Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 126

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Chapter 126

Xuanyuan Yutian swept over the crowd of youths before finally stopping on Li Chengqian, his gaze revealing a trace of suspicion.

“Prime Minister Li, why don’t I see Li Yuyue?”

Li Yuyue was the future Crown Prince Wangfei. If she could give a good performance at the royal hunting competition, she would become much more respected.

When Xuannyuan Huan spoke, everyone’s faces looked as if they were preparing to watch a good play.

The atmosphere turned tense. Li Chengqian was just waiting for a chance to teach Baili Hongzhuang and Dibei Chen a lesson. If the Emperor just so happened to mention it, he could take the chance to strike.

Just as expected, Li Chengqian’s face instantly flushed with anger. His eyes stared at Baili Hongzhuang, filled with rage as if he wanted to boil her into stew right then and there.

“You should ask Chen Wangfei about this!” Li Chengqian said coldly.

Hearing his words, Xuanyuan Yutian looked at Baili Hongzhuang astonished.

He had heard before that Baili Hongzhuang and Li Yuyue had a conflict in Nichang Market. Could this be related to that?

“Prime Minister Li, speak clearly. I can’t understand what you mean.”

Baili Hongzhuang face was indifferent. Even though she knew Li Chengqian would definitely seize the opportunity to attack her, she simply didn’t care.

Seeing Baili Hongzhuang’s attitude, Li Chengqian’s eyes were replaced with hatred.

“Emperor, right now Chen Wang and Chen Wangfei are acting so arrogant as if no one else mattered.Yesterday at Chen Wang’s hand, Yuyue was actually injured.”

“Yuyue truly wanted to take part in the royal hunting competition, but her injury was actually very severe and was in no condition to participate in the competition.” Li Chengqian’s voice grew more and more emotional, “Emperor, you must give Yuyue justice, ah!”

Xuanyuan Yutian and Jiang Jinying’s faces changed when they heard his words. From Li Chengqian’s words, they knew that it must be true. But up until today, Dibei Chen was always bearing it patiently. Why would he suddenly change his attitude now?

But they knew Dibei Chen’s original identity. However, for the past three years, Dibei Chen had always been low-key and enduring it silently. They had thought Dibei Chen no longer had any prospects, so they grew more and more careless about him.

Now Dibei Chen’s attitude suddenly changed back to his original mannerisms. Is it because he wanted to protect Baili Hongzhuang? Or could it be……. He finally had the resources to go back?

Thinking what might happen, Xuanyuan Yutian and Jiang Jinying’s hearts trembled.

If it was truly such, Dibei Chen must not be allowed!

“Chen Wangfei, do you have anything to say?” Xuanyuan Yutian asked, remaining calm and collected.

Li Chengqian’s status in Feng Bo country wasn’t ordinary.

Baili Hongzhuang’s eyes shined with scorn, asking, “Prime Minister Chen avoided the important and only spoke of trivial things. Why don’t you say why you came to the Prince’s palace in the first place?”

Hearing her words, everyone couldn’t help but look at Li Chengqian curiously. Even now, they all thought it was very strange that Li Chengqian and Li Yuyue had gone to Chen Palace. It was just too odd.

Li Chengqian’s face changed slightly, his brain continually thinking of excuses why Li Yuyue couldn’t come to the royal hunting competition

Although he was ashamed and resentful about Li Yuyue getting wounded yesterday, it gave him a very good excuse for him to cover everything up.

He didn’t know how so many people already knew of this, but right now, it was better to just say it instead of hiding it.

Whether it was Dibei Chen or Baili Hongzhuang, nobody could compare to his status and identity. From what he saw of the Emperor’s attitude to Dibei Chen, he was sure the Emperor would stand on his side.

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