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Chapter 15: Testing all sorts of magic in the White Room

Our chances of winning in this battle with the elite orc is extremely low.

Even so, I decided to gamble. Because I want to save Arisu.

I have always thought that not trusting anyone is the correct choice. I have always been afraid that after trusting someone, I will be betrayed.

But compared to those fears, I was more afraid of witnessing her being violated by that sort of creature.

That is a foolhardy, illogical action, but I don’t regret it.

Then I succeeded. I saved Arisu.

I am so, so happy, until I couldn’t help it, hence once we are sent to the white room, I dashed to Arisu, and hugged her slender body tightly.

「Wah wah wah~ Kazu-senpai…」

Arisu gave out a「Hyaa」weird scream.

I moved back slightly, wanting to look at Arisu’s face.

Arisu looked at me, blushing.

「Great. Everything proceeded as planned, that is really good.」

「 mean that, this plan is anyhow thought up?」

Arisu rolled her eyes.

「To be honest, I feel that the percentage of success is less than 3%. Everything depends on your trust in me.」

「Then, of course we will win.」

Arisu beamed.

「Because I have always felt that I am very fortunate for I believed in Kazu-senpai.」

「You… Why do you trust me so much?」

「Because Kazu-senpai has never betrayed my expectations.」

That is because you are useful to me.

I swallowed this sentence back. Because I know that, that has already become a sort of lie, to bluff myself.

Perhaps it was true in the beginning. Or perhaps it is really true. But, the reason why I saved her now is not only that.

Arisu used her moist-looking eyes and looked at me. Then she determinedly and slowly said:

「Please let me say this once. Kazu-senpai, I like you.」

I used a kiss to reply.

Arisu putted her hands around my neck, and replied me passionately.

We released each other, and I looked at Arisu again.

My partner then sat on the ground powerlessly, grinning sillily while looking at me.

「I relaxed.」

Taking a closer look, she seems even more disheveled than just now.

Not only is there a big hole on her blouse, revealing her breasts, her skirt can also only be described as tattered cloth. There are all sorts of tears on her clothes, revealing her tender skin. Other than that, her body is covered with wounds, her skin of her hands and legs are torn, oozing out blood.

I accompanied Arisu, and sat in front of her.

「It’s okay… yeah right. Look at you.」

To reduce my unease, Arisu smiled. Is my expression really that worried? Perhaps it is really so.

「After all once I used healing magic, I can heal all these wounds in an instant.」

While saying so, Arisu cast 《Heal》 on her hands and legs. Surrounded by the blue light, Arisu’s wounds gradually healed. After she used about 15 times of 《Heal》. the wounds on her body are completely healed.

「With this it will be fine.」

「But, even if you healed your wounds in this room, once you return to the real world, you will once again be in the wounded state.」

「Well… That’s true.」

Ah, forget it. We need to discuss our next plans, and more importantly, decide how to develop Arisu’s skills.

That’s right. The reason why we are in this room, is because Arisu leveled up.

The last time I leveled, was before fighting against the elite orc. The difference in experience between me and Arisu is 2 orcs’ worth.

We are a 2-person party, hence the obtained experience will also be equally split. So as to say, the experience of an elite orc is worth at least 4 orcs.

No, thinking about its destructive power, defeating 4 orcs will be easier than defeating it.

Honestly speaking, I even felt that it is stronger than 10 orcs. To make it clearer, I do not even want to fight against that that sort of monster again.

Currently Arisu is level 5, Spear Skill Rank 3, Healing Magic Rank 1. There is still 3 points left in her skill points. Through Arisu’s example, we have already confirmed when the rank of Spear Skill increases by one, her battle prowess will increase exponentially.

I guess, this skill system is perhaps most suited for increasing 1 skill.

But, the prerequisite is that there must be enough people in the party. Currently there are only 2 of us, so there is a need for us to handle all kinds of situations.

If one can always fight on his territory, then as long as you develop 1 skill, you will be able to wield powerful strength.

But, then one will be unable to deal with unexpected situations. Like the ambush this time, it could be said that we are at our weakest.

This time to heal her wounds from the intense battle with the elite orc, she used 15 times of 《Heal》.

Last time when she healed her shoulder wound, she only used it thrice. For the wounds even earlier, I remembered it was enough to only use 《Heal》 once.

This is not because the effect of 《Heal》 got worse. From a game’s perspective, it is because our HP increased as our levels increased.

In the answers from the computer, it has already revealed such information earlier. Since MP will increase, then it is not surprising that HP will increase, at that time although I did not pay much attention to this, but after experiencing it, I had an amazed feeling.

Perhaps we are already moving away from a human’s basic standard. Or worse, we are slowly becoming an existence like a monster.

No, if it is not like that, then we will not be able to explain the fact why Arisu, after suffering the attack from the elite orc, could still keep her 4 limbs.

Her being safe and sound, is indeed something to be happy about…

But, just exactly what will we become in the future?

「Kazu-senpai, what is wrong?」

My expression probably looked pretty bad. Seeing Arisu with a face of doubts looking at me, I calmed the unease in my heart forcefully and smiled.

「I am thinking at your looks are quite provocative.」

「Huh? Ah, this…」

Arisu seems to only realise her looks now, she blushed, and panically covered the important parts with her hands and legs.

But Arisu, do you know? Creatures like guys, when seeing girls in a shy and panicked looks, will in fact get more excited.

「Hmm… That, but, do you want to see?」

「Emm, yes.」

I gave an embarrassed smile, and turned my head to the side. Actually I wanted to push you down—— I suppressed those heartfelt words with my gentlemanly spirit.

But, Arisu raised her head and looked at me instead, and then opened her mouth and said:

「If it’s Kazu-senpai… then its fine.」

It’s a shame, but I can’t help but swallow my saliva.

Seeing my reaction, although Arisu shrunk her body due to embarrassment, but she still looked into my eyes.

「Ah—— you should listen carefully, Arisu. When guys hear this sort of words, they will become big bad wolves…」

Arisu reached over and held my hand, pulling me closer to her.

When I realised it, I discovered that I am already pressing on Arisu’s body.

Those pink lips neared me.

We kissed.

「Where is the big wolf?」

At here.

Some time after we became one.

Through practical experiment, we have some important new discovery.

So as long as you use 《Remove Pain》 from Healing Magic Rank 1, even if it is the first time, it will be fine.

It is true, at the start because Arisu had felt too much pain, I nearly gave up in the middle.

But Arisu is very smart, she knew her magic inside out. She told me that it will be fine as long as she use 《Remove Pain》.

In actuality, it is true. We did it pretty well. From the perspective of 2 first-timers, I felt that we had already done very well.

Another thing that I wish to specially note is that, 《Remove Pain》 only removes the effect of pain that is over the limit, and does not affect the other senses.

We also discover, as long as we stay in this white room for a long period of time, MP will also gradually recover. I had thought that my MP is already all gone, and because we need some water to clean our bodies, so I used Rank 1 Summon Magic 《Summon Water》, and attempt to make some water.

From how I am able to use a few times of 《Summon Water》, my MP should have already recovered.

According to previous experience, once we return to our original place, the MP recovered here will go back to 0. But in this white room, we can use magic without a limit.

Perhaps this place maybe very suitable for conducting experiments with magic. Actually, when I first summon the water, all of them flowed onto the ground from who know where. So I used 《Summon Cauldron》which is also Summon Magic Rank 1, and summoned a big cauldron to store the water and use it to bathe.

Looking at the figure of Arisu bathing, once again my “battle instincts” rose up. wasting my previous efforts.

Enough about that. Arisu and I used the white cloth that I summoned with Rank 2 Summon Magic 《Summon Cloth》 to cover our bodies, and leaned on the wall side by side.

「Can I ask questions about Kazu-senpai?」

「Things about me are boring you know.」

「Shiki-senpai, erm… What happened between you and her?」

Ah, hmm. Indeed it is about that.

A shock of pain appeared in my chest. Arisu discovered that my body has stiffened, and lightly hugged my shoulder.

「I don’t wish to force you. But I want to know everything about Kazu-senpai.」

Arisu said so, with her watery eyes looking at me.

…… those eyes are too much for me.

「After hearing it, you may feel quite bad.」

「Yes, even so it is fine.」

Hence, I told her everything. That despicable fellow, what that fellow did to me, why I was pushed to the point where I no longer believed in anyone, and why I dug the trap, which was for killing that fellow.

The whole class—— no the entire high school section is his ally. Even Shiki Yukariko was pressured into sinking to their level.

「Thinking about it calmly, actually I have no right to hate her. The actions she took, was natural. After all she did not have any power, and going along with the flow is natural.」

I lightly said so. While describing, I also arranged my feelings. That’s right, Shiki-san is not wrong. Although I cannot fully accept it, but even so, I should not belittle her. More importantly, she has now received a deep wound, and did not need me to worsen it.

I remembered the expression she had when her eyes met mine while she was carried by Arisu.

This is my retribution—— she seems to be self-deprecating like that. Of course, I can still claim that I have the right to punish her, and also the ways to do so.

That’s right, now I already have the power. If I will it, I can even exclude Shiki Yukariko from it.

「If I say I want revenge on Shiki-san, will you look down on me?」

「No, I do not have the right to look down on you.」

Arisu said so with a stern expression.

「I had thought that you would be more of a saint.」

「After listening to Kazu-senpai, I severely despise those students in the high school section, and even feel like beating them up…」

Arisu clutched her fist in front of her chest.

「I had said before that I was an obedient and quiet person in the past, right?」

「Yes, it seems so.」

「Part of the reason is because I am not good in sports. Because I was too weak, so I had to be more obedient, and low profiled. So even if someone is bullied, I can only pretend I didn’t see it… I am the same as Shiki-senpai.」

Arisu said until here, and then looked at me as though she was begging for forgiveness.

「Will you look… down on me?」

I did not answer, and instead used both my hands and hugged Arisu’s head, bringing her to my chest.

「Arisu did not do anything to me, so you don’t need to think about anything outside your scope.」


「There is no need for you to hate Shiki-san.」

「I know.」

「I will also give way. Of course that is if the other party has the will… We should give way to each other, for the future.」

「For the future… huh?」

I analysed the situation simply. This should be another world and we are the wanderers, and before us there are at least the orcs as our enemies.

We are all in a state of isolation. The only companion, is the existence that created the white room. No, actually we cannot even confirm if the owner of the room is a friend. Until now, we also do not know if there is a way to return to our original world.

If the surviving students do not work together, then we will be in danger.

「For leveling up, and to come to this room, one must at least kill 1 orc.」

「It is impossible for an average person.」

「If there is someone to assist, just like how I helped you, then it will be different. From tomorrow, I have the idea of letting the willing survivors level up just like you. Just having a skill from one of the weapon system, will help a lot during battle.」

「As long as I fight for everyone…」
「It is better for one to be able to protect himself, and we also need to take into account of the possibility of us acting separately.」

「Me and Kazu-senpai?」

「Ah, for instance if both of us go to the main building of the middle school section, then the people who are left behind…」

I see—— Arisu nodded.

「To survive, one must fight, right?」

「Yes. I wil not request for everyone, but there must be at least a few.」

I guess, the Cultivating Centre will become our base from now on. Although I do not know there are how many survivors as said by Tamaki, but if we take the necessary precautions then there won’t be a need for us to worry.

That’s right, tomorrow. Now the sun has already set. Although Rank 5 Support Magic has 《Night Vision》— a magic that gives the ability to see in the night, but acting in the night is still too dangerous.

More importantly, both Arisu and I are exhausted, and just wanted to rest for today.

「Tomorrow we need to help the others first… Then is it better to first raise Healing Magic to Rank 2?」

「Raising Healing Magic to Rank 2… Ah I see, is it because of 《Flower Coat》?」


After asking the computer, we know that among Rank 2 Healing Magic, there is a magic called 《Flower Coat》, which can raise the HP of the person momentarily. As for whether it is useful, it is like buying an insurance, which can place one at ease.

「We shall accumulate power like this, and slowly head to the high school section… Is that so?」

「I don’t know how many survivors are there in the high school section. If that fellow is still alive… Only that fellow, I will never forgive him.」

I clutched my fist tightly.

「That, the『fellow』that you said… What is his name?」

「Ah—hmm. He is called Saso Shiba, it seems that his father is one of the directors of the school……」

Then I talked bad about that guy for a while.

「So, Arisu, you must also be careful of that guy. Hmm, Arisu?」

When I realised it, I discovered Arisu lowered her head, seemingly disturbed.

「Are you alright?」

「Ah, yes.」

Arisu raised her head in a panic, seemingly very tired. This is expected, after all she just had a death match. I believe she is tired mentally too. (TL note: who is the one to blame lol)

「I am sorry for letting you listen to my boring talk.」

「No, no… It’s fine, I am okay.」

Arisu shook her head in a panic, she probably thought that she spoiled my fun. No she did not, the me of now, is already very happy just by seeing your face.

「Ah, Arisu.」


「Once we leave this white room, you will return to being a virgin. So as to say, as long as we do it in this room, I can take away your first time everytime…」

「…… That……」

Arisu narrowed her eyes.

「Does making me feel pain, make you happy?」

「No, that… Although the crying Arisu is also cute, but I felt that it is not the same.」

「Why did you speak in a respectful manner?」(TL note: the I in the previous sentence was spoken in form of lowering himself. keigo as you may know)

「Erm— this, hmm—」

Arisu, seeing me beginning to mumble, sighed deeply.

Then, she raised her head and looked at me.

「If Kazu-senpai really hope so, I am willing to let you be happy, but…」


「Please let me consider if I want to date you.」

「Ah, erm— I was too much. Sorry.」

I apologise to her. Although I felt that this was a reward in my heart,but I still apologise sincerely.

Arisu: Level 5 Spear Skill 3/Healing Magic 1→2 Skill Point 3→1

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