Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 389

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Gu Cangyun, Wei Meidai and Ling Jiaxin’s hearts were filled with anger as they watched Baili Hongzhuang’s ‘you’re trapped’ attitude.

Unfortunately, Baili Hongzhuang’s words really did leave them with no alternative.

“With my status, why would I need to slander you?”

Gu Cangyun’s voice sunk. Just his prestige and status alone was enough to prove his words were fact.

Hearing this, the scene fell into silence.

Gu Cangyun was right, his status alone was enough to prove a lot.

“The situation isn’t good.” Gong Shaoqing frowned.

Dongfang Yu nodded slightly. Neither of them thought that Gu Cangyun would appear today.

Although Baili Hongzhuang was quite popular, she hadn’t stayed at the school for long enough and was very much lacking compared to Gu Cangyun’s prestige.

“We can only help give proof, but we don’t know who the students will believe.”

A light flitted past Dibei Chen’s eyes as he stared at Gu Cangyun’s group, the corners of his mouth quietly curving into a cold and dangerous arc.

Only a rank 2 pill master yet daring to force his wife step by step like this, really courting death!

Just as Dibei Chen was preparing to act, a kindly voice suddenly sounded by everyone’s ears.

“Today, the Morning Assembly Plaza is really lively ah.”

Everyone turned to see Huan Chuyou slowly walking towards them.

“Vice Principal!” Everyone’s faces turned respectful.

Huan Chuyou had already heard about what was going on at the Morning Assembly Plaza. He hadn’t thought there would actually be so much trouble after Baili Hongzhuang’s Channel Opening Pill auction.

“Old Gu, if you don’t have any proof, don’t treat my students unjustly.”

Huan Chuyou’s words made his attitude clear.

As he stood in the school, his identity was Azure Water School’s Vice Principal first, and Azure Water City’s Pill Master Guild’s President after.

Hearing the meaning in Huan Chuyou’s words, Gu Cangyun’s face turned a bit unsightly.

“Old Huan, there’s no way I would accuse Baili Hongzhaung for no reason.” Gu Cangyun’s face was firm, “In my opinon, this Baili Hongzhaung’s Channel Opening Pill is definitely a fake, and will only bring disgrace to Azure Water School if she continues to stay here as a student!”

Gu Cangyun’s emotional sentence actually wanted to use this chance to kick Baili Hongzhuang out of Azure Water School.

If it succeeded, then Baili Hongzhuang selling that fake Channel Opening Pill would become a known fact and at that time, she’d never be able to make a comeback.

An icy chill flitted past Baili Hongzhuang’s eyes. Since Gu Cangyun was so malicious, her heart also formed a trace of killing intent.

Although she had collided against Gu Cangyun in the Pill Master’s Guild before, it was only an angry argument.

She originally only planned to let Gu Cangyun suffer just a bit, so he’s no longer as arrogant in front of her.

But now, unless he vanishes from the face of this earth, she would not be able to dismiss the grudge in her heart!

Jiang Pengze and the others could really no longer stand it and immediately walked out, their faces unsatisfied.

“Vice Principal, we can testify Miss Baili’s Channel Opening Pills are real! They’re definitely not laxatives as Master Gu said!”

Huan Chuyou stared at Jiang Pengze and the others, surprised, “What’s the matter?”

“As soon as yesterday when Wei Meidai and the others bought the Channel Opening Pill, Miss Baili anticipated something bad would happen.

Since Ling Jiaxin and Miss Baili have hate between them, she was worried that they would try to think of every possible way to frame her.

So, Miss Baili sold 3 more Channel Opening Pills to us so we could testify for her today!”

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