Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 41

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“Come, arrange a sedan chair for me! I’m leaving the palace!” Xuanyuan Huan laughed in his heart, “Beauty, just wait for me to catch you!”

As Baili Hongzhuang continued to treat and diagnose various patients, her title of “Godly Doctor” was heard far and wide.

As long as somebody entered, no matter the condition, they would leave completely healthy. Even the rare and supposedly incurable diseases were easily dealt with by her.

In just a short frame of time, the name “Godly Doctor Square” grew even more distinguished!

The patients diagnosed and treated by Baili Hongzhuang advertised for her, singing praises of her miraculous skills.

Its reputation gradually grew and spread to the cities outside the Imperial Capital. Godly Doctor Sqaure was soon flocked by an endless stream of patients from even other cities.

At the same time, the two servants recommended by Ji Wenbin also arrived at Godly Doctor Square to work.

After the old doctor had retired, Du Tianshuo and Dong Sirou had struggled to make ends meet.

With their skill, they were too weak to open up a hospital, nor would it be easy for them to find a new master.

Since the old doctor was gone, they stayed in their homes, worrying until Ji Wenbin found them.

When the two heard that they were going to work at Godly Doctor Square, it was as if somebody had thrown a pie at their faces. They were shocked speechless for almost half a day, excitement coursing through their bodies.

Only when they actually enter Godly Doctor Square, could they believe that they were actually working at Godly Doctor Square!

Du Tianshuo and Dong Sirou treasured this stroke of good fortune very much and worked diligently, making Baili Hongzhuang very satisfied.

Godly Doctor Square’s reputation was resounding, and naturally reached the General’s household. The anxiety present on Baili Yuyan’s face turned into hope, since Hongzhuang could treat so many people, then wouldn’t she also be able to restore her fair skin?

“Yuyan, that Godly Doctor Square only sees up to 10 patients a day. Mother paid a high price to snatch a spot, you must at least go and look.” Su Wanjing clutched Baili Yuyan’s hands tightly.

The current Baili Yuyan was very different from the beautiful, glamorous Baili Yuyan. Her scars marred her entire body due to her own uncontrollable scratching, disfiguring even her own face.

After those days, Baili Yuyan’s willpower crumbled and has been always been depressed ever since.

Now that Su Wanjing had seized this opportunity with great difficulty, she could only hope that this “Godly Doctor” could live up to her expectations, and was really able to cure Baili Yuyan.

Hearing her words, a ray of excitement flashed in Baili Yuyan’s dull eyes, “Mother, is this true? Did you really get me a spot?”

When the “Godly Doctor’s” reputation was first spread, the people bidding to enter the quota were too many. Su Wanjing bidded her time and didn’t act, waiting until today to take action.

Su Wanjing nodded with a smile on her face, “You are mother’s treasured daughter, of course I would care about you.”

“Thank you, mother!” Baili Yuyan’s voice was full of excitement.

As a female, the most important thing was her appearance. These days, even she herself couldn’t stand it, so how could His Highness, the Crown Prince stand her appearence?

Once her looks were restored, she could return to His Highness, the Crown Prince’s side, and perhaps even become his imperial concubine in the future……

As she thought, the smile on Baili Yuyan’s face grew even brighter. She was confident that she could recover!


“Lady Hongzhuang.”

Baili Hongzhuang had just finished diagnosing and treating the 9th patient when a familiar voice that always managed to disgust her without fail, rang out in Godly Doctor Square.

“Quickly, look! His Highness, the Crown prince is here!”

“His Highness, the Crown Prince was actually healed! It was lucky that Lady Hongzhuang was there, otherwise he would’ve already become a vengeful ghost!”

“I think the Crown Prince is here to thank her!”

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