Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 47

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The General’s Household was quiet. Baili Zhentao’s face was gloomy, if it wasn’t for the fact that he didn’t have a choice, he really didn’t want to go to the drafting feast!

His two daughters both had a relationship with the His Highness, the Crown Prince. Before Baili Hongzhuang’s engagement was annulled, he had already planned to make Baili Yuyan marry His Highness, the Crown Prince.

But he never thought that His Highness,the Crown Prince would actually humiliate Yuyan in a crowd!

Speaking of it, although this matter was indeed Yuyan’s responsibility, after His Highness, the Crown Prince shamed her appearance, he’s afraid that nobody would ever want to marry her in the future.

After that, he simply held no goodwill at all towards the Crown Prince.

That scoundrel’s mind was always too horny to think clearly, and didn’t even give his identity any face, playing him, Baili Zhentao as a joke!

“Father, can I not go?” Baili Yuyan whispered, testing the waters.

If she went today, it’d be tantamount to inviting her own disgrace. She’d be ridiculed and mocked by everybody!

Hearing her words, Baili Zhentao’s face became even more gloomy, “An imperial edict cannot be violated. Do you want to die?”

Baili Yuyan’s eyes dimmed. It seems like getting laughed at today was inevietable.

Su Wanjing’s face revealed a hint of worry. She had always protected Baili Yuyan since she was a baby, and now seeing Yuyan so unhappy, Su Wanjing’s heart ached.

“Lord, Yuyan is so pitiful. Why must you be so unkind?”

“If it wasn’t for you carelessly using every possible way to get close with the Crown Prince, how would we’ve fallen like this!”

Baili Zhentao couldn’t restrain his anger. He had rushed headlong into the battlefield for many years, commending only respect and had never been a joke. But now, because of his two daughters, he almost didn’t dare to see another person anymore!

Seeing Baili Zhentao explode, Su Wanjing’s face couldn’t help but immediately turned pale.
Previously, she was overshadowed by Qin Yayun. Now, is her daughter, Baili Yuyan going to be overshadowed by Baili Hongzhuang?

But in the wake of Baili Zhentao’s anger, she didn’t dare to speak a word.

“Father, don’t be angry. When the royal hunting banquet begins, I will definitely make you proud!”

Baili Haoxuan’s elegant face was set in a serious expression. He definitely won’t let others look down on the General’s Household!

Baili Haoxuan is Baili Yuyan’s blood related brother. He was a year younger than her, and also the one the General favored the most.

Earlier, he had gone out training with his master, and hadn’t come back until today.

Seeing Baili Haoxuan’s earnest appearence, a gratified color returned to Baili Zhentao’s eyes.

That’s right, even though Baili Yuyan had dissapointed him, Baili Haoxuan had never let him down. At the young age of 14, he had already achieved the intermediate stage of Mysterious Earth Realm, and wasn’t far away from reaching late stage.

Compared to Baili Yuyan’s, Baili Haoxuan’s talent was even better!

So as long as Baili Haoxuan put on a good show at the royal hunting banquet, then the humiliation they endured now would be nothing.

After all, what Shengxue Continent regarded the most, was strength!

“Its still you who’s the smartest!”

Baili Zhentao’s gloomy face relaxed a little, and patted Baili Haoxuan’s shoulder with a slight smile.

Baili Haoxuan’s eyes suddenly smiled, his eyes sparkling as he said, “Father, what about Baili Hongzhuang? Are we going to the palace with her, together?”

Hearing him mention Baili Hongzhuang, disgut welled up in Baili Zhentao’s eyes. As long as anyone so mentioned that girl, his mood would always turn terrible!

“No need.” Baili Zhentao’s voice was slightly cold, “We’ll enter the palace alone in a little while, then we’ll prepare a sedan chair for her to go herself!”

“Okay, I’ll make the arrangements!”

Baili Hongzhuang was not the least bit suprised to hear that Baili Zhentao and the others had already left for the palace. Baili Zhentao had always despised her, and this wasn’t the first time it had happened.

Besides, she didn’t want to attend the banquet together with that family anyways.

In her eyes, they are not her, Baili Hongzhuang’s, family!

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