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BIFMSMTK Volume 1 Chapter 17

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Chapter 17: Dawn

I had a dream.

In that dream, that fellow is looking down on me who is on the ground, revealing his scorning smile.


That fellow said so.

「You can’t even protect the woman you loved.」

That fellow looked to my side, I also followed his line of sight and turned.

A girl was lying on the ground. A thick spear has penetrated her body, with the spearhead stabbed into the ground.

The girl is Arisu. I lowered my head and looked, Arisu who is lying in the pool of blood has already lost the glow in her eyes.

「I was wrong.」

The pale-faced Arisu opened her mouth and spoke.

「I shouldn’t have followed Kazu-senpai. Because of your decision, I—」

Ah, right. I suddenly realised it, and looked up at the fellow who is laughing at me.

So I lost to him again.

「No matter where you are, you are a useless thing, you caused her death.」

That’s right, it is all because of me, that is why Arisu died. Because I made a wrong decision, so everything is ruined. Even so—

「Even so, I have already decided that I will not run. This time I will not escape.」

I stared at that fellow, and he laughed loudly…

I heard, during the olden days when there are no electricity, people would sleep once the sun sets, then wake up once the sun rises.

Because I slept too early, in the end before dawn arrives, I woke up.

Covered in sweat, I sat up on the bed, panting. I seemed to have some dream, and it’s a nightmare.

「No matter what, it shouldn’t have been a nightmare.」

I mumbled to myself. After all yesterday was very tragic, we are no longer able to return to our daily lives. And it has only been a day, and everything has turned into a nightmare.

The nightmare will continue today, it will not end.

I got out of the bed, and because of muscle fatigue, my body feels stiff. But recently I have been digging traps, so it can be counted as training. Arisu must have felt worse, I guess?

Once I got down, I discovered the girls have already gotten out of bed.

The air is filled with dried bonito smell. After asking, then I realise it is Shiki-san’s suggestion. Although it may attract the orcs’ attention, but even if they have to brave this risk, a good breakfast should be served to replenish one’s strength.Although there is no gas in the gas stove in the cooking classroom, but there are portable gas stove. In such a situation, it is indeed good to have people from the Cooking Society.

Breakfast is miso soup, instant rice and instant curry.

The girls from the Cooking Society expressed their apologies that this was just a simple meal.

But it is already very good. To Japanese, curry is a delicacy. We, who are hungry, wolfed down the breakfast. Not only me and Arisu, but everyone had 2 bowl of rice.

「Today we are going to have the final battle, how can I not store some energy!」

Tamaki said so. I see, the situation that we are in now, and the reality that we must face in the future, they are all very clear about it. Thanks to the hot rice filling our stomach, we are now full of energy.

After eating breakfast, dawn has yet to arrive, so we decided to have a meeting to organise our current information and at the same time discuss our next direction.

The meeting location is the discussion room on level 3. Level 1 and 2 has been messed up by the orcs’ destruction of the place, and before cleaning it up, we do not wish to use it, so it is only natural to gather at level 3.

After sitting down at the chair in the meeting room, I looked at the audience.

My eyes met with Arisu’s, so I gave a smile, but there seems to be some doubts in Arisu, and then she gave an unnatural smile back.

Huh—? What is going on? I feel that we seemed to be a bit distant……

No, it should be just me. Yes, it must be because everyone is around, so she deliberately kept a distance from me.

Of course, the situation is constantly changing. Now, the phase of just the 2 of us fighting has come to an end. If we continue to just depend on just ourselves, we will not be able to survive through today. This is something that we have already confirmed in the white room.

No, if Arisu and I continue to take independent action, perhaps we can survive. But then, we will not be able to protect Arisu’s good friend—Tamaki, and we won’t be able to protect the lives of the 2 Year 1 that— Tamaki saved.

I mustered my spirit, and surveyed at everyone, and then said:

「I wish to confirm again, regarding the situation outside this mountain, all of you have heard it from Arisu?」

「I witnessed it.」

Tamaki answered. I asked her, what does that mean?

「You can see from the rooftop.」

「See what?」

「The plains.」

Ah, I see— I could not help but gave a shocked sound. The rooftop of this building is taller than the woods, hence it must be able the other side of the mountain clearly.

「Because evacuating is very boring, so I ran to the rooftop to see the situation in the surroundings. I was shocked. The scenery outside is different from the usual.」

「What do you feel about it?」

「Ah— it feels that we came to a game world.」

Tamaki’s expression of it, is more direct than mine.

Game world, hmm, with orcs, and such plains, coupled with the scene of huge birds taking away people.

Not caring if using the term 「Game World」that is used to describe the scenario is correct, anyway, they seem to have grasp the situation we are in.

This is not Earth, but another world.

「And, last night I looked up, and discovered that there is 2 moon in the sky.」

「Ah, yes.」

「The constellations are completely different too.」

「You know about constellations?」

「Arisu knows.」

I turn towards Arisu, and Arisu nodded unwillingly.

「I like mythology. 」

「Just like chuunibyou that sort of feeling?」


Arisu tilted her head in confusion. Oh shit, I accidentally said something very hikikomori. I looked at the surroundings, and discovered a few girls snickering. Tamaki also gave a smirk smile, seeing her golden ponytails shaking.

Ah— damn. Forget it, I shall not care and return to the main topic.

「Ah, then everyone agrees and understand that this is not Earth.」

The girls nodded, and some of them even revealed an expression that seems to be almost crying. That can’t be helped. If crying can solve the problem, then even I would want to cry. More importantly, why am I chairing the meeting?

Ah, this too can’t be helped.

There are only 2 students from the high school section, which is me and Shiki-san. And Shiki-san politely gave the power to direct the meeting.

Standing in my shoes, I still have some issues with Shiki-san. In other words, I don’t wish to be directed by her.

I am very narrow-minded.

Really, even though it is kinda weird saying it by myself, but I am a really petty person.

Ah, forget it, shall not bother about how petty I am for now. Now we are having a meeting, and the urgent thing is to provide information.

「This is another world. After the earthquake, our school, which is the entire mountain has been transferred to another world. We are wanderers in this other world.」

I said so.

「And those orcs invaded this mountain. From the timing, the orcs shouldn’t have climbed the mountain after the earthquake, instead they came from the top of the mountain. So there must be some sort of transfer point at the top of the mountain, something that can transcend time-space. 」

I am not sure if this guess is right, but I guess they must have used some special way to move.

This world already has magic, even if there is a transfer point, there should not be surprising.

Of course, they could also have taken a transportation like saucership.

「Although I am not sure what are the aims of the orcs, but we can be sure that, that they are definitely our enemies. We have to presume that all of the buildings on this mountains have been occupied by the orcs, and as for comrades… we shall assume there is none. Perhaps some adults or students have survived, and are currently hiding.」

If there are adult survivors, they may have occupied some area, or escaped into the forest. To meet up with them, we have to search all the buildings.

But, the Cultivating Centre which just had 10 orcs, already gave us such a hard time yesterday.

I don’t think that is the main force of our enemy.

Other than that, the bronze-skinned orc that appeared at the end— using the name that I gave, that is elite orc. If that is the last one, then it will be good.

It is better of me to not have those kind of optimistic view, we should presume that the enemies are very strong, and there are many elite orcs, and use that as a premise to act.

And there are at least 100 ordinary orcs, or even more. Perhaps there are even stronger monsters.

Indeed, not knowing the full potential of the enemy is a terrifying thing. The most important thing should be investigation.

But before that—

「I feel that, everyone here should do their best to level up to level 1.」

I heard the sounds of saliva being swallowed.

「This means everyone will take turns to kill the orcs. Arisu and I will think of ways to stop the orcs from moving, and all of you just have to use the spear to stab it to death. Anyway once you get to level 1, and obtained skills, then even if you suffer an attack from the orcs, you can handle it. This is not compulsory, after leveling up I will not force you to fight. But in the current situation, the difference in safety for level 0 and 1 is very big.」

Of course, if after leveling up, you have the wish to join in the fight, then I will assist from the side.

If we only depend on the 2 of us, eventually we will reach a bottleneck. From yesterday’s battle, this can clearly be seen.

It is efficient in getting experience in small parties, but if we met with any troubles, then it will be hard to recover from it.

Yesterday it was Arisu who resisted my commands. Logically, I should have abandoned Arisu.

Luckily we pulled through. But, I do not wish to do that sort of dangerous stuff again.

We have to play it safe. Even if it is not a companion who we trust from the bottom of our heart, as long as she can support Arisu and I in times of need, it will be fine. I desperately need such a person.

Also, if we want to use this Cultivating Centre as base, then it must have someone to protect it.

Thinking about it carefully, it was really fortunate being able to sleep on a bed last night. If we camped out in the wilds, we may not be able to rest well, and in fact we wouldn’t even know if we can sleep in peace.

「I am willing.」

Should I said this was expected? The first one to raise her hand is Arisu’s good friend, Tamaki.

「I do not wish to continue to run, and I cannot always let Arisu protect me.」

She said it half-jokingly, and smiled to Arisu. Arisu gave a bitter smile in reply:「What is so bad about letting me protect you.」

「It should have been me that protect Arisu! It cannot be reversed!」

After Tamaki said it, she turned towards me.

「So, let me join your party, Kazu-senpai.」

「Ah— my party will definitely become the main force, so the risk is very high…… Forget it, this is also fine.」

To protect Arisu, she will even give up her own life. Although it will not be the same when protecting me, but as long as Arisu still likes me, I believe Tamaki will not betray us.

No, wait? What if Tamaki loves Arisu?

I am of course referring to the sexually side.

She actually has a big sense of jealousy towards me……

I looked at Tamaki’s face, then she gave a「Eh?」sound, tilting her head innocently.

「What. I don’t supposed you have fallen in love with me?」


Arisu gave out some sound like she was coughing, and looked at me, and then at Tamaki. THe girl who felt that she was Arisu’s best friend, laughed with a 「hehe」.

「Ah— Tamaki, stop causing trouble……」

「Oh, so you want both me and Arisu?」


Arisu turned red and white, seemingly very busy. Tamaki has the look that she wanted to continue teasing me, but I decide to ignore her appropriately.

Hmm, it is better to ignore her. As for whether Tamaki is a lesbian, it is okay to put it aside for now. She should not be that sort of person.

Then again, I feel that she didn’t think about it that much.

「The others?」

「I am also willing.」

Shiki-san said.

「I do not wish to experience that sort of thing again…… But, I do not wish to join Gaya-san’s party. Honestly speaking, I hope not to ever meet orcs again. But, I also do not wish that I do not have any power to fight back. So, Gaya-san, sorry, but please help me prepare 1 orc.」

I understand it of course.

The next to raise her hand, is one of the Year 1 student from middle school section that Tamaki saved yesterday.

「I am willing.」

「You are……」

「I am Tagamiya Mia, I wish to join Kazu-senpai’s party.」

Tagamiya Mia is a girl who is even thinner than Arisu. Her figure is very small, not even reaching 150cm in height. Her special traits is her shiny black hair, and deep black pupils and her child-like face.

She seems like an elementary school kid. Ah, she who is studying in middle school year 1, is indeed an elementary school kid half a year ago, this is only natural.
「I wish to use magic.」

「Oh— that is true. If using magic to fight, then it has nothing to do with body size. But, Mia…… Can I call you that? Mia, even if you can use magic, it will still be as dangerous.」

「I understand.」

I look at Mia’s eyes, thinking that she is not joking. She replied with her deep black eyes. Oh— I do not quite understand.

「My elder brother is in the High school section.」


「He is in Year 3 Class 2.」

「But, I have never heard of the surname Tagamiya.」

「…… I see.」

「You wish to find him? So that is why you want power?」

Mia nodded. I see, so she likes her brother alot.

「Even if my elder brother is that useless, but he is still my brother, I have to protect him.」

…… Something is different.

To be honest, I hope that all of the students in the High School section are killed. Her brother may know about my stuff, perhaps through him, the people here will know how lousy I was.

Even so, there is no need to consider so much at this stage. Seeing the situation yesterday, she is still willing to fight, which says that she has exceptional courage. At least I can see it today.

If any emergency situation occurs, Arisu and Tamaki will stand on my side. From this point, party members other than Arisu and Tamaki, only Mia is needed. Even if Mia which to rebel, in the situation of 3 against 1, we will not lose.

「I cannot agree to go and search the High School section immediately, but before long, we will meet with the situation of needing to head to the High School section. Then we can search carefully.」

「This is fine, I do not wish to wait silently.」

Mia said so, so I expressed that I will looking forward to it. No matter what, all of it depends on whether she can successfully kill an orc. When she passes this rite, I will ask her again if she wanted to join the party.

Although I just said those words, but I do not hope that everyone here will have the courage to kill orcs. I estimate that only half of them will be willing.

Or supposed to be.

But after Mia, everyone raised their hands sequentially. Finally, everyone actually voiced their wish to kill orcs. It seems that yesterday’s tragedy had a greater influence on them then I expected, and it gave them the realization.

「I know, then first—」

I announced to everyone.

「First let’s dig some traps!」

I proudly announced. Other than Arisu, everyone at the scene gave a shocked expression.

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