BIFMSMTK Volume 1 Chapter 21

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Chapter 21: Middle School Section Girls’ Dormitory Raiding Battle

After the strategy meeting ended.

「Can I talk to Tamaki in private?」

Before we are about to leave the white room, Arisu brought Tamaki to a corner in the room, and the 2 of them began to talk secretly.

I wanted to know what they are talking about. I am really curious about it.

But, I can’t eavesdrop right? Mia pulled my sleeve, as though she saw through my hesitation.

「There are secrets among the girls.」

I felt that Arisu and Tamaki’s expression are very stern. Seeing that they will peek at my side once in awhile, causes me to feel even more curious.

「Then, let’s have some secret talk between us too.」


「Arisu is sensitive behind the ears……」

Why do you know such stuff.

「When we are bathing that time, we had some body contact.」

「That is really an interesting topic.」

And then? I put my ear closer to Mia. But it seems that because I was too loud, Arisu came running over while blushing, raising her head and then looking at my angrily.

Arisu reached out without saying anything, and squeezed my cheeks.

So painful.

But Arisu who puffed her cheeks, is so cute, causing to burst out in laughter. Arisu’s eyebrow frowned even more. I raised my hands meekly, showing a sign of surrender.

「I will exercise prudence.」

Although I do not understand, but I should apologize first.

Hence, Tamaki and Mia raised Sword Skill and Earth Magic to Rank 2 respectively.

Once we left the white room, we took actions immediately. What is different from the scouting before, is that there are 3 orcs looking around at the main door now.

Are they keeping guard?

But they are just standing there, and it seems like they are not especially alert. And they will yawn once in awhile.

Perhaps they were ordered by the elite orc, that is why they stood there. No matter what, what is different from dawn, is that the orcs are active now.

「The orcs moving outside have increased…」

Now it is already over 9am. It is only the matter of time that the news of the human survivors using the Cultivating Centre as their base is discovered by the orcs— I thought so in my heart.

Since that is so, we should take the chance to kill as many elite orcs as possible.

I don’t know if we are considered lucky, that every building of this school is surrounded by thick woods, helping to cover the noise.

Especially the girls’ dormitory. I don’t know if it is due to the consideration of safety, but its position is much more hidden than the other building. Even if there are some disturbance, it should not be discovered by the orcs in the other building.

Because of this, I wish to take this chance to eradicate all the orcs here. We should decrease the number of enemies as much as possible to the best of our abilities.

I summoned 1 crow and 2 Puppet Golem, hence my greatest amount of MP decreased by 9, becoming 41.

Our party has 4 people. As the number increased, it is really too much to cast support magic on all my companions, hence I have to select.

First, me who is not on the frontline, should only need 《Physical Up》 that speeds one up, which is used for escaping.

What is cast on Mia, is 《Physical Up》 and Rank 2 Support Magic《Smart Operation》, it can increase attack power of magic.

As for Arisu, Tamaki and the 2 Puppet Golems, it is the usual 3 magic, which are 《Keen Weapon》,《Physical Up》and《Mighty Arm》.

The effective time of 《Haste》 is very short, when my Support Magic is still Rank 3, it can only sustain for 1 to 1.5 minutes, and it will quickly reach the dilema of not having enough.

On the other hand, I asked Arisu to cast Rank 2 Healing Magic 《Flower Coat》on the 4 of us, other than the Puppet Golems. This is purely an insurance. Although it is just for a peace of mind, it is better than nothing.

「Let’s change the strategy slightly. First we defeat the 3 orcs at the door. The 2 at the main door, will be by Arisu and the Puppet Golem.」


「I will leave the one slightly further to you, Tamaki.」

「Ah, hm, I understand.」

Tamaki held the giant axe which is bigger than her with 2 of her hands, and nodded with a stiff expression.

She swallowed her saliva with a guru sound, completely different from the lively look she had in the white room. Her teeth could not stop trembling, it seems that her first battle is making her very nervous.

Is everything fine?

No, I could only ask her to do her best.

「If there are any orcs which tried to escape, then I will depend on Mia to trap them.」


「Arisu, go!」


I said so to her at the instant when the 2 orcs near the main door of the girls’ dormitory are nearest to us.

Arisu rushed out from the forest.

I let the Puppet Golems follow behind her. After hesitating for a moment, Tamaki also scream out as though encouraging herself, and then rushed towards the orc that is slightly distant from us.

Tsk, why did you scream.

Ah, forget it, after all, the sounds from the battle will eventually let the orcs in the girls’ dormitory discover that there are enemies invading.

Perhaps it is impossible for her to not scream. This can’t be helped, after all it is her first time facing an orc that isn’t like a doll. When I first fought to save Arisu, I also completely lost myself. The me of that time should have also screamed. That is something that can’t be helped.

Then Arisu?

I attempted to remember. How should I say this, I felt that she is exceptionally stable, or should I say calm. But, that is because Arisu is slightly special.

Hmm. Now that I think back, I discovered that she has been incredible since the very beginning. Especially mentally, she is even stronger in that. I must think of it this way, the others cannot be compared with Arisu.

Tamaki wielded the giant axe and rushed towards the orc.

This is different from Arisu’s first battle, she has Rank 2 Sword Skill, as long as she battle normally, she should be able to achieve victory easily…

The axe that Tamaki swung down is slightly off the centre, and it only chopped its shoulder. The orc’s right hand that held the sword is completely chopped off.

Blue blood sprayed out, covering Tamaki’s face.


Tamaki suddenly froze.

I could not see her expression, but…

The situation is not good. I stood up.

The orc that has its right arm chopped off went into a frenzy, and rush towards Tamaki, using its body to ram her. Tamaki who is unable to move, fell down just like that…

「Mia, use attack magic on that orc!」


Although there is a risk of misfire in the chaos of the battlefield, but I am worried that if this continues, if Tamaki is pinned down by the orc, then it will be harder to assist her.

We must take the chance to kill that orc now.

「《Stone Bullet》」

The stone that Mia released, pierced through the orc’s forehead beautifully.

But the orc did not die, it collapse forward, pinning Tamaki down.

Tamaki gave a shriek.

On the other side of the battlefield… Arisu killed the 2 orcs in an instant, she didn’t even need the assistance of the Puppet Golems.

Hmm, Arisu is the same as usual.

What happens next is the real problem. Hearing the noise outside, there is a commotion in the girls’ dormitory.

Oh shit.

Not only that Tamaki could not help, but she could even be our burden. The original plan was for Tamaki to defeat the ordinary orcs…

「Mia, the battle plan has changed, we will abandon the back door. You will stay here and await orders, and completely be in charge of support. I will go over to Tamaki.」


Tamaki lost to the pressure in her first battle. But Mia who participated in the first battle, could remain calm, and that is very comforting.

「Kazu-senpai, the orcs are running out from the girls’ dormitory! Ah, that, Tamaki she…」

「Arisu, you and the Puppet Golems will line up, and not let any ordinary orcs come over.」

「Yes, yes.」

1 orc rush out furiously from the girls’ dormitory.

Arisu is receiving the incoming attack. I ran towards Tamaki, and observed the battle situation with the corner of my eye.

Tamaki pinned down by the fallen orc, and she completely sunk into confusion. She loosened her hold on the axe, and shrieked, and struggled. Although the orc has not disappeared, but it has already lost consciousness, unmoving.

This is the most troublesome situation. I took out a knife— that is just a normal survivor knife.

I stabbed the knife into the back brain of the orc, the orc spasmed for a moment…

Then it finally stopped breathing.

Its body gradually disappeared, leaving a gem behind.

「Tamaki, can you stand? Oi.」

I pulled Tamaki’s hand, supporting her up.

Tamaki raised her head and looked at me. Big beads of tears fell from her eyes and even her snot are falling. Other than that, there is also a big wet patch inside of her skirt.

Hmm, that is really scary, and it is something that cannot be helped.

Tamaki hugged me, burying her head in my bosom, and began to cry loudly.

I gently caressed her golden hair, at a complete loss.

「Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry.」

She kept apologising to me.

「Don’t leave me behind, please, don’t leave me behind.」

「Wait a moment, what exactly are you saying…」

Then, an opening music rang in my ear.

Huh? What?

I raised my head, and saw that Arisu took care of the orc that came out from the big door. With this, I leveled up.

Honestly speaking, we are really saved by this.

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