Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 35

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Everybody’s eyes gathered on Ning Hong’s body. However, Ning Hong had no intentions of stopping Baili Hongzhuang, only staring at her, resolve in her eyes.

When Baili Hongzhuang punctured Xuanyuan Huan’s body, everybody was surprised to see no discomfort or pain on Xuanyuan Huan’s face.

The crowd was knew that for the past three days, the Crown Prince was in a constant state of unbearable pain. Although he had fallen into a coma, even if there was tiniest hint of more pain, then he would’ve instantly awoken.

By now, Baili Hongzhuang had already stabbed his body with her needles many, many times, yet Xuanyuan Huan showed no response, this Baili Hongzhuang was in no way simple.

Soon, Xuanyuan Huan’s body was covered in needles.

Baili Hongzhuang’s hands reached out and started to form a series of complicated hand seals. Her right hand pricked in one last silver needle. Everybody watched astonished as the silver needle started to shake.

“It’s a miracle!!”

Nobody knew who spoke first. Everybody’s minds were too full, stunned sily by how the lost art of acupuncture was held in this little girl’s hands.

The ancient books had stated, that those who have the ability to cause tremors-post acupuncture, was far superior to the basic art.

What was displayed in front of them, was the legendary, top tier art of acupuncture!

Ning Hong was amazed, the shock shaking even his heart. His lips twitched, wanting to say something, yet he couldn’t.

For any doctor or physician infatuated with the art of healing, seeing the practice of acupuncture, a skill lost for hundreds of years, nothing could possibly be more exciting.

The ridicule that was present on Pang Tangping’s face had long faded away, his heart trembling with shock as he watched this scene.

Recalling the scene when he had mocked Baili Hongzhuang so, Pang Tangping’s face couldn’t help but turn comical.

This was no different from slapping his own face!

He had repeatedly spoken of how Baili Hongzhuang was a girl still wet behind the ears, with only a bit of superficial knowledge, believed herself to be extraordinary.

However, the current Baili Hongzhuang could use the acupuncture techniques of a godly doctor!

If Baili Hongzhuang had only possessed superficial knowledge, then how could he have any medical expertise at all?

At this moment, nobody was actually paying attention to Pang Tangping’s expression, as they had focused all of their attention on Baili Hongzhuang.

As the silver needles continuously trembled, the relatively close middleman, Ning Hong could clearly see the red and swollen marks on Xuanyuan Huan’s body already disappearing, causing his wrinkled brows to relax a bit.

An excited appearance that he couldn’t control rose in his face. Originally, he really had believed that they would have had to request for Xuanyuan Huan to be buried today, they didn’t expect hope to suddenly emerge!

A quarter hour later, Baili Hongzhuang took out a pen and paper from a medicine chest, smoothly writing out a string of medicinal ingredients, saying, “Seniors, all of you must be able to prepare this, right?”

Ning Hong, without the slightest hesitation, nodded, “No problem, we’ll all immediately prepare it properly!”

“Three cups of boiled water and one cup not. Every day, the crown prince must take three doses.”

After Ning Hong beckoned, a young court eunuch ran over soon after. Taking the prescription, he once again ran hurriedly off.

Nobody doubted Baili Hongzhuang’s judgement anymore, even if they were still unable to imagine her having such medical expertise at her age. However, ordinary people were often unable to understand genius doctors.

When Xuanyuan Huan, who had been previously immersed in suffering, unexpectedly felt the pain in his body diminish, he made an effort to open his eyes and saw an indistinct and breathtaking white figure appear in his line of sight.

For a moment, he thought he was looking at a fairy, the tender and beautiful kind. In other words, someone he longed for even in his dreams.

As the fairy gave him medicine and helped alleviate his pain, he really wished to open his eyes wide so he could see her appearance clearly. However, he was too weak, and he once again sunk into slumber……

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