BIFMSMTK Volume 1 Chapter 14

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Chapter 14: The reason why Arisu and I failed

I stared at Arisu dumbly.

Why can’t she escape in time? What shall we do next—— I thought.

「It is not Kazu-senpai’s fault.」

Arisu shook her head, attempt to comfort me who had stiffened up. While using magic to heal the injury on her flank, she used the other hand to scratch the back of her head. Even if she use magic now, once she leave this room, everything will reveal back.But yet she still used magic, this means that the pain from the wound must have been unbearable for her.

「Once I thought about if we just left Shiki-senpai like that, what if… then my legs just stopped.」

This sort of thinking is not logical—— My numbed brain thought so. Shiki Yukariko is not even Arisu’s friend, she just happened to be in the same building only.

Before this, they probably have not spoken before?

Arisu should not have any obligation that she must save her?

For me it is the same. She had once left me in the lurch, even though she knew I suffered bullying in the class, but yet she pretended to not have seen it.

What is wrong with abandoning such a person? This is only karma that she deserved, isn’t it? Now an unbeatable enemy has appeared before us, escaping immediately is the most correct choice.

It should be, we can only choose to escape.


I suddenly realise, I should stand in her shoes and think.

From Arisu’s view, Shiki Yukariko is my classmate. Arisu perhaps thought that she is my friend, or someone who is important to me.

I have always hid my feelings toward Shiki from Arisu, and that is the result of me trying to maintain a good image in front of Arisu.

I don’t wish to let Arisu know about my ugly heart. I do not want her to know how miserable I am.

In the end, Arisu…

She just slightly hesitated. And in that instant, it changed her fate.

「It’s my fault.」

Arisu said while laughing at herself.

「That time I thought… At least I can save 1 person. But… before saving Tamaki, I shouldn’t die.」

「Tamaki-san… is hiding on level 3. She is fine. She should have already closed the door again, and hiding properly inside.」

「I see… That’s great, then I am relieved.」

Arisu laughed with a「hehe」.

「Relieved… What does that mean?」

「Ah, right, right. Sorry, Kazu-senpai… I will leave Tamaki to you, please save her. This is my… last wish.」

「What is this last wish… What is going on!」

「I feel that I could not be saved anymore. I have defeated all the leftover ordinary orcs, but now the orc leader is blocking the door… With my injured state, it should be impossible for me to escape.」

How could you still smile? I bit my lip tightly.

Why do you look at me with a shy look? I clutched my fist tightly.

You are about to die. And it will definitely be the worst and most painful way for a girl to die.

「Sorry, Kazu-senpai. The reason you shared your experience points with me, is because you feel that I can be of help, right?」

「Ah… yes.」

「In the end I did not help much, and just took away Kazu-senpai’s experience meaninglessly.」

There is no such thing, how could you not be of any help. Fighting with you is definitely not a waste of experience.

And, the most important thing is…

I walked towards Arisu, and tightly hugged her slender body without any care.

「Don’t say such things.」


This moment, the instant that I know that I am going to lose her.

I felt a pain in my chest, a pain as though it is tearing me apart.

I only felt a strong intense feeling surging out from my heart. I want to hug her. I have a desire, to hold her tightly, making her mine. But she is about to disappear into a place that I can never reach, making me feel despair.

「So painful.」

Arisu rejected weakly.

I placed my face on Arisu’s cheeks.

Her face is wet, the tears that came out has wettened her cheeks.

「I don’t want.」

Arisu whispered.

「I don’t want to die. I do not want to be violated by that sort of creature and then killed.」

She said breathlessly.

「I am so stupid. Kazu-senpai has already found Tamaki for me, but I… What am I doing.」

I could not say anything, I could only hug Arisu tightly.

「I wish to be like this forever, Kazu-senpai, finally, hugging me like this. But we are about to be separated, I don’t want that.」

「Arisu, you…」

I moved my body slightly back, and looked at Arisu. Her face is covered in tears, looking very awful. This awful-looking girl opened her lips, and lightly said 「I love you」.

I pressed my lips onto her pink lips. We kissed very lousy, our teeth even knocked onto each other.

But, Arisu desperately sucked at my lips. Our tongues entangled, and our saliva mixed together. We forgot that we are sucking on each other’s lips. Holding our breaths, continuously kissing, until the very last limit.

This is probably like the suspension bridge effect. Being in an intense situation for a long period of time, and the only person that she can rely on is me, and it is also the same for me. In this whatever another world, whatever orc, a situation where one could go mad, it is because of her, that I could remain sane.

So what. Now I desperately wanted her.

Even if it’s an impulse, her passionate confession, the value of it will not decrease.

Our lips separated, and there is a still a strand of saliva between us.

I stared at the blushing Arisu. This girl in front of me, crying until her eyes are swollen and wounded everywhere.

I have decided.

I set my determination, I wanted to protect, I must protect her until the last moment. This risk is nothing. The me of now, has found the target that I want to protect.



「I want to protect you.」

Arisu stared at me dumbfounded.

This sort of blur act is very adorable, I could not help but feel my heart beat faster.

I want to hug her again, but, there is no need to do it now. After I successfully saved her, I can hug her to my heart-content.

「I have already decided, I am going to go save you. So you must win for me.」

「Huh~ wh..what?」

「Now I will start to think about the strategy. I know the method that I thought of will be ridiculous, but even so, you must still win.」


「If you did not win, then you and I shall die together.」

「How can this be! How can I drag Kazu-senpai into this…」

「If you do not want that, then listen to my orders and move, then obtain victory.」

Arisu stared at me without blinking, but that is only for a short period. She quickly showed a suspecting look, as though saying 「What the heck is this guy saying」.

She pouted with a「Mu——」.

Finally, she realised my expression is serious, and sighed.

「It’s all my fault, there is no need for Kazu-senpai to clean up my mess.」

「There is, because I like you.」

「Ah~ Hmm, this~」

Arisu blushed, and looked at me with her big eyes…

Then, she smiled hesitantly.


「There is no way to control liking someone. I want you, and I don’t want to hand you over to orcs, those kind of creatures. So I have decided now, that I will gamble my own life. Do you have an opinion on that!」

「Wh..why are you getting angry due to being embarrassed! Please calm down!」

「The girl that I like is about to be violated, who can calm down!」

「Wah, please don’t say out such words so loudly!」

Arisu danced around panicky. Hahaha, that is so stupid. There is only 2 of us here.

「To be honest, I want to push you down here.」

「Wah, wah ah.」

「But I will not do that, doing this does not satisfy even 0.001%. I shall preserve the unsatisfied feeling to go and save you.」

「…Somehow this doesn’t feel romantic.」

Arisu rolled her eyes at me. The Arisu that uses such a look at look at me, is extremely adorable.

「You don’t wish to be pushed down by me?」

「It is not that I don’t want, but please take note of your words!」

Arisu began to shout unlike her usual self, and then she realise the hidden meaning behind her words. And then she began shouting 「Ah」, fanatically.

「Er,, this, th..that, ah~」

「Anyway, I will go and save you! So before I get there, you must survive! Understand?」

「Ah—— well, I understand… I will do my best. But to be honest, it is hard.」

「Just let me think of the method.」

Arisu gave an exasperated expression.

At this moment, I suddenly understood why some coaches like to focus on 「Perseverance」. Because when there is already nothing we can do, so we can only depend on perseverance.

I sat in front of the laptop and thought. Is there any way? Now what can I do? What are the possibilities? All the answers lies within the computer.

The current abilities are…

Kazuhisa: Level 5 Support Magic 2/ Summon Magic 2 Skill Points 4

I can rank up all of my skills that I have, if I wish to get a new skill, I can also raise it to Rank 2.

Though it maybe so…

That bronze-skinned orc—— elite orc, is an enemy that is completely different from any of the orcs that we have met. Its body is very big, and it has the strength to destroy the stairs and support. Other than that, from how it blocked Arisu’s way, its brain should also be pretty decent.

It is an opponent that Arisu, with Spear Skill Rank 3, cannot handle.

The truth is that when Arisu’s Skill Rank increase, her combat ability increase tremendously. If you considered that orc’s size, perhaps their rank does not have that much of a difference.

Hmm, at least just now the Puppet Golem managed to hold it off a while, so I guess it should not be that strong until we cannot handle it.

The biggest problem is, because we suffered a surprise attack, hence we are completely unprepared.

The next problem is, due to the continuous battles, our abilities diminished very fast. Especially my MP, it is almost finished.

…How much did my MP recover? Just now we check the level 1 classroom and level 2. The whole process took about 10minutes. So as to say, my MP is probably around 11 or 12?

Now there is no room for mistakes. Just to be safe, I will take it that MP is 11.

If I summon 1 Puppet Golem, then MP is left 7.

Yes, its severe. Very severe.

I can feel that, the 2 Puppet Golem that I summoned previously, has already been destroyed by the enemy. Because the link between us are broken.

The only familiar left that I can control is the crow. But in this situation, will the crow be of use?

Perhaps it can take away the elite orc’s attention for a few seconds. In such a situation, just a few second it will be very precious. If so, then I will order the crow to do its best.

Other than that—— I continued to think.

Which Skill should I rank up? Or perhaps, which new skill should I get? In this case, there is no need for me to consider about the future. Even if it is a skill that there is no chance to use in the future, it is fine. I should also protect Arisu until this extent.

I began to enter questions related to skills in the laptop. I can feel the sights of Arisu on my back. That is a feel mixed with anticipation and unease.

Among them, includes feelings of「it is indeed too much to ask for」, and the small hope of「perhaps he can really find the solution」.

I felt a tremendous pressure on me. To decrease this pressure, I could only continue to ask question…


「Found it.」

I lightly said.

I found a chance for survival. A really small chance.

But, if we use this method…

Perhaps we can win.

Perhaps both Arisu and I can survive.

I turned toward Arisu, and explained to her the battle plan.

「Everything is based on the timing.」

「But, what if we failed…」

「Then we will both die.」

Arisu swallowed her saliva, and clutched her fist. Now it is her who is feeling the pressure.

「I am scared.」

「I am more scared of losing you, Arisu.」


「We must obtain victory.」


That’s right, this reply is good. Arisu nodded strongly, and hence I chose my skill.

I pressed the confirm button that determines our fate.

Arisu and I returned to our original place at the same time.

… The battlefield where we will fight to the end.

Kazuhisa: Level 5 Support Magic 2→3/ Summon Magic 2 Skill Points 4→1

I returned to the back of the Cultivating Centre.

Just 1 second before I am about to dash into the woods.

I looked back, and saw the sunset dyeing the entire building orange. Until just now, I was worried that the orcs may come chasing, but now I know this thing will not happen.

Because Arisu has already killed all the ordinary orcs.

Because she has stopped, blocking the front, protecting me.

The crow familiar flew over, and landed on my shoulder. I brought the only creature that I can summon and ran. Going around the Cultivating Centre, and back to the main door. As fast as possible. I ran with all my strength.

「《Physical Up》」

I cast another magic to increase my speed. My support magic is now Rank 3, theoretically my speed should be slightly faster than just now.

Now, no matter how small the difference, it is important.

I ran forward. The ankle that I twisted was in much pain. But, heck it. All I wanted to do, is to move forward.

This moment, Arisu is fighting against a strong opponent alone. She challenged the high wall of despair courageously, and at the same time waited for my reinforcement.

I want to save her. I want to hold her tightly again.

I prayed sincerely.

No, not pray.

We must win.

Using these hands, these legs, using all the skills that we obtained, the power of Arisu and I.

I turned at the bend, although I am slightly dizzy, but I maintained the same speed and ran.

I heard the clashing of swords, that is the sound of the intense fight between Arisu and the elite orc.

She is fighting, Arisu is still working hard. This gave me unlimited courage.

I used all my strength, and ran past the corner.

The opened main door came to view.

I used all my remaining strength and ran to the door.

And looked inside.

Arisu just dodged the blow from giant axe of the elite orc, losing her balance. At this state, she cannot avoid the next blow.


Arisu at the position where she is about to fall, turned and looked at me, her expression has obviously became brighter.

I sent the crow familiar towards them.

I ordered the crow to attack the elite orc’s face, although it can only restrain it, but as long as it gains us a few seconds of precious time.

Indeed, the elite orc swung its hand, annoyed, and chasing the crow that interrupted the battle. The body of the crow was smashed to the side, onto the wall.

I felt the link broke, the blow from the elite orc had defeated the crow.

But that is fine.

「《Summon Puppet Golem》」

I summoned the Puppet Golem and sent it to attack the elite orc. This is also another restrainment. I ran behind the Puppet Golem, slowly approaching the big body of the elite orc. The strong intense aura made one feel like stopping, and running away.

I desperately suppressed my emotion of fear, and focused my sight on Arisu who has fallen on the ground. My sights met with Arisu’s, and her happy expression fills my heart with courage.

This moment, I feel that even if I face off against 100 elite orcs, I would not be afraid.

The Puppet Golem courageously attack the elite orc, and the elite orc used its chest to block the weak attack by the pole of the Puppet Golem, completely undaunted.

After all I did not use any support magic on the Puppet Golem, and it seems that just based on the original strength of the Puppet Golem is not enough.

But I had decided to let it be sacrificed, so there is no choice…

Thanks to this piece, we gain the precious few seconds.

I reached Arisu, and placed my hand on her weak shoulder.


Arisu’s body began to glow in a golden light. She was shocked, and looked at her hands and legs.

She is covered with wounds, and her clothes are tattered, her skirt was nearly all gone, and her panties was completely exposed.

But, now her body is full of energy. That power is given by me to her.

「You can do it.」


Arisu nodded, and stood up quickly. In this instant, the elite orc used the axe and chopped down on the Puppet Golem’s head, smashing it into smitterting.

The bronze-skinned elite orc turn over here. It looked at Arisu and me, revealing its teeth evilly, with a grin.

Arisu and I stared at this creature, and smile cruelly together.

「Battle normally at first, and wait for my signal, is it okay?」


There is no need for any detailed discussion, because we have already did it in the white room.

Arisu held the spear, kicked off from the ground, rushing at the elite orc.

The elite orc stood its ground, waiting for Arisu. It raised its giant axe, probably thinking of giving Arisu a strike from the top.

This fellow no longer has any intentions of violating Arisu. As for this, I have many thoughts on it, on one hand I am relieved, but on the other hand I felt that it’s a pity, since it would not be unprepared…

Arisu is my woman, how can I hand it to this creature who is all brawn.

The elite orc did not dodge the strike from the metal spear in Arisu’s hands.

No, it should be unable to dodge. Because Arisu’s attack is much faster than the elite orc had expected.

That is the effect brought by my magic.

After I raised Support Magic to Rank 3, I obtained a new magic—— 《Haste》. Unlike 《Physical Up》,《Haste》 can also make the target’s entire movement faster, not only striking speed, even the movement speed will be faster.

Adding to the fact that Arisu raised her Spear Skill to Rank 3, hence she can demonstrate a strong attack that is close to Rank 4.

The spear stabbed deeply into the elite orc’s chest, and blue blood sprayed.

Arisu quickly leave elite orc’s side, and using movements that are more nimble than just now, she dodged the crazy counterattacks from the elite orc.

The furious orc swung its giant axe with big movements, chasing after Arisu. But Arisu used calm steps to dodge, and then stabbed again. This time the orc’s blue blood sprayed out from its left shoulder.

Good, this is good, it seems to be going well. Until now it is all within the plans.

Well, when I was investigating Rank 3 Support Magic, I have already known that it will have such effects.

Then is the problem, even with using《Haste》to make Arisu’s movement faster, the power that Arisu have now is still not enough. This level of attack, is not enough to deal a fatal blow.

Now Arisu is already very tired. She is covered in wounds and her abdomen is still bleeding. These wounds are taking away her strength every minute and second. It is possible that she will be the first to fall in the end.

But, I will not let such a thing happen. Although it is an elite orc, but its body structure is still the same as an ordinary orc.

Hence, their weakness must be the same.

That is the throat, as long as we pierce through its throat, it will be fine.

Arisu has already used this tactic to defeat many orcs, hence she must also know.

But she deliberately did not attack its weakness. If our strategy is discovered by the enemy, then the elite orc which used brute force to win will be alerted. If the opponent chose to use delaying tactics, then we will not have any chance at victory. Hence, she believed in me, and focused her attacks at the orc’s abdomen, shoulders and legs, waiting for my instructions.

Slowly, Arisu began to show signs of tiredness. Because she is too tired, her legs seem to be no longer listening to her. The elite orc did not miss this chance, and swung its giant axe, and Arisu rolled to the side, barely dodging it. The elite orc stepped strongly on the ground, although Arisu used the spear to restrict its legs, but it still rushed over ignoring it.

Damn, I have this urge to show the trump card now.

But no. If I used the trump care now, then we will no longer have any chance at winning. From the result, I will not be able to protect Arisu.

Hence now I must endure, I must believe in Arisu. Please, Arisu!

I don’t know if my prayers are answered, I saw Arisu dodge the blow from the giant axe, and rolled to the bow, and stood up.

Arisu first opened the distance, but the elite orc still rushed at her.

Arisu looked at me.

I nodded, that is now. Only now.



Arisu also rushed toward the elite orc. Under the assistance of 《Haste》, her moves are very sharp, as though she is an arrow.

The elite orc stopped, and swung the axe. From this situation, her head will be split opened by that giant axe. But Arisu ran forward without fear.

The elite orc gave an evil smile, as though victory is in its hands.

At that instant——


I cast the magic.

This sort of magic that does not require touching the target, is very rare in Support Magic.

It is a magic that is only effective to the companions near the caster.

This is a new magic that I learnt after raising it to Rank 3. The effect is…

A piece of rainbow-colour membrane appeared before Arisu.

The strike from the elite orc landed on the membrane…

The attack power is reflected back in 180 degree, the elite orc with shocking strength is pushed back. In this moment, it is in a completely defenseless state.

Arisu did not miss this chance, even if the giant axe is near her, she did not hesitate. She believed in me, until the very last moment.

Now, the girl used a impressive stance and strike out the spear.

The metal spear pierced deeply into the elite orc’s throat.

Fresh blue blood poured out like a waterfall.

That is a blow that she put all her strength into. The spearhead of the spear pierced the bone and flesh of the elite orc. and then exited out from the back of the neck. The skill system maybe like a game, but what is happening is definitely not a game. No matter human or monster, they are equal, as long as they are fatally wounded, they will die.

This is the truth that Arisu have proven a few times until now.

Hence, even though the elite orc has an overwhelming advantage, but under this blow, its life ended.

The elite orc gave out a dying cry, and it’s huge body collapse, gradually disappearing.


Arisu whispered.

「Level up…」

The next second, Arisu and I are sent to the white room.

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