BIFMSMTK Volume 1 Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: Prepare for Battle

Arisu and I looked at each other in the White Room.

「What is going on?」

「Perhaps it is because of this.」

I looked at the illusionary red rings on our little fingers.

Then, I turned my sights to the table.

This time there are 2 sets of tables and chairs side by side in the room.

The laptops on the tables, are showing the my ability value and Aris’s respectively.

I took a peek at Arisu’s computer screen.

「So this is Arisu’s ability values……」

「Wa, Wah wah, no you cannot see!」

「What the problem, after all it is not something unspeakable.」

「But I will be embarrassed!」

Arisu jumped up and down with a panicked face, attempting to push me away from her laptop.

I felt that her reactions are very funy, so I deliberately continue to take peeks at her laptop.


Arisu blushed, then, I lightly poked her at the sides.

「This is a harassment.」

「Just a joke to smooth the mood.」

「There is an sly look on your face.」

I did not deny that. Looking at Arisu who is blushing and using her hand to cover the screen, I laughed.

「Mu-! That’s too much! I was wrong about Kazu-senpai!」

「Sorry, that was too much.」

Seeing that we cannot continuing discussing, hence I apologized honestly.

This is only wasting time. But in this room whereby time has stopped, it doesn’t matter how much we waste.

That’s right, we can waste time, but we can also not waste time.

This room is really too suitable for strategy planning.

Well, we sat in our own chairs, and entered questions into the laptop. The reason why we can enter this room together. Is it because one of the members in the party leveled up?

The answer is YES. In the future as long as a person in the party level up, everyone in the party will be able to enter this room.

If you changed the setting in this laptop, you will also be able to stop coming to this room.

Yes, the options showing on the screen indeed increased. Under the 「Party Members」field, Arisu’s name appeared. There is a checkbox on the left of the name, if you check it, it seems that you can cancel the function of the party member entering the room together.

「There is no need for this function……」

I did not feel that I would not want to come to this room.

It is actually the opposite. Unless there are problems between the relationships of the party members, or perhaps hiding one’s ability, if not there are only pros coming to this room.

The best benefit is that there are plenty of time to organise your thoughts calmly, and there are also ample time to discuss with your party members. I can discuss with Arisu on how to cooperate in detail. This can be discussed after I reached level 3 when the sun is about to set and when time is of utmost essential.

「Do you have any matters that you wish to discuss now?」

I asked Arisu.


Arisu looked at me who is sitting on the chair, seemingly a bit hesitant.

「Can I…… ask about stuff regarding Kazu-senpai?」

「My stuff are very boring, there is nothing much to talk about.」

I gave such a reply immediately.

Arisu lowered her head. She is a smart person, and should have realized that I do not wish to touch on this matter.

「Well. Then, we can talk about it in the future.」

「Mmm, if there is a chance I will tell you.」

I will say it when there are chances in the future. If that time, you are still around with me.

I added this sentence secretly in my heart.

Arisu returned to her chair, and controlled her laptop.

Arisu∶ Level 2 Spear Skill 1→2/Healing Magic 1 Skill Point 2→0

At the moment when she clicked confirm, we returned to the forest.

「Okay, we got to act faster. Although we do not know how many orcs we need to defeat before we can level up, But it is better to be faster.」

「Yes…… that, I say if. If there are 2 orcs, can you bring both together?」

I see, her Spear Skill has already raised to Rank 2, plus with my support, perhaps she can deal with 2 orcs at the same time.

If it is too much, I can send my crow familiar to support. If it is impossible to win, our speed has also became faster with the assistance of support magic. All we need to do is escape.

No matter what, there will be situations where we need to face a lot of enemies at once. We need to test how to deal with it now. At this moment, the crow returned.

「That side, there are 2. This side, there is 1.」

The crow used its beak to point out the directions to me.

「Bring me to the side where there are 2 of them.」

I said so, whiIe beginning to run.

I brought back 2 orcs, and Arisu looks as though it is nothing much.

I don’t know if its me, but her posture seems more impressive while she is holding the spear.

「Can you do it?」


While we brushed past each other, we briefly talked.

Arisu lowered her centre of gravity, and kick off the ground, dashing towards the orcs with an impressive presence.

After I brushed past Arisu, I stopped and headed back.

As though she was very relaxed, Arisu held the heavy metal spear and crossed eyes with the orc that is dashing towards her with its sword raised up……

Her body slanted towards the right and moved, striking at the orc with very smooth movements.

With one strike, Arisu pierced the throat of the orcs on her right.

I was shocked beyond words, staring blankly at the scene in front of me. Her movements are so smooth that it sends shiver down one’s spine. It was as though she was like a martial arts expert, completely controlling the space and pace of her opponents.

The other orc missed, and Arisu took the chance to let go of the metal spear in her hands.



I immediately grabbed the bamboo spear beside the tree, and threw it to her.

When dealing with 2 orcs at the same time, the spear that is used to stab the 1st orc may become temporarily unusable. We have considered this point, and hence prepared the bamboo spear aside as a back up.

Once Arisu got the bamboo spear, she displayed a battle pose, taking a big step forward, using the bamboo spear to stab the other panicking orc.

But, this time the attack is slightly shallow.

This orc held the spear in its hand. It used its shoulder to take Arisu’s attack, and while screeching in pain, it spinned its body forcefully.

The orc swung the spear horizontally, with the wind pressure nearly blowing Arisu away. No how strong the Spear Skill is, she is after all just a Year 3 Middle School girl.

Luckily with the support of 《Physical Up》 and 《Mighty Arm》, Arisu managed to stablise her steps.

She dashed nimbly towards the orc who was unstable due to the attack just now, and tackled its body. The hand holding the bamboo spear, shifted the spear head and stabbed accurately at the orc’s weakness— its throat.

Blue blood sprayed around.

The orc collapsed, unmoving.

The combat time taken for the 2 orc, is only roughly about 10 seconds. If my movement was smoother when I was throwing the back up bamboo spear to her, the time taken should be shorter.

「It was unexpectedly successful.」

Arisu turned over, and smiled at me. Behind her, the bodies of 2 fallen orcs gradually disappeared, leaving a gem.

A opening trumpet music rang in my ears.
「You leveled up!」

I heard a neutral voice saying so.

So that’s it — I thought so in my heart. After I formed a party with Arisu, we have defeated a total of 6 orcs, which is to say, everyone got an average experience of 3 orcs.

「So we just have to defeat the same amount of orcs as the next level individually.」

Arisu and I were transferred to the white room together.

We looked at each other in the white room once again.

「With this, I can raise the Summon Magic to Rank 2.」


「As per our agreement, let’s go and check out the Cultivating Centre.」


Hence, to save time, we have to discuss on a thorough plan.

「First, we will move to the nearby of the Cultivating Centre. When we meet any orcs that are patrolling nearby, if we avoid being detected by other orcs, we will quickly take care of them.」

「We just have to decrease the numbers.」

「Next, we just have to observe the situation, when we meet one then we will solve it……」

The time now should be 5pm, perhaps there is no time to do a detailed investigation. Though I said so, but battling in the night is not really advisable.

The more important thing is that, the orcs may have night vision. As to whether or not that they have such an ability, there isn’t much relations to the current situation. But before we know these fellows’ nature fullym we have to act with the assumption that「Orcs have night vision ability.」

「Night vision ability…… Is it like a cat, where their eyes glow in the night?」

「That I do not know. But, mountain boars moves in the night, and pigs are domestic mountain boars.」

「Ah, that is true.」

「But even though we are all humans, as modern Japanese, our eyes have already deteriorated a lot…… We should be considered as a race that does not have good eyesight. But for people that hunts as their way of life, it is said that even during night, they can navigate in the forest easily……」

「Kazu-senpai is so knowledgable.」

No, this seems to be a story from a novel.

Arisu’s eyes were dazzling, hence I decided to just let to go. In short, moving in the night is not advantageous to us.

「In Rank 2 Summon Magic, there seems to be a magic called 《Summon Floating Lantern》, which can summon a torch that floats in the air……」

「A torch is too attention grabbing.」

Actually I feel that using a torchlight is enough. Just that I do not have a torchlight now.

「Anyway, if it attracts the enemies to gather here, then that will be troublesome. After all we are small in numbers. If we are surrounded by a large number of orcs, there is nothing we can do.」

Hence, once the enemies outnumbers us, then the basic tactics will be to battle while escaping.

「If there are less than 3 orcs in the same place, then we will take them down with a strong attack. Arisu just have to show her strength that you displayed just now when you defeat the 2 orcs. It is very simple!」

「Th..this…… I will do my best.」

Arisu clenched her fist, her actions seemingly adorable. This defenseless look, is really hard to let one believe that she was the one who fought like an Asura just now.

「If there are more than 7 orcs then we will escape immediately. If there are above 4 but lesser than 6, then we will use either my familiar or myself as bait, and defeat each individually.」

「But, the risk that Kazu-senpai is taking will be too high.」

「Before getting the hang of the orcs’ action modulus, actually you are in greater danger, and there is a possibility of being surrounded. If such a situation occurs, I do not have the ability to save you, so if we failed……」

「I understand.」

Arisu held her hands tightly in front of her chest.

Her shoulders slightly trembled. This is natural, how can one not be afraid. If she fails, she will suffer the worse fate as a girl, and then killed later. She held such a determination, wanting to save her best friend wholeheartedly.

「I had fallen into the hands of the orcs before……If Kazu-senpai did not save me at that time……」

「You will decide whether if we will implement this plan. If you feel that it is too much……」


Even so, Arisu still shook her head. She surpassed her trembling with her strong will, and look straight into my eyes.

「I want to do it, please let me do it.」

She clearly announced it so.

Kazuhisa: Level 3 Support Magic 2 / Summon Magic1→2 Skill Point 2→0

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