BIFMSMTK Volume 1 Chapter 24

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Chapter 24: Final Battle at the Middle School Girls’ Dormitory

We returned to the battlefield in front of the girls’ dormitory from the white room.

I confirmed the situation around us quickly.

Tamaki is still crying in my arms. At a few dozen meters from the entrance of the girls’ dormitory, Arisu and the 2 Puppet Golems are holding their weapons. While Mia is hiding slightly further away in the forest.

This moment, a shivering roar echoed out from the girls’ dormitory.

Tamaki hugged me tighter, and Arisu steadied her steps. I glanced that Mia, I don’t know if it is because she is scared, she is sitting on the ground on her butt.

This is bad. At this sort of scattered situation, we had to battle the elite orc……

「Arisu, come over here! I will cast《Haste》on you!」


「Don’t care about the Puppet Golems!」

Just as Arisu was running towards me, the bronze coloured orc also rushed out from the girls’ dormitory.

It’s the elite orc. This orc which is bigger than the other orc, wielded its giant axe effortlessly, and smashed one of the Puppet Golems in a blow. The Puppet Golem lie on the ground, disappearing from its upper body.

The other Puppet Golem used its rod to knock at the elite orc, but it seems to be completely useless.

Ah, this is also expected. I placed my hand on the hand of Arisu who was running towards me.


Arisu’s body gave out golden light.



The elite orc also smashed the second Puppet Golem.

In the next second, Arisu who is holding the metal spear, rushed towards the elite orc and stabbed the spearhead into its body.

The elite orc roared in rage, and shook its huge body left and right, sending Arisu’s small figure flying.

The moment Arisu contacted the ground, she lightly spinned around and stood up quickly.

The elite orc rushed towards her.

Arisu who had 《Haste》 on her, steadied her steps, held her spear and thrust sharply at the elite orc’s legs.

Fresh blue blood sprayed around, staining the grass. The elite orc’s naked legs suffered a heavy blow, and it once again gave a roar.

Although it did not seem to be of much use. But it had the effect of restricting it, it did not chase again. Arisu took this big chance, and put some distance between them.

Very good, she fully utilised the experience she got from the battle field yesterday, and battled at her pace. At least she gained a bit of time for us.

I decided to take this moment to summon new familiars.

「《Summon Gray Wolf》」

A wolf with long gray fur appeared by my side.

It has a pair of smart and clear blue eyes, its body should be over 1.5m. It looked at me, as though waiting for my instructions.

「《Physical Up》,《Mighty Arm》, 《Haste》.」

I cast support magic on this very intelligent familiar.《Haste》magic effect, caused its fur to turn golden. At this moment, 3 orcs came out from the girls’ dormitory.

I lightly patted the wolf’s back, and pointed at the newly appeared orcs.

「Get rid of them! As long as you can buy us some time, it will be fine!」

The golden wolf gave a howl and sped towards the 3 orcs that held either swords or spears.

It bit the shoulder of the foremost orc, and pushed the party down.

The 2 other orcs began attacking the golden wolf. The smart golden wolf abandoned the follow-up attack, and retreated by jumping back a moment before the sword and spear attacks.

Thanks to the effect of 《Haste》, the nimbleness of the golden wolf is far above that of the orcs. It did not force itself to attack, only playing around with the 3 orcs in its palm. (TL note: or should I say paws~)

The truth is, just by avoiding the attacks, the golden wolf has its hands full. After its first attack, it did not have any more chance to give the enemies any injuries. Then slowly, scratches appeared, and the golden fur began to split. I guess when the effects of 《Haste》ended, it is also the moment when it dies.

「Tamaki, can you stand?」

「Hmm, mmm…… it is fine, I can.」

Tamaki’s face is pale, but she still clenched her teeth and stood up. She stared at me and reveal a forced smile.

「After returning here, it is still wet. It had already dried over there.」

Tamaki looked at her lower body, and said while smiling sarcastically.

「You can take it that today you can just leak as much as you want.」

「I am gonna wipe it on your body.」

「I heard that in certain areas, that is a sort of reward.」

Tamaki smiled and said:「What’s that, pervert.」. She used her trembling hand and held the giant axe again.

I touched Tamaki’s shoulder lightly, and cast《Haste》on her. Tamaki’s body scattered golden light.

「No matter how ugly or embarrassing it is, I will always be looking at you. Go defeat them!」

I lightly patted her back. Tamaki stepped forward and leaned back, nearly falling, she glared at me while turning back, as though she is protesting……

She quickly turned her body towards the front.

The girl swallowed her saliva.

「I am going to head out, look at me!」

Tamaki ran towards the golden wolf that was fighting with the orcs.

The golden wolf successfully attracted the orcs’ attention. Tamaki sneakily went behind the orcs, and gave its defenseless back an attack.

The orc’s body was splitted into 2 by the slanted attack, the wound sprayed blue blood, and it fell on the spot.

The 2 orcs left turned their heads towards Tamaki in shock. At this moment, the golden wolf took the chance and bit the shoulder of 1 of the orcs, and pushed it down.

The last orc recognised Tamaki as a strong foe, and turned towards her……

Tamaki gave a shout, and swung her axe at the 2nd orc. This attack that disregarded all the defense, beautifully split the orc into halves.

The orc’s body fell on both the left and right.

Tamaki placed the giant axe down breathlessly, and stood at the spot, completely bathed in the orcs’ blue blood. (TL note: gosh, this is kinda freaky if she ever becomes a yandere)

This moment, the golden wolf tore apart the throat of the 3rd orc that it had pushed down, giving it the fatal blow.

Like this, the ordinary orcs are all wiped out.

「Okay, well done!」

「Ah…… Kazu..senpai.」

Tamaki turned back with a pale face.

「 I of help? 」

「Mmm, of course.」

Tamaki said「that’s great」, and smiled unnaturally.

On the other side, the battle between Arisu and the elite orc has already reached the climax.

Arisu barely dodged the elite orc’s attack, and at the same time, maintained distance with it.

Although just now I was focusing Tamaki’s side, but I also kept taking note of the chances to cast 《Reflection》 on Arisu, but I could not find any suitable timing.

It was indeed a coincidence yesterday.

The most crucial part of 《Reflection》 is the timing when casting it. If it failed, Arisu will get split into 2. To cast 《Reflection》 without certain psychological tactics, it does not seem to be easy.

Since that is so, before finding other methods——

「Mia! Mia, magic, you can do it!」

I shouted to Mia who is still hiding in the forest. The girl who was confused due to the roar just now, recovered and quickly got up……

She looked at me, and her cheeks blushed.

Ah, this fellow also leaked.

Well, this is something that cannot be helped. That roar, can indeed have a great effect on lower leveled opponents.

I suddenly discovered one thing. I should have first cast 《Clear Mind》 on everyone before the elite orc appeared!

Wah, this is my mistake. I already knew that the elite orc will roar, why didn’t I make preparations first?

Okay, forget it. Later when we have a reflection session, I will apologise to everyone.

「Mia, can you cast 《Heat Metal》 on the elite orc?」

「Mmm, I can!」

Mia nodded, and stood up.

She stretched her palms out, and aimed at the giant axe that the elite orc is about to wield at Arisu.

「《Heat Metal》.」

A ray of dark red light shot out from Mia’s palm, and hit the giant axe of the elite orc.

The axe followed its ordinary trajectory and came down, and Arisu avoided the attack at the last moment, but she was blown away by the wind, and fell on the ground.

The elite orc attempted to gave chase, and hence grabbed the handle of the axe, thinking of bringing it up……

A scent of burnt meat came.

The elite orc gave a miserable groan, and let go of the giant axe in its hand.



Arisu jumped, and at the same time, stabbed her spear at the elite orc.

Under the impressive presence, the spear stabbed into the enemy’s defenseless chest.

This blow beautifully pierced through the elite orc’s heart.

The elite orc’s scream pierced the surroundings.

It moved back a few steps shakily.

Then fell to the ground, powerlessly.

The huge bronze-coloured body gradually disappeared.

Finally, all that is left is a blue gem that is like yesterday’s.


Other than me, the other 3 all shouted.

「Leveled up.」

We are transferred to the white room. With this, it seems the experience points are enough.

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