BIFMSMTK Volume 1 Chapter 13

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Chapter 13: Survivors

Arisu and I have both leveled to level 4. First we used magic to heal Arisu’s wound.

Arisu used magic 3 time to heal the wound on her shoulder.

We maintained high alert at the surroundings again, and investigated the classrooms on level 2. A unique stench came out from a classroom with its door opened.

That is a stench mixed with orc’s body odor and semen.

I made Arisu who is slightly hesitate wait at the door, and went in alone to scout the interior of the classroom.

There are 3 completely naked girls on the floor, covered in a viscous white fluid. Among them, one of their hands shook, and the eyes among her messy bangs began to open as though she felt that it is troublesome.

「Alive! There is still one more person who is alive!」

Hearing my voice, Arisu rushed into the room. She ran over to the surviving girl and carried her up. After confirming that the other party still have a response, she then relaxed from the bottom of her heart.

When Arisu parted the girl’s hair, then I realised…

「You are… Shiki-san?」


Shiki Yukariko. She is my classmate, and also the vice-chairman of our class.

The feelings that I had towards most of the people in the High School section, if I were to say it nicely, it would be 「All of you should go and die, bastards」.

The feelings I had for her is the same. Until now.

She did not participate in bullying me, but she did after all leave me in the lurch.

In reality, anyone who goes again that fellow, no matter who, will have the same result as me. From this point of view, she is a person of reason. She just calmly avoided the mine with her cold look.

Saying so, this cannot become the reason why I did not hate her.

「I see. So Gaya-san saved me.」

「You should be thanking Arisu, she was the one who wanted to come and save the people, moreover…」

「Wait, Kazu-senpai!」

Arisu stared at me harshly.

「Pl..please get out!」

「Ah, that’s right.」

Perhaps I am already immune to such a miserable scene.

Although it is already too late, but I still shifted my sight away from the naked body of my classmate quickly. Ah, her breasts are big. So she just seems skinny from her usual clothes—— I am actually thinking about such stupid stuff.

「I will check out the other classrooms.」

After leaving these words, I turned around and left quickly.

That time I did look at the label outside the classroom. it wrote 「Tea Ceremony Society Resting Room」.

So she is from the Tea Ceremony Society. I remembered Arisu saying that, other than them, today the people from the Tea Ceremony Society are also conducting club activities. Perhaps because there aren’t any tatami rooms that the Tea Ceremony can use in the High School Section, so they have to go over to the Middle School Section for their activities every time.

Then, the 2 other bodies on the side, should also be members of the Tea Ceremony Society. But knowing this now, didn’t have much meaning…

I remembered the lesson from just now, and let my bodyguards, the Puppet Golems take the vanguard and began scouting.

I discovered 2 corpses belonging to 2 guys in the Middle School in another classroom. Their heads have been splitted open by swords, and their shoes are covered in mud, seemingly escaping from the outside into the Cultivating Centre. I believe the situation at that time was very urgent, if not they would not have ran into this place where there is nowhere to escape to.

One of them seems to be preparing to open the window, his hand is still on the window’s lock. I opened the window, fulfilling his last wish. Fresh, but slightly chilly wind blew in.

It seems to be night soon, we have to hurry up and finished what we needed to do before night falls.

I went past the level 2 balcony, and circled around to the opposite of the classroom where Arisu and the others are at.

One of the doors is tightly shutted, and the stairs to the 3rd story, should be behind this door.

I tried twist the doorknob, the door seems to be locked.

「The information that Arisu provided is indeed correct.」

I mumbled to myself, and this moment I discovered that there are sounds on the other side of the door.

「Oi, is there anyone?」

I began to think panically.

Is it the orcs? No, it can’t be. If it’s the orcs, then after opening the door they would not doing such a troublesome thing like closing the door.


「Are you survivors? The orcs over this side have all been defeated, it is already safe.」


A scared female voice came over from the other side of the door. I skipped the process, only saying 「A lot of things happened, so me and a girl called Arisu came over here to save people」.


The girl behind the other side of the door suddenly shrieked.

「Is Arisu safe?」

「Yes, she is currently opposite helping people who are injured…」

Then again, Arisu wanted to find her friend, that is why she remembered this place.

Although why she who is willing to be bait and protect Arisu, is behind this door…

「You are… Tamaki-san?」

「Yes, I am! Thank goodness, Arisu is fine!」

The door knob is twisted with kaching kaching, but it does not open. I took the moment to order the Puppet Golem to hide, because I am too lazy to explain, and in case it made her scared, which is a troublesome thing.

「Aa— mo— Ei—tsu, Ei—tsu!」(TL note: sounds of putting in alot of effort at opening)

I thought, just by using brute force is not enough to open the door.

The girl behind the door panickedly twisted the knob, and finally opened the lock.

The door opened suddenly.

A young girl with golden twin tails rushed towards me.

Her head rammed my stomach, and I groaned in pain like a frog being stepped on.

「Ah, so..sorry!」

The girl raised her head, and panickedly looked at me who is squatting on the ground in pain

Her size is almost the same as Arisu, but the peaks in front of her chest seems to be slightly smaller than Arisu.

She has a pair of blue eyes that seems like the deep oceans, and a high nose, and snow-white skin.

She looks like an westerner. Ah—— Golden hair, blue eyes? She does not seem to be Japanese.

I felt confused.

「You are… Tamaki-san?」

「Hmm, yes. You are curious about my appearance? Mesmerised? I am adopted.」

Adopted. She must have gone through a lot. It seems like I shouldn’t ask too much.

「And, you can call me by my name directly! Arisu’s friend is my friend!」

I had initially wanted to say that 「I don’t think I am already friends with Arisu」, but saying it halfway, I shrugged my shoulders. Forget it, after all Arisu and I are just partners who have similar aims. No, I should say we are once partners…

As long as she saved her good friend, then Arisu will have no more reason to fight.

I introduced myself, and told her that she can call me 「Kazu」.

「Arisu also called me like that.」

「I understand, Kazu-senpai!」

Tamaki said 「Please take care of me」, while revealing a cheerful smile, and her twin tails swung like the ropes of a swing.

Ah, she is just like a sun, I thought so in my heart. My meaning is that she is so bright that one had to look away.

「Ah, then Arisu?」

「She is there…」

I pointed to the other side.

「But, can you wait for a while?」


「That… She is treating someone who is injured…」

Hearing the words 「someone who is injured」, Tamaki seems to have understood the meaning of these words. The colour of her face sunk.

This is also expected. She has been waiting on the other side of this door, what had happened on level 2, she should have known. Even so, she held her breath and quietly hid here.

This is an extremely smart action. But being smart and peace in the mind is not equivalent. I believe to her, it must have been a torturous time.

「Ah, right. I have to inform the others.」

「Others? There are still other survivors upstairs?」

「Yes, we are all hiding together.」

I see, then…

Just as Tamaki turned, and was preparing to go and inform the others——

A roar shook the entire building of the Cultivating Centre.

Hearing that roar from the lounge, Tamaki accidentally tripped, falling on the ground heavily. (TL note: fan service time~)

Ah, her panties is showing, and it is black. Against the school rules.

No, this is not important.

I noticed one thing. The roar—— is a challenge from the enemy. My instincts tells me that.

「Tamaki, you must close the door now. Then hide.」

I deliberately used a strong tone to say it.

「Eh~ eh~ But—— 」

「Arisu and I will think of some methods. Until you get my permission, do not open the door.」

「I..I understand!」

Turning my back towards Tamaki, then sounds of her panickedly closing the door is heard.

I took the Puppet Golem that was hidden in order not to scare the survivors, and ran to the balcony on level 2.

Next I saw Arisu also rushing out from the classroom opposite of the balcony.

I crossed eyes with her, and we nodded.

I looked out from the balcony.

And just nice I crossed eyes with the orc that looked up.

Its evil red piercing eyes that seems be locked on me.

That is an orc with a bronze coloured skin. In its hands is a giant axe that is higher than it, and it is bigger than the other orcs beside it by another size.

Elite orc can simply be used to describe it—— I thought so in my heart.

We cannot defeat it —— I had judged at that moment. That is a special orc.

It is possible that it is the leader of the orcs, and in its surroundings there are still 6 more ordinary orcs. Currently Arisu and I simply cannot handle an opponent with such a strong combat strength.

Under the instructions of the elite orc, the ordinary orcs stepped onto the stairs.

Each flight of stairs has 2, a total of 4 orcs. I quickly ordered the 2 Puppet Golems to stay at the stairs, preparing for battle.

While Arisu held the spear, and waited at the other stairs.

The battles at the 2 stairs are about to start.

Because the stairs are very narrow, hence the Puppet Golem can fight with the orc in a 2 on 1 manner. If it is just 1 Puppet Golem, even if Support magic is cast on it, its battle prowess will still lose to the orc. But if it is like this, 2 on 1, then they can have the advantage in battle.

The injuries of the orc in front it getting worse, but the orc standing at the back has no method of advancing, hence completely useless. Arisu stood at an advantageous location where she could attack from the top, and hence she dealt with the 2 orcs in an instant.

Following the flow, she ran down.

…Wait, wait!

「No, Arisu! Not now…」

I was slower by a beat, Arisu had only gone halfway, the bronze orc used the axe to hack down the support of the stairs. The entire building shook vigorously, and I had to quickly grab onto the railings.

Such shocking power.

The stairs that Arisu was on, collapsed. Arisu shriek, and lost her balance, rolling to level 1. Luckily the 2 orcs that ran toward Arisu also fall to the ground due to the collapsing of the stairs, so I guess it can be considered a good thing among the misfortune.

When Arisu fall on to the ground, she landed on her back, or perhap the impacted place did not affect her much, and she stood up immediately. But the stairs besides her has been completely destroyed.

The bronze elite orc who has overwhelming destructive power stood in front of Arisu.

「Ah, ah, ahah…」

Scared, Arisu held the spear and kept retreating

Elite orc used its axe to strike at her.

Arisu retreated in panic, and luckily under the assistance of support magic, her body is very light, and hence avoided that strike, but…

Just from the air pressure, it managed to blow her frail body away.

Arisu was slammed against the wall.

Elite orc had wanted to continue attacking, but Arisu is on the ground, groaning, seemingly unable to move.

「Arisu, roll to the side!」

Arisu heard my instructions and rolled, avoiding the attack from the giant axe.

The giant axe smashed the floor, scattering cement everywhere.

Not good, not good, not good. What is with this fellow, he is completely different from the other orcs.

The level of the opponent has risen too much. What kind of lousy game is this.

There is only 1 point that is advantageous to us, and that is that Arisu who had just stood up, is facing the main door of the lounge, which is the exit.

Now she is able to escape. I looked at the side of the classroom, the window that was opened to ventilate the room was still opened, if there is only 1 person then he should be able to get through it.

「Arisu! I will send the Puppet Golem to deal with that side, take the chance and escape!」

「Eh~ But——」

「I will jump out from the window! As long as we are still alive, we can return to save them!」

Shiki Yukariko should still be in that room. Then, what we are doing is equivalent to ignoring her when she had thought that she is finally safe. But, who can care that much.

The most important thing is that Arisu and I must survive.

Luckily, Tamaki has already locked the door, and hid in level 3. If she is lucky, she will not be discovered. And Arisu will not know that Tamaki is still alive.

If she knew, perhaps it will be hard to convince her, so as long as she is in the dark…

At this moment, the 2 Puppet Golems managed to defeat 1 orc with much difficulty, and I called the one that has lighter injuries to my side, and let it jump down.

The Puppet Golem stepped on the defenseless orcs on level 1, and attacked the elite orc.

Although I could only buy a little time. But, that is enough, the most important thing is that it gave Arisu and I enough time to escape.

「Escape, NOW! Gather at the usual place!」

I shouted towards the balcony, and ran towards the classroom beside.

I forcefully squeezed my body through the window.

And jumped down.

I landed from the 2nd story, and the impact from landing numbed my legs completely. I groaned in pain.

My ankles could be twisted, but if my movements are too slow, I could be caught up by the enemies.

I furrowed my eyebrows, and ran towards the forests, dragging along my legs which are in pain.
A opening trumpet music rang in my ears.

「You leveled up!」

I heard a neutral voice saying so, and was immediately transferred to the white room.

「Ah… Huh?」

I could not understand the situation this instant, and could only stand there blankly.

If it is abouting leveling, I remember there is still…yes, as long as all the orcs other than the leader are defeated, it will just nice be enough for me to level up.

But Arisu should have already escaped. She should not have time to defeat the orcs.

Arisu appeared before me.

She is covered with wounds, there are scratches on her hands and legs and she is bleeding everywhere. She used her hands to press on her flank, only seeing her shirt around that area slowly turning red.

Arisu raised her head and looked at me, revealing an unnatural smile.

「I did not successfully escape. I lied, sorry.」

Arisu laughed powerlessly while saying so.

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