corpses」.

The girls that are piled up here are all dead.

Arisu who walked in front sucked in a breath, Tamaki and Mia also remained at their spot due to the tragic scene in front of them.

「Everyone…… are dead?」

Tamaki mumbled.


I shook my head.

Then I pointed to the wall, there are about 10 naked girls lying there.

Their chests all slightly moved up.

「They are still alive!」

Arisu gave a big shout and immediately ran towards them.

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