BIFMSMTK Volume 1 Chapter 11

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Chapter 11: Breaking into the Cultivating Centre

After I level up to Level 3, 15 minutes have passed.

The 2 of us are already at the bushes near the Cultivating Centre.

I am a transfer student who only transferred over during High School, hence I am not familiar with this building and had to have Arisu explain it to me.

The Cultivating Centre is a wooden building that is 3 stories high. About 40 years ago, it is being used as the school building, only until recently it is renovated to become the current look. Although it is said to be renovated, but it is said to have almost been completely rebuilt. Not only replacing the old and rotting wood, the main pillar is used as the core, and it used the wood that can still be used. The more important parts are reinforced with steel, and the originally 2 stories building is rebuilt into one with 3 stories.

Not only are the electricity, gas and water systems completely new, even heaters are installed. The facilities are even better than the main school buildings.

As for the interior, rather than saying it is a school, it is closer to that of the western building commonly seen inside movies. Entering from the main door, it is a 2 stories big lounge. On the first floor, there are cooking classrooms and the showers. On the second floor, there are japanese styled rooms that are being used by the Tea Ceremony Society and junior-sized ballrooms. On the third floor, there are multi purposed big-sized conference rooms and guestrooms for VIPs.

The basement which is normally locked, stored provisions and fuels that can be used during disasters.

Actually my summoning magic can also summon food, and also water. But currently there isn’t such a need, moreover MP is very valuable, so I didn’t conduct any experiments.

But there are back-up fuels, which makes one happy. In such a situation, it is very valuable to have fuel.

Hence, even without Arisu’s reason, taking over the Cultivating Centre is an attractive suggestion in itself. And with the approaching night, taking over the Cultivating Centre also means securing a place for the night.

According to Arisu, at that time there are about 10 people in the Cultivating Centre. Among them, 5 of them are in the cooking classrooms, and there are about 5 people in the Tea Ceremony Society.

「The door in front of the level 3 stairs is closed. That door is locked, so as long as the orcs did not break in, we should not need to pay any special attention to the third story.」

Arisu whispered while hiding in the bushes.

「If there are any orcs on the level 2 balcony, then we should be able to see it immediately…… In short, as long as we see the lounge, I guess we can grasp the general situation.」

「If there are only 2 orcs and below in the lounge, there is no need to consider. Just attack.」


Before reaching here, we have battled with the orcs twice, and every time Arisu stuck the throat, killing the orc immediately. Her battle tactic is already so polished that there is no chance fo the opponent to even scream.

Arisu is currently level 2, which is to say after leveling, she has already took care of 4 orcs. Because the experience is shared among the 2 of us, so she only needs to kill 2 more orcs, then she will be able to level up.

After leveling, we can conduct another strategic meeting in the white room. Even if it is during battle, we can also spend a lot of time to confirm the battle tactics.

This is a big plus point. Hence, if there are only 2 orcs and below, there is no need to consider. Just attack. Because we will have time to plan in detail, even if the worst situation happens —— Like reinforcement from the enemy, we can also calm down, and immediately escape.

There is no signs of orcs in the surroundings, so I sent the crow to investigate.

The crow flew to the main gate of the Cultivating Centre, and landed, looking into the interior of the centre.

It really looks like a very suspicious crow.

Well, in reality it is indeed a spy……

Luckily, nothing happened. The crow spread its wings and flew while giving off a Ka ka sound, returning to my side.

「Orcs, 2.」

The voice that only I can hear, sounded in my ears.

「Okay, good job!」

I nodded, and looked into Arisu’s eyes.

Arisu swallowed her saliva, and held her spear tightly.

「Don’t panic, I will cast magic on you first.」

《Keen Weapon》,《Physical Up》,《Mighty Arm》,《Blood Attraction》.

I cast the magic sequentially. Even if she is injured a little, as long as she uses 《Blood Attraction》to absorb HP from the orcs, she should be able to continue fighting.

But the problem is that, what if she is hit by those muscular orcs, will the slim Arisu be able to withstand it……

Ah~ this magic seems kind of subtle? Ah, forget it, as long as the meaning gets across. It is better to have then none. Luckily I have enough MP.

Subtracting the 1 point used by the crow familiar, the MP that I have now is 29 points.

Using 4 types of magics on Arisu, the remaining MP is 24 points.

……Argh~ this should be right.《Blood Attraction》is a Rank 2 magic, so it will use twice the amount of MP.

Next, I continued to use magic.

「《Summon Puppet Golem》.」

A wooden puppet of about 150cm in height appeared in front of me. That is a roughly made wooden puppet, ‘making one can’t help but name it as 「Pinocchio」. But its nose is really low though.

The puppet held a pole in its right hand, and a wooden round shield on its left. The puppet then bowed at me.

「 cute.」

Arisu’s eyes glowed. Oi, oi, you are about to fight with the orcs.

Ah, forget it, having such spirits is also a good thing.

Next, I cast magic on the Puppet Golem.

「《Keen Weapon》,《Physical Up》,《Mighty Arm》」

I guess 《Blood Attraction》 is not needed. If the familiar is destroyed, then we will talk about it when it happens.

Finally, I cast these 3 magic on myself too. The MP that Rank 2 summon magic uses is 4 points, so……

Current MP/ Maximum MP = 14/25

It should be okay like this. Hmph, yes it should be alright.

Taking note of the number of times that I can use magic, is an extremely important point. If it can be like a game, being able to know how much HP and MP are left at anytime, that will be convienent.

The pity is, this world does not seem to be able to show one’s ability values. Since this is so, we need to calculate the consumption of MP carefully.

As to how much is recovered, it is very hard to calculate accurately……

After a while, we may need something like a stopwatch?

Saying so, looking at the MP left, I should be more careful, and not summon another Puppet Golem first. According to how the battle situation develops, there could be a chance that I will need to summon another, but for now I only need 1 Puppet Golem to act as my guard.


Hearing my sign, Arisu rushed out from the bushes.

Although I am slower by half a beat, but I also rushed out behind her. If there is only 2 orcs, then there is no need for any strategy. In fact I should also enter the Cultivating Centre, and shut the main door, to prevent the sounds of battle from travelling outside, and attracting any reinforcement of the orcs.

The Puppet Golem also followed behind me shakily. Though its steps seems very unstable, but it is surprisingly fast, and its pace is almost the same as mine.

Arisu stopped in front of the main door.

Her movements stopped for a second. What exactly happened—— me who was slower by a few steps, finally caught up……

I looked into the lounge of the Cultivating Centre.

The orcs are there.

In the dimly lighted lounge, 2 orcs are pressing on a snow-white doll thing. They showed their naked lower bottom, shaking their hips.

I seem to have heard the sound of Arisu clutching her teeth.

Before coming here, I have always thought that she is a gentle, not easily agitated, stable person.

I thought she is a person who can suppress her emotions, a person who can act calmly.

But Arisu of this moment is filled with rage.

She nearly lost all reasonings in her rage.

Arisu lowered her centre of gravity, and kicked off from the ground.

Her black long hair swished with the wind, her whole body turning into a gust of wind, rushing towards the orcs.

The sound of Arisu stepping on the ground, caused the orcs who are focused on shaking their hips to realise the abnormal situation at the door, and hence turned their heads.

But, at this moment——

Arisu’s spear has already stabbed into the throat of the orc that is closer to her.

Fresh blue blood sprayed everywhere. But Arisu did not have a single drop of blood on her.

In the next instant, her figure disappeared.

No, she simply just turned only. While she is turning, she pulled out the spear in the orc’s throat, and using the body of the orc who has stopped breathing as a shield, she hid her figure.

The orc which was uninjured panicked, searching for Arisu’s traces. But, her of that moment has already gone behind that orc.

She wielded her spear, and gave a beautiful fierce blow to the orc.

The strike accurately pierced the orc’s throat.

At this moment, the 2 orcs fell on each other.

Their bodies gradually fades.

What is this?

So scary.

In the future it is better to not make her angry —— I thought so, and sworn in my heart.

Arisu breathed out deeply.

She stared at the thing that looked like a white doll beside her, and then bit her lips tightly.

The next second, we are sent to the white room.

Arisu and I looked at each other in the white room.

Arisu looked at me with an expression full of sorrow. I did not want to ask.

But I had to ask. So I moved my thirsty throat, and spoke.


「Is not Tamaki.」

Ah…… I shook my head, and said.

「Is she still breathing?」

「Her neck turned in an unnatural way.」

Arisu clutched her teeth tightly again. Then she clutched her fists, and lowered her head.

「I can’t believe it.」

I walked carefully towards Arsu, and lightly patted her head.

Arisu started to sob.

She jumped into my blossom, and cried loudly. I am helpless, and could only let Arisu vent.

That is the only thing that I can do now.

「I am a despicable person.」

After a while, Arisu said so while sobbing.

「There was a second that I was relieved, thinking that it was really great that she is not Tamaki.」

Arisu now sat down on the ground and cried.

And me who lent her my chest to lean on, naturally squat down, so as to hold Arisu.

Arisu’s voluptuous twin peaks were tightly pressed on my chest, making me swallow my saliva.

But, this evil thought immediately disappeared. Because the strength that Arisu used to grab on my uniform, became stronger. No, her entire body is slightly shaking.

One can’t help but be sad at this sight.

「That girl was killed. She was violated by the orcs then killed, but she is still being violated. Seeing such a scene, I actually left relieved. I am really the worst type of person.」

This is natural—— I said in my heart.

This is nothing but the result of putting the most important person to you and a stranger on a scale. If it was me, I will definitely be like her and feel relieved too.

That is something natural, and yet Arisu blamed herself so severely.

Her heart is really kind, and I feel that this is a very good thing.

But, that is only a virtue during normal times. In the current situation, that attitude will only be a burden.

But I could not say anything, completely helpless.

Since the beginning, I had the attitude that if something happens, I will abandon her. The me who is like this, how should I comfort her?

Words that are said with such insincere intentions, how could it enter her heart?

So I only silently listen to Arisu’s confession. This is the only thing that I can do.

I quickly supported Arisu who has fallen, and a constant breathing sound could be heard.

「……So she slept.」

I lightly let the girl lie on the floor of the white room.

Then I adjusted my sitting position to a kneeling position, and placed Arisu’s head on my thigh.

When we are in this room, the time in the real world has stopped. Since that is so, at least I should let her have a good rest, until her heart feels that it is enough. Just let her sleep to her content.

When we return to reality, that tragic scene will continue.

She will definitely be constantly tormented in her heart.

So at least now I should let her rest —— I lowered my head and looked at Arisu’s peaceful sleeping face.

At this moment, I hope that she can rest properly.

I thought so from the bottom of my heart.

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