Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 119

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“Baili Hongzhuang, do you think you’re life will be happy as Chen Wangfei? Chen Wang is only a bastard child, and isn’t even favored by the Emperor. Like this, what are you going to be?” Li Chengqian shouted.

Because Li Chengqian was so furious, he didn’t think of any consenquences and directly spat the words out. Almost everyone know Chen Wang was the bastard child of Xuanyuan Yutian, but almost nobody dared to speak it aloud in front of others.

When Li Chengqian said these words, Baili Hongzhuang suddenly felt a low pressure surrounding her, almost making it hard to even breathe.

“Are you aware of what you’re saying?”

An icy, constrained voice suddenly sounded. Dibei Chen’s eyes seemed to hold a terrifying storm, like a black hole containing unimaginable power.

Li Chengqian was startled. Only after spitting those words out did he regret them.

Even if it was true, anything that related to the imperial household’s prestige mustn’t be talked upon lightly. If this were to be passed onto the Emperor, he’d be completely out of luck.

Sensing Dibei Chen’s cold, acute gaze, Li Chengqian could only feel as if he was being stared at by a fierce beast, his whole body freezing up, becoming hard to even breathe.

His eyes slowly widened. Li Chengqian looked at Dibei Chen, stunned.

Before, he had only thought Dibei Chen was a cripple without the least bit of power. But Li Chengqian never thought he could actually also be so frightening.

Although faint, he almost felt the same fear standing in front of Dibei Chen as standing in front of the Emperor.

How could it be possible!

Li Chengqian felt stunned by his thoughts. His imposing aura was simply too astonishing. How could Dibei Chen have changed so much after marrying?

Seeing Dibei Chen actually dare to threaten Li Chengqian, Li Yuyue voice was furious, “You, a cripple, dares to threaten my father. What do you see us as!”

Saying this, Li Yuyue turned to face Baili Hongzhuang arrogantly, “Baili Hongzhuang, you……“

Before Li Yuyue could finish her sentence, Baili Hongzhuang heard a loud noise followed almost immediately with a mad screech from Li Yuyue.

Because right when Li Yuyue started to speak, Hei Mu acted!

It was simple but ruthless. One fist directly met Li Yuyue body, blasting her straight outside the lobby, smashing through the front door, before landing in the yard.

Hei Mu’s eyes flashed with excitement. For these 3 past years, he was always forced to restrain his killing intent whenever his little lord was insulted and humiliated. His little lord had never let him act.

But today, his little lord actually allowed him!

Just from little lord’s attitude in allowing him to take action, Hei Mu knew that they would no longer have to endure silently. Just the thought of this made his heart beat with excitement.

Li Chengqian was stupefied by what had just occurred. Everything happened in a few, mere seconds; before he could even react, Li Yuyue was already seriously injured.

“Dibei Chen, you’re done for!”

Li Chengqian face turned extremely ugly. He simply couldn’t believe the scene before his eyes was actually real. The until now always bullied and humiliated Dibei Chen actually dared to strike against his daughter?

“Old scoundrel, I’m giving you a chance. If you don’t get lost right now, I won’t mind having you fly out as well.”

Dibei Chen’s face was indifferent, playing down the scene as if it was no different from kicking out a dog!

“Good! Good!” Li Chengqian’s face paled, his eyes containing nothing but fury, “Dibei Chen, you’ll definitely regret this!”


Li Chengqian immediately left the lobby, dragging Li Yuyue behind him as they left Prince Chen’s mansion. In his heart, he secretly vowed to take revenge.

Baili Hongzhuang raised a slender brow. The scene before her was even more brilliant than she had thought it’d be.

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    Ah what a great chapter LY and LC scrammed…Thanks.

  2. SUNOFA says:

    What an idiot, now he’s probably, no, definitely going to blame them for his daughter not getting cured and won’t even think of the possibility that MAYBE, if he’d let go of that stupid pride of his and humbly asked them for help instead of demanding it as if it were their honor to do his biding, then things would’ve turned out differently!

    • Dadidou says:

      Well, when you have an ego bigger than a hot-air balloon, you see only your navel and nothing else. You prick the balloon and pshhiiit, there’s no brain, just air! It’s a wonder he managed to become Prime Minister! The country would be better without him.

  3. Oweng says:

    Haha I just love the comments thrown around XD

    To be honest though, that ‘prime minister’ and Li something isn’t thinking clearly. He knew that the only doctor that could treat Li something is Baili and she refused. Of course that would mean that Li something can’t get out of the house or the prince would see her face and most likely cancel their marriage. If their marriage is in jeopardy then she won’t be the princess (higher than Baili) and she would be stuck with her freckles. A lose-lose situation oi XD

    Plus, their family would be bombarded with Dibei Chen’s malice XD


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      This pair father and daughter are truly unique. They are both total idiots.If you must go into the dragon’s lair at least carry a white flag. RIGHT…or a fresh beast for the meal. They deserve what ever is coming their way.

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