BIFMSMTK Volume 1 Chapter 19

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Chapter 19: Prying around the Girls’ Dormitory

I respected Mia’s judgement, and let her choose what sort of magic that she want to get.

But, I have already told her the rough direction of this party. Which is the below:

Although there is still sometime before it can be accomplished, but this elite party will consist of the 4 of us, me, Arisu, Tamaki and Mia.
Also, the vanguard will be Arisu and Tamaki, and the rearguard will be me and Mia.
There is no need to concentrate on firepower, but if there is, it will also be good.
It will be the best if there is a convenient magic for escaping.

The combination of Earth Magic and Wind Magic, at least in Rank 1 stage, there is no magic for direct attack. But on the other hand, there are many convenient magic for support.

If that is so, then it is enough, After Mia, it is time for Tamaki to level up.

From this time, we began using traps. After digging a tap, as long as it is hidden carefully, then it can be reused.

Arisu brought our prey— which is the orc, then made it fall into the trap, then Tamaki stabbed it ot death. Tamaki also level up, and she gain Sword Skill 1 and Physical 1.

After Tamaki, Shiki-san also leveled up. The skills that Shiki-san gained are Detection 1 and Throwing 1.

After Shiki-san gained Detection Skill, she became an expert on disguising traps. Once you raise this skill, the ability of setting traps like hunters will also increase.

The reason why Shiki-san chose Detection Skill, is not to make herself a detective.

「I do not wish to fight at all, so I will do my best at running away or hiding.」

She raised her chest and said so. So big— I thought so in my heart.

Other than that, as for the reason for the Throwing Skill.

「Knives, choppers, there are as many as you want here. And they are more trustworthy than the weapons obtained from orcs.」

I see, that is indeed reasonable— I thought so. She is really a person of logic.

The magic that Mia obtained, showed its prowess immediately. The 《Earth Bound》of Earth Magic is very useful, this is a magic that can control the plants on the ground and use it to tie up the enemy’s’ legs.

This magic can stop an orc’s movements, and if it is successful, it can even trip it. And then Arisu will break the hand that is holding the weapon, so that everyone can kill the orc in a safer condition.

Although it seems like bullying the weak, but once we think about what these fellows did to us first, this sort of behaviours is nothing much.

After 3 person leveled up to Level 1, even if I am not around, it should be fine. Hence I asked Tamaki to be the guide and go investigating with me. According to Arisu, there is nearly no movement from the orcs at dawn. She express that if we do not get closer than we will not be able to get clearer information, and hence she hope that permit her to get closer to the buildings.

I immediately refuted her opinion, and express that if she really needs to do so, then it should be me who go and check it out.

First of all, the place that I am heading to, is the one that is the nearest to the Cultivating Centre… Though I said that, it takes about 10mins of walking in the forest before I can reach the girls’ dormitory. The 3 stories tall girls’ dormitory, as it means, it is the place where the middle school girls live everyday.

That is a squarish building that is about 60m wide.

If I didn’t remember wrongly, our school’s high school section should have 1300 people while the middle school section has about 700 people. So to say, there are about 350 girls? If there isn’t such a big building, then it will not be able to hold so many people.

Then again……

Girl dormitory huh.

Ah, I don’t have any other meanings. It is just that the words girls’ dormitory, will make one think of many times— yeah right! Okay, I will be lying if I say there is nothing. But since we are attacking it, then we should start from the nearest place. That’s all.

Attacking the Girls’ Dormitory.

That sounds so cool. A guy poking his head out from the woods near the girls’ dormitory, and using a binoculars to peek at the interior. That person is me.

That is a perverted action normally, but now this is an extreme period.

「Kazu-senpai, you look like a pervert.」

「Listen well Tamaki, this is part of the battle plans.」

But every curtain at the windows of the girls’ dormitory are pulled down, so it is impossible to see the situation inside. Hmm—

Got it, there is a window broken at 1 of the rooms on level 3, perhaps we can enter from there. I decided to send the crow in to investigate.

I used a new magic— Support Magic Rank 3’s《Remote Viewing》.

《Remote Viewing》 allows me to view the sights of the person who has the magic casted on, it is like a magic specially designed to be used with the crow.

But once I used it, before the magic effect ends, I will only have the sights of that person. So as to say, in this period, I will be in a completely defenseless state. So when using this magic, there must be someone who protecting me.

So I asked Tamaki to help me survey the surroundings.

Other than that, the reason why Tamaki chose Physical Rank 1, is that she wanted to use the giant axe that the elite orc, that was defeated by us, had. After getting the skill, she tried to lift the giant axe, although it is not to the level of being very easy, but at least she was not affected by the weight of the giant axe.

The power of skills is really great— everyone had to be in awe of it.

But in such an investigation, such a big axe will only be a burden. So what she is holding in her hands, is an ordinary metal sword. That was a rusty sword that belonged to the orcs, but I used 《Repair》 to polish it. Although Tamaki seems a bit unsatisfied, but I could only ask her to bear with it for now.

Other than her and Arisu, I do not intend to call anyone else to be my guard. Although I am not clear on Tamaki’s character, but I don’t think she will hurt someone who is important to Arisu, which is me.

Anyway, after I cast 《Remote Viewing》, the view of the crow appeared before me.

The crow familiar spread its wing and flew into the sky. Wawa, that’s awesome. The feeling of flying in the sky is so comfortable. If there are any free time, I sure wish to play with this magic.

But, I also do not know when will I have such a time.

The crow landed on the railings on rooftop of the girls’ dormitory. At this moment, the group of crows which had gathered at the rooftop immediately flew away. Did they know that my crow is not a normal crow?

Then again, those crows gathered at the rooftop, which means…

There are fallen figures on the rooftop, which are corpses. There are 6 in total, which are all girls.

Those crows gathered on the corpses, and fed on the corpses until they are in pieces. I desperately suppressed the feeling of vomiting.

Luckily, the crow began to fly again quickly. Although this magic allows me to share the view of the crow, but I cannot issue orders to it. The crow entered the dormitory from the broken window on level 3.

There is a corpse of a young girl beside the window, her neck is twisted in an unnatural way; and like the other corpses, her lower half is naked. I guess that she might have wanted to escape, and broke the window, but was captured at the window, and violated, and then killed. I putted my palms together for this stranger, and pray that she did not experience much pain.

Tamaki who is standing beside me, should have seen me putting my palms together, but she did not say anything.

The crow according to my instructions, entered the girls’ dormitory and began its investigation.

The difference between yesterday is that, we have ample time today. Even if this crow gets killed, it will not cause anything harm to me, but I am just unsure without the enemy knows the existence of familiars.

Forget it, the orcs looks so stupid.

But maybe I am too arrogant.

Wouldn’t I be setting a death flag for myself? Ah, forget it, it should be fine.

The crow landed on the ground, and walked in the dim corridor. It seems like there is nothing that will move. This magic cannot transmit sound, so even if someone gave out pained groans, I will not be able to hear it.

The crows came to level 1, and then neared a opened room, and peeked inside.

This seems like a dining hall.

I saw a rough legs of a few orcs, and saw that there are many girls fainted on the ground, their bodies occasionally twitched convulsively

「There are survivors right?」

I don’t know if she detected the changes in the expressions on my face, but she whispered lightly beside my ear.

Her breath makes my ears feel so itchy. Her soft little hand, is covered over my tightly clenched fist.

「How did you know?」

「Seeing you revealing that expression of unwillingness and clutching of your teeth, how can I not know.」


「Do we have any methods of saving them?」

If they are still alive, I of course wish to save……

But there is a problem— among the orcs, there is one with bronze skin.

「There is an elite orc.」

I said it in a low voice.

Tamaki and I returned to our companions who are hunting orcs.

Because I wish to discuss with them about the issue in the girls’ dormitory.

When we returned, everyone just raised to level 1. With this, there are 9 people who are level 1, while Arisu and I are level 5.

If this is so, we might as well get everyone to level 2— I thought so greedily. After all from previous experience, once you level the Ranks of the weapon skills to 2, then it will be easy to deal with the orcs.

Though so, if we want to invade the girls’ dormitory and save the survivors, then time is of essence.

Now it is about to be 9am, the orcs should be beginning to become active.

「I know this sounds very heartless, but under the situation without a concrete way of defeating the elite orc, I am against going to the girls’ dormitory.」

The one who said so is Shiki-san, and I feel that her opinion is very accurate.

But I do not wish to accept her opinion.

I am clear that this is because I am just narrow-minded. It seems that while I am not around, Shiki-san has become everyone’s mental support. Other than battle-related stuff, Arisu seems to be quite reliant on her opinion.

Shiki Yukariko has always been good at taking care of other, and at the same time has the qualities of a leader. It is just that when I am being bullied, she pretended to not have seen it.

Ah, damn, if I continued it will be like I am ranting.

Nevermind, I shall put this thing aside for now.

「Of course, we have to consider the survivors in the girls’ dormitory, there could be friends of our juniors here. Under this premise, I feel that we have to a bit more cautious.」

Among the people present, other than me and Shiki-san, all of them are students from middle school section. The earthquake happened on Saturday after school, and at this time, unless they participated in society activities, if not everyone will be in the dorms. So, their classmates, roommates, friends, seniors, juniors etc, have a high chance of being trapped there.

Of course, that is if they are still alive…

Ah right— I suddenly discovered one thing.

So Shiki-san is taking the place of being the bad guy for me.

Perhaps that is not being thoughtful, but purely based on her judgement, that she feel that the bad guy should not be me now.

No, this is definitely it. She seems like someone who is better than me in controlling the people. The reason why I can be the leader, is because I am already level 5, stronger than all of them.

Under such a situation, only power can make everyone be at ease.

Regarding this point, she… no, everyone present is clear on that.

I looked at Arisu. I don’t know how much of my despicable thoughts have been seen through by her but Arisu walked to my side, and held my hand.

「I will follow Kazu-senpai’s view.」

「Wah, you two are so bright.」

Tamaki was joking at the side, so I lightly knocked on top of her head with my fist. The golden-hair girl grabbed her head and squat down.

「Ahhh, Arisu~ Kazu-senpai is bullying me.」

「You deserved it.」

Arisu said it coldly. Disregarding that— I said so, and requested for the opinions of the others.

Mia from Middle School Year 1 raised her hand.

「What I am suggesting is not an action plan, is that okay?」

「Ah, you can say out any opinions.」

「In Rank 2 Earth Magic, there is a magic called 《Heat Metal》.」

I have also check such an information regarding that magic.

This is a magic that can heat up metals. If you cast it on weapons, the enemy will not be able to hold it due to the heat, and could only drop the weapon.

「I see. No matter how strong the elite orc is, once it does not have any weapons— You mean this right?」


Having such a choice in using magic to support, that is really great. With this, our tactics will become more versatile.

Then again, although this girl called Mia is only in middle school year 1, she is shown to be pretty calm. Seems that she is a talent to be nurtured.

I crossed my arms in front of my chest and think. Just now Mia successfully used Earth Magic to help others to level up. From how it seems, she seems to be full of courage too.

「I know, you and Tamaki should level up to level 2.」

I judged that it is hard to immediately attack the girl’s dormitory. If our actual combat strength is only Arisu and me, then it is limited in handling the situation. If we are not careful, we will end up like yesterday,

Although we won yesterday’s bet, but it is hard to say if it will go well the next time. The important thing now, is to raise our battle strength. Although it is earlier than expected, but we should began to groom our main elite force.

Actually I have planned to level everyone level up to level 2, but it seems that there is no time.

「Arisu, is there any place that gathered about 4, 5 orcs?」

「If it is the place that I went to just now, there are 3, 4 orcs sleeping at the shed near the tennis court. But I think they should be up by now……」

Then we will set this place as the goal.

「Then let’s go PL.」

「What is PL?」

Arisu tilted her head and asked.

「Ah— this is a term used in games. It’s the short form of Power Leveling, which is the stronger players would bring the weaker players around, forcefully leveling them up.」

I feel that this phase being used at this moment, is the most apt.

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