BIFMSMTK Volume 1 Chapter 20

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Chapter 20: Elite Party

We returned to the Cultivating Centre. I used a chalk to draw a line on the ground in front of the Cultivating Centre. And asked them to dig holes at the specific locations. I asked them to dig a 1 metre long, 2 metre deep, and 5 metre wide hole at a location about 1 metre from the main door.

This is a simple moat.

There is no need to deliberately hide this hole. After all the grass near the main door is already very little, the ground is bare, so even if we used grass to cover the trap, it will be seen through immediately. So this is like a dry ditch.

The aim of making such a trap, is to block the movements of the orcs, making it easier for us to defend.

「Even if all of you guard the main door, once the number of orcs became too big, it will be hard to defend. After digging this hole, the orcs can only attack from the left and right side. So even if we are little in number, it will become easier for us to defend.」

「If we do such big actions in front of the Cultivating Centre, then the news of us using the Cultivating Centre as a base will be discovered.」

「Afterall we will be discovered eventually. Since that is so, we should have made preparations early.」

Hearing my refute, Shiki-san nodded in understanding.

「If you throw things from the windows at level 2 and 3, it will be easier to hit the targets right. 」

「Oh—That’s right. This moat, perhaps is very helpful to throwing skill.」

「Isn’t that good? Okay, everyone, let’s work harder to dig another hole.」

Shiki-san encouraged the already tired middle school girls, and took up the shovel first and began to dig.

Ah, her waist movement is really good. If she gets a bit more experience, she will become an outstanding digging expert.

Okay, it should be fine leaving the digging to them. Arisu, Tamaki, Mia and I separated to guys and girls, and took off our sweaty gym clothes. We used wet towels to wipe off our bodies’ sweat, and changed into new uniforms in the storage. Although we do not know if the orcs can smell well, so we do not know how alert we should be but having some precautions is better than having nothing.

Then, the 4 of us formed the future elite party. A red circle appeared on Tamaki and Mai’s little finger on their right hand.

「All of you should go and quickly level up, and then we will go to the white room to discuss.」

「Okay—— Roger——!」

Tamaki began to salute jokingly, while Mia just nodded.

「That, that, Kazu-senpai.」

「…… What, Tamaki. What do you need from me?」

「Can I use that giant axe?」

Tamaki pointed to the giant axe at the lounge in the Cultivating Centre. That is the weapon used by the elite orc yesterday.

「Do you really want to use it?」

「In the past a wiseman said, power is POWER!」(TL note: power is in japanese, while POWER was said in English.)

「Your English is very lousy right?」

Hmm— which is as long as you wield that axe, ordinary orc will not approach easily. Although I wish that Tamaki can be a bit more steady, but as long as she pair with Mia, I don’t think she will be over reckless.

「You must protect Mia who is your kouhai」(TL note: Kouhai = junior)

「Leave it to me! I am a capable girl!」

She seems like she knows how to take care of others, so I decided to believe her self-recommendation.

The 4 of us trekked through the forest, moving toward the tennis ball field mentioned by Arisu.

As Arisu said, there are loud snorings from the storage room.

「Tamaki, Mia, the 2 of you stay here and wait for orders. Mia, if any orcs escapes—」

「I will use《Earth Bound》 to stop them?」

「Yes, I will count on you for that.」

Mia’s comprehension is very strong, which makes me happy. I sent the crow to scout the situation inside the storage room.

「4 orcs, all sleeping.」

The crow used the voice that only I can hear to say.



I gave a sign to Arisu. Arisu took her spear, and dash into the storage room alone.

30 seconds later, Arisu walked out as though nothing has happened.

「Oh~ already defeated them? So amazing.」

Tamaki is shocked. Arisu took out the red gems that the 4 orcs transformed into, as proof.

「That, there are corpses inside…」

「We shall not bother with it for now, okay?」

Arisu hesitated a bit, but she still nodded. Although I also felt that the dead are very pitiful, but we really do not have the time to bury them one by one.

「We still need to defeat 4 orcs, then Tamaki and Mia will level up.」

As we have already become a 4 man party, the number of orcs that are needed to level up also increase by 2 times. Even so, considering the future situations, this is still worth it.

「Next where should we go?」

「The changing rooms are nearby, But I don’t know if there are orcs there……」

From the result, there are also orcs at the changing rooms, and there are just nice 4 of them.

The orcs there are already awake, hence other than Arisu, I also sent 2 Puppet Golems with her, but the orcs seems to be completely annihilated by Arisu. One of the orcs tried to run away, but was trapped by the 《Earth Bound》 used by Mia, and finally it was killed by Tamaki.

「Ah, Level Up.」

Mia lightly mumbled. Arisu, Tamaki, Mia and I were sent to the white room together.

In the white room.

Tamaki’s first movement, is to steal a look at Arisu’s computer screen.

「Wah wah— This is Arisu’s every details! Wa~ Arisu is really Level 5! So strong!」

Arisu looked at me, as though she has something to say.

Yes, the thing that Tamaki did is exactly what I did to Arisu yesterday. Arisu wanted to say, should be that Tamaki and I belong to the same type of people. I know. Sorry.

「Next is Kazu-senpai. Wah~ You are really Level 5 too!」

Argh, after all the computer did not mention any problematic records, so there is nothing to worry about upon being seen, so I did not mind it.

Tamaki surveyed the room.

「But, even if 4 people came together, there is still nothing here. Only the tables increased.」


「How does it feel making love in such a bright place?」

I glared at Arisu.

「Sorry… Because she had used a misleading way to ask me, so…」

Arisu said so while blushing, at the same time shrunk away, as though feeling sorry from the bottom of her heart.

I peeked at Mia.

「I have learnt a lot.」

「I hope that you forget it.」

「If it is possible, I would like to learn from practicals.」

Mia looked at me with an obvious expression.

「I wish to accumulate some experience.」

「You don’t need those experience.」

「Lewd virgin, so what?」

I could not help but swallowed my saliva.

Arisu glared at me with her teary puppy eyes, and I quickly raised both my hand in surrender.

「Kazu-senpai is using his eyes to leer at other girls, well that can’t be helped. As long as one is a healthy guy, of course he will do such stuff. I suggest you give up.」

Tamaki gave her a suggestion like a busybody.

Haha, this girl. I prepared to use my fist to knock on her head, and Tamaki immediately escape to behind Arisu.

But Arisu grabbed Tamaki’s shoulders instead, and pushed her towards me like an offering.

「Please go ahead, Kazu-senpai.」

「Wah, Arisu, you traitor.」

I complimented Arisu 「Good Job!」, and then lightly hitted Tamaki’s head.

「Umm, ummm— but nevermind. According to my observation, Kazu-senpai especially loves breasts, so Arisu will definitely win.」

「Do you still want to continue?」

「I will not surrender under unreasonable violence!」

Tamaki raised her big thumb.

I sighed. Argh, this is better than being in low spirits from seeing the corpses.

That’s right, just now in the changing room, there is also a male corpse. His chest has been torn apart, and the neck is twisted in an unnatural direction. The reason why Tamaki behaved like this, maybe to redirect our attention.

Then again.

「Ah— hi, I say, shouldn’t we begin our strategic meeting?」

I clapped, attracting everyone’s attention.

It is about time to give them a sense of urgency, especially since the result of this meeting will concern our lives, so they should be a bit more nervous.

「Anyway, the 2 of you have already leveled up to Level 2.」

「But I did not do anything.」

Tamaki said it sarcastically.

「I am completely relying on Kazu-senpai and Arisu.」

「Next will be us relying on Tamaki, so don’t mind it.」

「Hmm— Sorry, I shouldn’t complain. Then, I just have to raise Sword Skill to Rank 2?」

「I raised Earth Magic to Rank 2.」

I nodded toward Tamaki and Mia, expressing my agreement.

「Is it fine with just the 4 of us entering the girls’ dormitory?」

The 3 girls answered together「Yes」.

「The entries to the girls’ dormitory are only the front door and the back door on the other side?」

「Wah, Kazu-senpai is so clear about it. I don’t suppose you have came here before to steal underwear?」

「Because from the outside, I feel that the structure of the girls’ dormitory should be the same as the boys’ dormitory of the high school section.」

「Oh, I see.」

Other than that, just now the places that the crow investigated inside the girls’ dormitory, are the same as the second boys’ dormitory of the high school section. Even if I who is the only one present that has never been to the girls’ dormitory, I will not get lost even if i enter in. That’s really great.

Intruding the girls’ dormitory…

No, this sentence sounds too dangerous. I shook my head.

「Ah, you must be thinking about something dirty—」

Tamaki stared at me.

「Ah, what should I do with you—」

「Why do you look so happy?」

Ah, forget it. I shrugged my shoulders, and returned to the original topic.

「We will use the most basic way to fight. Arisu and I will create a distraction at the main entrance, then Tamaki and Mia will take this chance to go to back door, and if any orcs appear, just defeat them 1 by 1. Before entering the dormitory, I hope to decrease the number of enemies as much as possible. If the orcs want to escape, you must do your best to stop them.」

But from our current experiences, it seems that no orc will directly escape without fighting…

「What if the elite orc appears?」

Tamaki asked.

「If it comes out from the main entrance, it will be handled by Arisu and I. Then I will call out, the 2 of you must come immediately. If it appears from the back door, then both of you should drop what you are doing and escape immediately.」

「Should I use 《Earth Bound》 to stop it?」

「I think it is better not to. Although we do not know the rules of the magic that are cast on the enemies, but from a game point of view, stronger enemies may resist it.」


Arisu said while tilting her head. Ah— it’s another game term.

「Which is that it may have resistance to magic.」

「I see.」

「Ah, Kazu-senpai, is there any magic that can increase that sort of resistance?」

Tamaki asked directly.

「Hmm— well. In Rank 1 of Support Magic, there is a magic called 《Clear Mind》.」

Mia gave a「Mu」sound.

「《Clear Mind》」… Synchro Tuner?

「What is that?」

Mia expressed「nothing」, and at the same time shook her head in regret. I am not clear not what does that mean, but it should have some link to a game, anime or manga. Forget it.

「Wait a moment, let me check.」

After Mia finished her words, she sat at her computer and typed. She entered a lot of questions, and asked in a very fast speed.

In this time, we just randomly chatted.

「Hmm, I roughly understand it. Under these few situations, magic will be ineffective.」

Mia categorised the attack magic of this mysterious skills system as such:
When casting magic against a single enemy, the caster must target the enemy. So as to say, if one cannot see the opponent, then he will not be able to cast magic.

If it is a Missile type magic, then the magic will fly straight towards the enemy. There are not auto-homing attacks. If the enemy is moving fast, then there is the possibility of missing the target. If there are obstructions in the middle, it can also hit it.

As for Direct type, the distance does not matter, it will activate in an instant, hence the opponent will not be able to avoid it.

Missile Type and Direct Type, are names that I created temporary. Until now, it is the process from activation of the magic until it hits its target. Next is if the opponent have the ability to resist it.

According to the different type of magic, the requirements to resist is also different. For example when casting Rank 1 Earth Magic 《Earth Bound》, if the enemy raised his legs in the instant when the plants at the feet began to move due to the magic, then the enemy will not be restrained. Knowing that this magic is not 100% effective, Mia could not help but give a bitter expression.

《Clear Mind》 can increase the resistance against mind magic that affects one mentally. The so-called Mind Magic, includes Rank 1 Wind Magic 《Sleeping Song》etc. The others also includes magic that clouds one’s heart. Other than that it is said that some monster have special abilities that are similar to these magic. So scary, so scary.

《Clear Mind》 also has the effect of suppressing one’s fear.

According to Mia, yesterday just by hearing the elite orc’s roar, she and Tamaki were so scared until they were shivering.

Since you said it like this, perhaps it is really so. The reason why Arisu and I could still move freely, perhaps it is only due to being lucky. Or it could be that we have already been in the battlefield for a while, so we do not feel especially afraid.

Even if the magic is effective, he could still use a more violent method to escape the magic’s effect.

With 《Earth Bound》 as an example, if the opponent is a hercules, he could even pull out the roots, and struggle free…… Seems like 《Earth Bound》 will be useless against elite orc.

Hmm, I see, I roughly understand it.

But, once you list out all the possible situation of being resisted, the advantage of 《Heat Metal》 becomes clear.

According to Mia’s question, it is hard to increase resistance against magic like 《Heat Metal》 that is cast on objects. But 《Heat Metal》 is a type of missile type magic that gives off a light trail, hence it is still possible to dodge it…

No matter how strong the elite orc is, it will be hard for it to hold the burning hot axe and fight. Even if it did not throw the axe away, we should still be able to look forward to its movements becoming slower.

Ah, but—

「I suddenly realised, Mia, what if the enemy is holding a weapon with wooden handles…」

Mia and I gave an 「Ah」sound, and looked at each other. As the axe that the elite orc was using yesterday, part of the handle is made of metal, so I neglected such a point……

「If the handle of the weapon is made of wood, then 《Heat Metal》 is useless.」

Mia lowered her shoulders in disappointment.

「We can only pray that the weapon of the elite orc is pure metallic.」

Yes— we both sighed.

「I should have guessed.」

「No, I should have guessed it…」

Ah, after the whole day yesterday, I feel that there is still no improvements.

Tamaki: Level 2 Sword Skill 1 → 2/Physical 1 Skill Point 0

Mia: Level 2 Earth Magic 1 → 2/Wind Magic 1 Skill Point 0

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