BIFMSMTK Volume 4 Chapter 95

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Chapter 95: Special Ability

Okay—— I changed my thinking and began to enter the next question, about my doubts on the 3 special ability. (TL note: probably the one in the Mia Vendor is a different one)

The answer came out immediately.

After asking a few questions, we understood the following information:

– The special ability 「Magic Release」 is an ability that increases or decreases the strength of a magic through the regulation of MP.

For example, she learns Wind Magic, if she uses 1 MP, when she uses Rank 3《Lightning》, then she will release a weak 《Lightning》. But if she uses 30MP, then she will release a far stronger 《Lightning》 than its former. The largest amount of MP that can be used is 10 times the usual amount.

– The special ability「Suppression of Level Up」 is an ability that can delay your level up to whenever you want.

In short, when she decides to suppress the level up, even if she kills the monsters, she will not need to deal with the level up. She had already used this ability, and earned about 60 orcs worth of experience. I wonder if she will rise to level 10 in one go?

But although this ability can be used to suppress the level up, but the release to level up can only be used once every 24h.

So to say, she had just used it, so she cannot use it again for today and then she can only level up to level 10 at once.

The refresh time of the ability is exactly 24h later, so she can only use this ability after noon tomorrow.

「So, should we let her join our party?」

「Mmm. The special ability is too useful, we should let her learn Fire Magic seriously.」

Mia suggested that immediately. She is really excited, completely unlike her usual self. With this, we can clearly understand why she cried out so exaggeratedly.

Maa, after all she is a gamer. When she see such powerful abilities, she will naturally feel that she wants it.

I looked at Lucia

「I will follow any arrangement that Kazu-sama decides.」

「Mmmm? Did you just say any arrangement..」

Mia, didn’t you just play this tactic just now?

Seeing Mia return back to her usual uncommon attitude, I knocked her head lightly, and looked at Arisu and Tamaki, wanting to listen to their opinions……

「Th..that, to me, if Kazu-san feels that there is a need, even if the number of lovers increases, I wouldn’t mind it!」

「Me too, if Kazu-san has that intention, then you can just take her.」

Oi, you people, what do you think I am.

Even though I am hurt by rumours, but yet I can’t refute it, this is way too sad.

「I heard that Kazu-sama is an outstanding Magic User, so there is a need to leave as many heirs as possible. I have once gotten the approval from a Medical User, saying that I am above average in the ability to be a mother, so that is very fortunate.」

What part of that is fortunate? Then again what is a Medical User? From her tone, they seem to use Magic to do treatment? Well seems like that is how things work in this world.

「Anyway, putting the matter of giving birth aside….. I hope that you will not add sama when you call me, and it is fine to not use honorifics too.」

I looked at Arisu, Tamaki and Mia in sequence.

「Something like san is fine. Other than that, there is no need to respect in respect form, just like Arisu and the others.」

「Understood…… I understand, Kazu-san. Then please call me Lucia directly too.」

Didn’t you add san when you called me? Even though I am thinking like that, but Arisu and Tamaki seemed to be the same, and Mia too, called me “Kazu-chi”. While I called their name directly.

I get this feeling that it was because we have been in the situation of the senpai and kouhai so our manner of calling became like this. Actually even if they don’t use honorifics with me, I am fine…… But forget it.

「I understand, Lucia. And……」

「Are there other orders?」

「If possible, I wish that you can smile.」

Lucia gave a grin.

Her smile has the charm like that of a blooming flower, but it is a pity that the looks in her eyes are hollow, as though she is looking at something that is very faraway from me.

「Let’s forget it, I don’t need such cosmetic smiles.」

「Sorry for that.」

Lucia nodded, but from her tone, there isn’t any sign of sorry in it.

Was it deliberate? Or is she playing around with me?

「Did you have experience of killing the monsters?」

「Yes, the others will make the monster powerless before bringing it over and using this method, I killed them a few times.」

「Mmm, although this training method is worthy of praise, but there is nothing special.」

You are too noisy, Mia.

「Then why didn’t you level up?」

「Because I can’t do it. According to the contents of the oracle, we must be in a party with people from the other world before we can enter the Hall of Possibility for the first time.」

I see. Seems like the Elf kingdom wanted to use the oracle to expand their army…… but yet they were slyly used by that god. But wait. Since it was like that, did that Elf God want us to meet with Lucia? Did he deliberately interfere so to let Lucia become part of our combat force?

This is too suspicious, there are many strange parts.

At least what we can confirm is that, the God in their words…… had created his strategy with the premise that we will come to this world. And are there other existences like Lucia?

The pieces that God had prepared—— and the coincidence of our existence.

What is his aim? And what does he want us to do?

This is irritating, this will make me want to suspect everything and become in a state of suspecting.

No…… I shook my head. Let’s be realistic and settle the things before me. I shall not care about the intents of the God, her ability…… and her usability is too much until I can’t ignore her.

The battle with Mekishu Grand, we barely obtained victory there.

But he may not be the enemy’s greatest fighting power.

Not only that, from what we heard, even Mekishu Grand is a mere soldier on the side of the monsters.

If a few of that sort of monster appeared at the same time…… even if all of us had raised our skills to Rank 9, we may not be able to win.

Honestly speaking, I felt helpless. Under this sort of situation, her existence may be crucial.

「Kazu-chi, gather your courage and say “I want you”.」


「Then go rub that breast.」

Mia said something excessive again.

I shrugged my shoulders.

「Of course I want Lucia, but it is her as a soldier, I wouldn’t expect her to offer her body.」

「I don’t mind it.」

「Then if I call you to go and die…… Ah, sorry, forget what I just said.」

From her words just now, her answer is obvious.

She thirst for battle. Once she party with us, after getting power, she will battle until she dies.

Since it is like that, Lucia should join our party. She is very useful, and as long as we are around, we can protect her.

I reached out towards Lucia with my right hand.

Lucia was surprised.

「This is……」

「A handshake. In our world, this means a friendly relationship.」

Lucia nodded while saying “I see” and reached out with her right hand hesitantly.

We grabbed each other hands. The right hand of the girl who has porcelain-white skin, is surprisingly soft and warm.

「Please lend your strength to us.」

「Yes, although my power is not much, but please let me help.」

Lucia smiled, and this time her smile is much more natural than just now.

◆ ◆ ◆

Then again—— I looked at Lucia’s get up, and pointed to the sword on her waist.

「Does Lucia use the sword?」

「This is not a sword. So that it can be used in ritual, so it is made into that kind of art.」

Lucia placed her hand on the handle of the sword-like thing, and pulled it out.

Looking at it, it is a black rod that is about the thickness of a finger. A common-looking black rod with nothing special.

Lucia moved her wrist. In the next second, the rod softened and bend down, and its length increased a few times longer than its original length.

Mia gave out a shock “oh oh” sound.

「A multi-section whip? No the feeling is still abit different.」

「This is called a Bone Whip, it is a magical tool that my kingdom has. As long as you give it Mana, then it will extend like whip. Other than that, as long as you change the way you give mana to it……」

She swung the whip.

It seems impressive.

The whip suddenly hardened. Lucia stopped the long rod and we can see the full length of the rod is over 3m.

「Mmm, this is the so called Snake Sword……」

「Is that how you call it in your world?」

No. Actually we do have some fantasy weapon that is similar to it.

Then again, so this is it, to be able to become rod like or whip like…… it is pretty powerful.

And I had taken a look, and discovered that her skill with it is not bad. Perhaps we can let her raise Pole Skill, and become a vanguard.

Although that is what I thought…… but considering the possibility of 「Magic Release」, the choice of Fire Magic is also very attractive. Then perhaps she may become our party’s greatest fire power.

I sunk into thoughts and some groan came out of my mouth.

Mia pulled on my sleeve.

「Kazu-chi, can I suggest something?」

「Ah—— right. Mia, let me hear your opinion as a gamer.」

「Range firepower is justice. As long as we defeat the enemy before we get into their range, no matter what kind of strong enemy they are, they are all small fries.」

I see, you are very right.

Mekishu Grand is an opponent who is good at long range, and it is hard to face such an opponent, but if it is just on the level of the General Orc, “defeating the enemy before the get near” is a very correct attacking tactic.

It is the same for the Giant. As long as we preempt them with strong firepower, we can get a very good advantage.

Our main fighting power is Arisu and Mia, and until now we always need to get close to the enemy first.

Mia’s attacking magic is not that powerful, after all we chose it for its support so that is to be expected. But the firepower is not high so it is quite restricting in our tactics.

So to say, because until now, our battlefield has been at the forest around the school so our party formation is also suited to be there, too well suited.

「In the current stage, separating skill is also another problem. We should just focus all the skill points on Fire Magic.」

「What is needed is instant firepower and the ability to suppress everything…… huh? Mia, just like what you said, this arrangement is perfect.」

From the viewpoint of Rin-san, she probably wanted to send someone to supervise us.

To us, being just a supervisor is not good, but if she has some combat power then it’s different.

「To everyone, it’s a winwin」

「Win? Mia, what is the meaning of that?」(TL note: Win was written in english)

Tamaki intercepted and asked. The edge of Mia’s mouth curved.

「It is the meaning of victory. We have more companions, so we win; Lucia-chi can become stronger so she win; Rin-chi can put a rope on our necks and defeat the monsters so she wins too.」

「Is it? It is good that we can win!」

Oi, the meaning is right, but the way of saying doesn’t seem right.

I looked at Arisu. She revealed a look that is very distant and said helplessly: “because Tamaki’s english is not good”. I caressed Tamaki’s head and smiled “you are so cute”.

「Huh? What? What is going on? Kazu-san, why are you so gentle towards me?」

「Huh, I just felt that you were cute.」

Lucia stared blankly at us who are fooling around, and her vision was floating around in the air lonelily.

「Then again, Lucia, do you know about the details of the oracle on the “World is ending tomorrow”?」

Lucia shook her head.

「I am also at the same place, listening to Rin explaining everything. Currently what I know is that, that has something to do with the world ending, and the time limit is until the sunset tomorrow.」

「Is that so…… may I ask, how many times are the oracle correct?」

「Are you people suspecting the oracle?」

Lucia was surprised again.

Ah ah, that is a matter that will shock others. Mmm—— will it? What kind of shock is it. Oh well, forget it, we shall leave it to the next white room to discuss it.

The battle before us is the priority.

「Then Lucia, please raise your Skill Rank.」


Lucia sat on the chair, not knowing what to do in front of the computer.

「Ah, so the people of this world don’t know about computers. Mia please explain it to her.」

「Why me?」

「Ah, among the people here, the one who has the highest possibility of explaining a computer is you.」

「At least, it is better than being alone with Kazu-chi.」

Wah wah, I am going to cry!

Mia shrugged her shoulders and after mumbling “it can’t be helped” and turned towards Lucia.

「I will hold your hand and teach you personally.」

「Restrict your body contact.」

Mia was more professional as a teacher than I had expected, and Lucia learnt how to use the computer quickly, obtaining the skill of Fire Magic.

Then we returned to the original place. Lucia has yet to increase her level before. This time, she rose to level 10 in a go. I had her placed all the skill points are added into Fire Magic, concentrating it on one for now

Lucia: Level 10 Fire Magic 5 Skill Point 5

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