Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 122

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Chapter 122

Luoxia Mountain was located in the eastern part of Feng Bo Country, past the Imperial Palace. The region was vast and not remote, so every time, the royal hunting competition would always be hosted there.

When Baili Hongzhuang arrived at Luoxia Mountain, dozens and dozens of tents were set up, some even far into the distance. Feng Bo Country’s flag danced freely alongside the wind.

Imperial bodyguards strictly patrolled the camps as the servant girls busied themselves in the tents.

When Chen Wangfei’s carriage slowly wheeled in, everybody’s eyes all turned to stare.

Yesterday, news of Li Chengqian being humiliated at Chen Palace had been passed on to almost everybody. Although Li Chengqian tried to hide it as much as possible, it was inevitably discovered by some people.

Since Li Yuyue became the future Crown Princess, many people started to pay close attention to the Prime Minister’s mansion.

So when the usually high-profile Li Yuyue suddenly began to stay inside, almost everybody thought that it was rather fishy.

But Li Chengqian, that old fox arranged everything so that not even one drop of water could leak out, keeping everything secret.

Baili Yuyan still cared especially a lot about Li Yuyue. After all, Li Yuyue was the one that snatched away her heart’s love and her posistion.

Before, Li Yuyue always walked in front of her proudly. Suddenly lying low like this simply wasn’t her style.

Baili Yuyan quietly asked around. Just as she had expected, the Prime Minister’s Mansion had been paying close attention to Chen Palace’s movements, particularly when Dibei Chen and Baili Hongzhuang returned to the Palace.

When Baili Yuyan heard this, she immediately rushed over wanting to find the reason why, only to see Li Chengqian hastily dragging Li Yuyue out of Chen Palace. The bloodstains left on the floor clearly showed Li Yuyue was injured.

Although she didn’t know why Li Chengqian and Li Yuyue went to Chen Palace, if Li Yuyue got seriously injured, it was no wonder she wasn’t here.

Whether it was Li Yuyue or Baili Hongzhuang, they were all targets Baili Yuyan loathed so immediately after finding out, she had to spread the news.

The future Crown Princess was beaten in Chen Palace, and Chen Wangfei was the former Crown Princess. This fact was simply too overwhelming, attracting everybody’s attention.

“Originally I heard Li Yuyue spent a lot of effort preparing for the royal family’s hunting competition to make a good performance. But today she still hasn’t come. Its likely that she must’ve suffered too great of an injury at Chen Palace.”

“Whether it was Chen Wang or Chen Wangfei, they both seemed to have changed a lot after getting married. It looks like they aren’t easily bullied anymore.”

“Prime Minister Li already came. Baili Hongzhuang must’ve staged a good show, truly letting people look forward, ah!”


People busily talked, their eyes flashing with excitement. A good show like this was truly hard to come by.

Baili Yuyan was even more excited. This entire play was staged by her. Before, Baili Hongzhuang treated her like that, this time, she’ll let Baili Hongzhuang suffer.

With the sound of a reminder, Baili Hongzhuang slowly walked out of the carriage.

A vast hunting field appeared in front of her, surrounded by a bright, golden fence. Everywhere was beautiful and noble.

The royal hunting competition was set in 3 days. Everybody rested in the rear tents. The hunt was ready to begin, and everybody was already gathered in the field.

Everyone stared at Baili Hongzhaung, an incredulous light in their eyes.

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