BIFMSMTK Volume 1 Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: The White Room

Once I regain consciousness, I discovered that I am inside a white colored room.

The entire ceiling is glowing just like a fluorescent bulb. Or perhaps because of this, this place is as bright as day.

The size of the room is about the same as a classroom.

But, there is only a table and a chair.

There is a laptop on the table.

The table, chair, and laptop, that’s all things that are in the room.

The laptop is open, and the screen showed something like Excel.

I timidly walked towards the table.

Looking at the computer screen.

Only seeing my name written on top of it, and below writing Level 1, and Skill Points 2. And further below is a table with simple words like sword, spear, magic.

I shake my head in suspicion. Is this some sort of prank?

What exactly is going on?

No, actually I did know what is this.

This is the ability table.

My ability table.

Just like a computer game, the screen shows my ability values.

But, what is written on it is not Strength, Intelligence, HP or MP.

From the table that is like game stats, I can see that, there are only levels and skills these 2 components.

This sort of game does exist in reality, and some of these games will even hide of the character’s ability.

Then, this screen means that……

I used my confused mind to think. On it was Level 1, Skill Points 2, does it means that I can get 2 kind of skills? Or it is that, the points needed for different skills are different……

Alas, this sort of thing is not important. Or perhaps it is not completely unimportant, in short just keep it aside for now.

The most important thing is, what kind of situation am I currently in.

「Is there someone around!」

I shouted loudly.

「Is there anyone around! Please explain a bit, I hope that someone can come and explain what is this, and what is the situation now.」

I did not have any expectation, only saying for the sake of hoping that something will happen. If this world is kind enough that if you ask the other party to explain, the other party will explain in detail for us, then even I will be able to live better.

At least I will not be forced into planning to kill that fellow.

However the master of this space, seems to be much kinder than the people in my world.

Only seeing a window popping out from the screen, with the following words on it.

「Please go ahead and ask the questions.」

Even the entering window also popped out, that’s pretty sweet of him.

I shall omit the questioning and answering between me and the computer, because it is not only lengthy, it also contains a lot of useless parts.

I am continuously asking detailed questions that make people think that 「Even this you have to ask?」, questions like from 「Where is this place」,「Who are you」, until 「What brand is this computer」, 「What time is it now」are asked.

Most of the questions, only gotten the response of 「unable to answer」.

That is also good, because no answer is also a very important information.

In conclusion, the currently known information are as follows:

This is not a dream.

The truth is, whether if the person who said 「I did not lie」really lied, only he himself will know. In other words, this could also be a dream, and it could also not be a dream.

Personally, I hope that this is just a dream.

In this room there is only me.

Also to say, this is a private room. Our dormitory is a 4 person room, hence I am quite happy.

I can always stay in this room, until I used the PC, and close the window for the acquiring of skills.

The moment I close that window, I will immediately return to where I originally was, which is in the forest. This technology is too powerful.

When I am in this room, the time outside in the world is still.

No matter how many years I stay in this place, the time outside will not even elapsed past 0.1 second. The performance of this room is better than ※Seishin to Toki no Heya. (TL note: Seishin to Toki no Heya = a room in Dragonball where time pass very slowly) This sort of technology is really amazing until it is shocking.

——Technology? No, Haha, hmmm——

The condition to enter this room, that is a level up.

If I want to enter this room again, then I have to level up again. And to level up, then I need to defeat enemies, and accumulate experience points.

To be honest, I do not know what to say. In short, all of this is too cool.

Every time you level up you can get skill points.

And as long as you use those skill points then you can get skills. In principle, once you get the skill, then it is unable to be reverted back to skill points. This is kind of inconvenient.

The so call skill, is something similar to adding value to my current body.

It seems to be like that. So as to say, once I get the Sword Skill skill, I will become an expert with sword.

No, becoming an expert is a lie. Each Skill has its Skill Rank, and currently I am only rank 1, it can hardly be called an expert.

To increase the Skill Rank, of course there is the need to use skill points.

And to increase the skill rankl to 1, you need to use 1 skill point.

To increase the skill from rank 1 to rank 2, you need 2 points.

Likewise, when you need to raise from rank 2 to rank 3, you need 3 points.

It seems that the highest rank is rank 9. Supposing if one concentrate on the Sword Skill, then when that person reached level 23, then he can reach the Skill Rank 9.

After a person level up, other than skills, the person’s physical and mental strength will also increase.

That is HP and MP. It is getting to be more and more like a game.

The Skill Rank is only giving extra value to the original body.

So as to say, if I am originally a sword master, then I might be able to defeat a person with Sword Skill Rank 9. But, I have only held the bamboo sword in gym classes.

Weapon Attack Skills have 6 types, which includes unarmed combat, sword skills, spear skills, pole skills, shooting and throwing.

As long as you have Sword Skill skill, then when you have a sword in your hand, your movements will become more agile. In addition, axe seems to be included inside Sword Skill skills. That also includes every weapon that can be used to cut.

Similarly, Spear Skill skill is for when you are armed with weapons like bamboo spears or weapons that can be stab, then it will display its effect. Then I asked, then what if I used a shovel to battle? The answer given was, if you use it as a sword, then you can activate the Sword Skill; if you use the flat part to bash, then you can activate the Pole Skill; if you sharpen the edges of the shovel, and use it to stab the enemy, then you can activate the Spear Skill. The shovel is indeed almighty.

Bows, slingshots, pistols, machine guns are all under Shooting Skills. As for throwing grenades, cola bottles, baseball, belonged to Throwing Skills. Then I asked, which type does kicking a soccer ball belongs? In the end i get the answer 「no such Skill」.

I continued to ask, if throwing a long spear that can be used as a javelin, then which does it belong to? The other party replied「If such a situation is met, both Spear Skill and Throwing Skill are OK」. It has such a subtle difference from the shovel. Saying so it seem that throwing a dagger or a short axe is also the same.

The creature I killed, was a monster known as an orc locally.

Locally refers to where?

And also what are monsters~ damn.

The so-called magic, is a skill using something called Mana to conjure fire or wind.

What is that, and there is mana. Is this a fantasy world?

Hmm, actually it is a fantasy world. That’s right. It is too crazy.

Magic Skills are separated into 7 types, which are Earth, Water, Fire and Wind, these 4 attributes, and adding Support Magic and Summon Magic, and also Healing Magic.

It seems that according to differences in Skills, there are different magic prepared. Each Skill Rank are accompanied with 4 types of magic, and once you rank up you will be able to use it automatically.

Other than that, there are also other Skills available —— Physical, Movement, Detection, Music.

Physical Skill is like a muscle enhancer, to let people lift heavy objects easily.
Or perhaps even swing the sword that is higher than one’s height.

Movement Skills can let one’s movement become more agile, and jump higher. Though the strides won’t change to very fast, but the instantaneous push off seems to be increased.

Detection Skill is a Skill that enables one to conduct convert actions, distinguish faraway voices, and see things faraway etc etc. In other words, it includes all the abilities needed by a special forces member.

Music Skill seems to enhance the music sense and voice. If using singing can let Giants follow my orders, then perhaps I will consider it, but it seems to not have that effect. Actually I also don’t really understand.

Every question related to 「Who prepared all these stuff」, all of them are unanswered.

This is simply crazy to the maximum.

As for questions like 「Why I can get such things like Level and Skills」,the answer gotten was that I will need it in the future.

Is it~ So it is like this. Don’t tell me you want me to be a Hero? I do not want to.

This seem to be not a dream, but reality.

The feeling is the worst.

If I died, there is no way to resurrect.

It is really very bad.

As to why I need to get Skills, what 「future」refers to, and disturbing words like Mana and Monsters. I temporarily set them aside.

After all, there is insufficient information. Although there are many things that can be investigated, but even if I do so now it will not help much.

The most important thing now, is that I can get Skills.

Other than that, if I miss this opportunity, then I will need to wait until next level up before I can get Skills again.

And to level up, I have to defeat the monsters called Half-Beast man.

In a state where I do not have skills, I cannot defeat them.

Hence I decide to sort out the information on Skills first.

Now, the computer screen is displaying all the skills:

Physics: Unarmed Combat, Sword Skill, Spear Skill, Pole Skill, Shooting, Throwing.

Magic:Earth Magic, Water Magic, Fire Magic, Wind Magic, Support Magic, Summon Magic, Healing Magic.

Others:Physical, Movement, Detection, Music.

I need to choose 1 or 2 out for these 17 kinds of skills, and raise it to Rank 1. Also there is no need to use all the Skill Points at one go.

After some thoughts, I asked a few more questions.

And then I struggled in the mind to think again.

I did not know how many hours passed after I came to this room. But I am not hungry, nor thirsty. Or perhaps this room is like this. Who knows.

After setting my determination, I stood in front of the laptop.

From the Skill Table I chose 2 Skills, and raised them to Rank 1.

Kazuhisa: Level 1 Support Magic 0→1/Summon Magic 0→1 Skill Points 2→0

After I moved the cursor to 「Confirm」, and press the confirmation button.

In the next moment, I returned back to the forest.

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