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BIFMSMTK Volume 1 Chapter 23

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Chapter 23: Arisu’s Gentleness, Tamaki’s Heart

I know that Arisu is the sort of person whereby once she has a certain thought, she will persist with it.

Which is to say, from yesterday, she has already shown her insistent character a few times.

I stared at Arisu for a moment.

「That…… Do you feel that we are very annoying?」

「Do my expression tell you that?」

「No, ah…… I was only thinking, if you feel that way, I have to apologise to you. If you have a bad impression of Tamaki because of me…… 」

Arisu said so depressedly.

Ah, most people should worry if they will be hated first.

But, of course I will not hate you. Because Arisu is my angel.

I felt very perplexed; not knowing what to say, I could only shift my sight to Mia.

Only seeing Mia widened her eyes, and shook her head in bewilderment.

「A harem is a man’s dream, isn’t it?」

「These sort of words should not be said by you!」

「Ah, if you want to do it, I will go to the corner and face the wall. You don’t have to worry about it.」

「…… I said~」


Mia gave a thumbs up.

「We do not know when we will die? As long as we fail in a certain area, we will be raped by the orcs and then killed? Since that is so, of course we will think of presenting our first time to the handsome onii-chan that we are interested in. I can understand this sort of feeling very well?」(TL note: Mia is ending her sentence in a question-like manner, cutesy way. There is no equivalent that i can think of so I just left the ? as it is, think of it that way. onii-chan = guy(older) in this case. left it in for more cutesy effect!)

Who is the handsome onii-chan.

Ah, I guess other than me, there is nobody else…… What kind of nonsense is this kid saying with that serious face.

「Aren’t we working hard to fight in order to prevent this?」

「Yes. To prevent that sort of thing from happening, so we have to convince Tamaki-senpai.」

I gave a groan, and glared at Mia.

Mia revealed her mischevious smile, and raise her flat chest. (TL note: Upvote as Mia for the best girl)

Ah, seems like this fellow feels that her words are very reasonable. Damn.

「Arisu, do you also feel that it’s fine? Letting your boyfriend and other girls……」

「That, this is something I proposed……」

Oh yeah, that’s true——

I grabbed and thought. Seriously, why did it come to this? This is weird, all of these are too weird.

「Anyway, we will wait until Tamaki wakes up then we will do our best to convince her first, what do you think? You will help me right?」

「…….Erm, yes, of course.」

Why does she have a look that seems to be lack of interest?

「Arisu, I don’t suppose you like NTR……」

「N, NT? What?」

Ah forget it. I just brushed it over.

Mia was snickering at a corner. This damned fellow, I will really violate you.

Ah, I am just joking. Yes, I am not brave enough to say such things in front of Arisu.

「Ah—— ah, yes. If it is.. possible, that~ 」

Arisu said until here, and lowered her head.

What is the matter? Did I say something wrong?

Today, Arisu feels weird. Argh, actually I only got to know Arisu yesterday. I only felt that her thinking logic is a bit different from yesterday.

Also, I can’t seem to tell what is weird. But I have this feeling that she has some plan, or tempting to test me……

But, I feel that she should not be trying to harm me.

I can almost confirm that that is not an ill intent. At least on this, I trust Arisu. To be more exact, I am trusting that she is still in love with me.

「Arisu, I want you to look into my eyes.」

「Yes, yes.」

「The words that you said now, are all for my own good, right?」

「Of course.」

Arisu clenched her fist, and looked into my eyes, and nodded firmly. Ah, I feel so happy.

But, since that is so, why did she propose this?

I closed my eyes. Since she already said so, then I will believe that she is thinking for me.

And I will not discuss whether it is good or bad to me,

I feel that she has some big misunderstanding.

Arisu is a very obedient, and straight girl, but at the same time she is also very foolish. The problem is that she does not intend on telling me how did this conclusion come about.

No, forget it. Luckily I have a set of words that should convince her. If that does not work, then I will think of a new method then……

Anyway, we still have to wait for Tamaki to wake up first.

We chatted while wasting time.

Finally, Tamaki sat up with sleepy eyes.


She widened her eyes and looked at me.

「Good morning, Tamaki.」

「Ah—— Good morning—— Kazu-senpai……」

When she realised it, she immediately left my side with flushed cheeks. Tamaki kept on waving her hands, and saying a bunch of ununderstandable words, and kept shaking her head.

Arisu came running over, attempting to comfort her.

「Ah, that, no, I, I, wah!」

Finally she grabbed her head and squat down. I sighed, walked to her side, and squat down……

I gently caressed her scattered golden hair.

「Tamaki’s hair feels more comfortable than Arisu’s.」


It was Arisu who pushed me to do so, and yet she is puffing her cheeks in anger.

Seeing her getting jealous, I relaxed instead. Confirming the fact that Arisu still likes me, made me very happy.

I shall not bother about how Arisu thinks, because I should think of ways to pacify Tamaki who is in front of me.

「I…… am a useless person, sorry. Kazu-senpai, that, I……」

「Tamaki, just listen to me. First of all, I like Arisu very much.」

「Eh…. hmmm, mmm.」

Tamaki raised her head in suspicion.

After she realised that I am serious, then she nodded.

「I don’t wish to do things that Arisu don’t like. No, I will definitely not do it. You understand?」

「Mmmm, mm, yes. I believe Kazu-senpai is such a person.」

「Since that is so, then things are simplier. You trust Arisu, right? As long as Arisu hopes so, I will definitely not abandon you. This is simple logic, do you understand?」

Tamaki looked at me in shock, and kept staring at me, as though she want to see through me.

「Hmm—— is it hard to understand?」

「I understand, but——」


「I betrayed Kazu-senpai’s expectation. And even leak due to my fear, it is so shameful that I can’t do anything.」

Tamaki shift her sight away.

I deliberately use a very gentle voice to told her to 「turn here」.

「No, that is not, Tamaki.」

I looked in the blue eyes that are as deep as the ocean, and said.

「Listen to me, it will not go smoothly for the first time for everyone. When Arisu entered the battlefield for her first time, she also leaked. 」


「Eh!? Wait, wait a moment, Kazu-senpai!」

Arisu reached out towards me, attempting to stop me.

Even her ears have turned red.

Mia was faster by a step. She pretended that it was natural and got behind Arisu, and restricted her hands behind her. A beautiful assist.

Ah, actually I do not know if Arisu did leak anot.

But~? Seeing her reaction…… Did Arisu just gave herself away?

「I have read in a certain book once, that in the 911 incident in New York, the firemen all leaked as well.」


Tamaki raised her head, a face in shock. Suu suu~~ she sniffed her nose.

「Didn’t you hear that when one means a fire hazard, his strength will be greater than normal? When in a critical situation, humans can do some unexpected things.」

「Hmm, mmm, I have also hear such…… myths.」

「It is not a myth. Although I also heard this—— it is said that human will go into a hercules mode under intense state, this is a common knowledge in psychology.」

Tamaki looked at me in doubt, her expression seems to be saying「then so what」.

「But, such a mode in a fire hazard, will temporarily cut off the other functions in the body that has nothing to do with sustaining life. Because the human body will concentrate all its power in the place that needs it the most. The phenomenon of leaking, is because the strength of the bladder is used on the place where survival is needed.」

「……Uh, so——」

Tamaki reached out and touched her skirt, and frowned because of the moist feel.

「So——」I continued in a serious face.

「Your reaction is very normal. There is no need to mind……. it is good that you mentioned it first. It must be had to suddenly leak. 」

「I did not leak.」

「It’s fine, there is no need to feel bothered——」

「I already said, I did not leak.」

「Okay, no matter what, I won’t mind, and I feel that 1 or 2 failures is also unavoidable.」

「…… Huh?」

Tamaki tilted her head, revealing a blur expression, then a hurted expression, and then a crying expression. That is really busy.

Ah, but, I think it is all my fault.

To have my revenge against that fellow, I have read many books regarding military and physical power, and now the efforts finally paid off. Although these knowledge has no use in my initial revenge plan, but at least it helped Tamaki who was in a state of confusion.

「Sorry, but regarding your past, Arisu has already told me about them. With this as a premise, I want to say —— I want you.」

「Wah, wah ah, meow, meow, meow!」

Why did she call out like a cat. But that is fine.

Also, I said it wrongly.

「I want your heart.」

Ah, it seems wrong to say it this way. Hmmm—— I groaned while pointing my finger on my forehead.

「Uhh—— I will say it again. I want a comrade that will not betray me. Just like the trust between you and Arisu, if you are willing to trust me, then I will also trust you completely.」

「Uh, uh—— that~」

Tamaki placed her hands on her cheek, raising her heading and staring at me with a blur expression.

Ah, I told you not to take it wrongly. Just now, it was my fault, I said it wrongly. Don’t think about it too much.

「Ah, I know you said it wrongly. But, eh, I am very happy.」

「Woah, that is good.」

「If a smelly girl who smells like urine is fine, uhh… then please take good care of me.」

「You really took it the wrong way huh?」

After Tamaki bowed to me, she grabbed my out-reached hand and stood up.

She stood in front of me and smiled.

「Can’t I continue to take it the wrong way?」

「…… Your character is indeed great.」(TL note: MC is sarcastic)

Tamaki laughed with a “hehe”, and turned towards Arisu.

Arisu had just told me that it was fine, but now she is staring at me angrily.

「He——he—— Arisu, what is it? Your expression seems like you had your boyfriend snatched away.」

Tamaki pushed her luck and patted Arisu’s shoulder

「I.. I don’t care.」

Arisu turned her head away indignantly.

I sighed and shrugged my shoulders……

All of a sudden.

Tamaki stepped towards me, and placed her lips on my cheeks.

The feel of the soft lips was only for an instant. Tamaki immediately moved away.

She is blushing, but her face had the smile of a prankster.

「Hehe, there is only this now.」

I used my hand to stroke Tamaki’s cheeks, while looking at her.

I did not look toward Arisu, because I feel it will be very scary. I felt like there was a piercing look from that side, so I deliberately did not look towards that side, I will definitely not look over!

After all, all these are arranged by you, now what are you angry about!

Hence ——

I sat on the chair in front of the computer and sighed.

What should I do?

I once again began to think calmly. Tamaki is not someone special, or rather, it was Arisu who was too special. I realised this point again.

Argh, but thinking about it carefully, just how many girls can face an orc in a battle in the world, and also be completely fearless while challenging an elite orc?

Too difficult. Suddenly sending her to battle is too difficult. But if we do not let her get used to it, it will be troublesome.

Considering the future situations, if the vanguard that can face the elite orc is Arisu only, it is definitely not enough, there is a need for Tamaki to grow as well.

The reason why I am so insistent on Tamaki, is only because she has the passive of protecting Arisu. Against elite orc who is the representation of fear, the spirit of willing to sacrifice for someone, will become a big source of courage.

I wish to settle the position, as preparations for the future elite orcs that we will face.

But, how to break the stalemate……

「I guess we still have to sacrifice the familiars.」

I turned towards Arisu to seek her opinion, and I just happened to meet her eyes.

Arisu crossed her arms in front of her chest, and looked at me with an expression that is deep in thought.

「Ah—— what is the matter?」

「That…… Kazu-senpai, can’t you just depend on us?」

「It isn’t impossible, but how can I treat all of you as expendable shields? I feel that we need to increase some choice in battle tactics. To put it bluntly, it is how we deal with the elite orc that we are about to face?」

Actually the answer is almost out.

When fighting with the elite orc, Arisu will be the vanguard, and Mia will use magic to assist.

This is the basic pattern. The conclusion from the previous discussion is that, Tamaki’s job is to defeat the other ordinary orcs.

The problem is this.

Tamaki seems that she is fine, but she is probably still forcing herself.

She should still need a bit more time.

Then, I will need to summon familiars that are stronger than the Puppet Golems.

I wish to use my own freedom in exchange for power.

Although I said so to Tamaki, but in reality, using familiars to battle, it is much easier than using humans to battle psychologically.

I felt so deeply.

Kazuhisa: Level 6 Support Magic 3/ Summon Magic 2→3 Skill Points 3→0

After pressing the confirm button, we return to the original place.

The final battle begins.

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