Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 110

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Chapter 110

The two’s hearts were very anxious. Yesterday, Li Yuyue came back home in low spirits, and nothing they said could comfort her.

Li Chengqian also hated Dibei Chen, but Li Yuyue truly acted without any thought yesterday. He couldn’t just go up to Prince Chen and start to argue with him. He could only wait for an even better chance for him to step on Prince Chen underfoot.

But today, Li Yuyue suddenly screamed first thing in the morning. Could something have happened again?

When Li Yuyue went to sleep last night, she felt her face was a little itchy. After scratching it a little, she no longer cared.

She never thought that when she got up in the morning to dress and look into the mirror, she would see her face was completely covered in freckles!

Densely packed freckles covered both sides of her nose, making her original, peerlessly beautiful face ugly.

She immediately started washing her face, but no matter how she cleaned, the freckles were deeply rooted in her face. It was just impossible to wash out.

“How could this be!” Li Yuyue stroked her face, frightened. “How did my face become like this overnight?”

Li Yuyue was still immersed in shock. She simply couldn’t believe it was happening, that it was a dream. Her face that she was so proud of!

When Li Chengqian and Zhao Wenqiang arrived at her room to see such a messy scene, the servant girls all stood to the side, not daring to speak.

“Yue’er, what happened to you?” Zhao Wenqiang asked.

She was very clear of her daughter’s tempermant, who was always pampered and never lacked anything. Unless someone provoked Li Yuyue, there was no way she’d be screaming first thing in the morning.


Li Yuyue turned around, covered in tears to look at Zhao Wenqiang standing behind.

When seeing how Li Yuyue’s beautiful face was covered in tears, Zhao Wenqiang was overwhelmed by compassion, and after a more careful look, she suddenly noticed the change that had happened on Li Yuyue’s face and could only stare blankly at her.

“Yue’er, what happened to your face?”

Li Yuyue shook her head, grived: “I don’t know. When I woke up this morning, it had already become like this. What can I do, ah!”

She recalled Baili Hongzhuang’s words from yesterday. Before she’s actually married, anyhting could happen.

Now with her face like this, how could His Highness, the Crown Prince still want to marry her?

Li Chengqian’s face also changed. His daughter may become the Empress, but if her appearence was like this, how could she go out and see other people?

“Hurry up and bring a doctor!” Li Chengqian waved his hand strongly, ordering the servant.

“Yes!” The servant immedietly seized the oppertunity and withdrew, going back to the mansion to try and find a doctor.

Li Chengqian and Zhao Wenqiang cautiously inspected Li Yuyue’s face full of freckles. The densely packed freckles were simply enough to make anyone feel disgusted after a single glance. Where was her usually beautiful appearence?

“How could your perfectly good face have turned into this without any cause or reason?”

Zhao Wenqiang made a flustered look, the day of the wedding with the Crown Prince wasn’t that far away.

Once the news got out, their Prime Minister’s prefecture would only become a huge joke.

After many tries, Zhao Wenqiang and Li Yuyue concluded that those freckles would stay on Li Yuyue’s face for some time, they were basically impossible to get rid of.

After a long time, Li Chengqian finally spoke: “Who did you meet between yesterday and today?”

Li Yuyue sobbed, “There wasn’t anyone, apart from the fight with Baili Hongzhuang outside, there wasn’t any people.”

Hearing her words, Li Chengqian’s face couldn’t help but change slightly, “Don’t tell me this has something to do with Baili Hongzhuang?”

When Baili Yuyan was disfigured, nobody knew why or how it happened. But Baili Yuyan’s and Baili Hongzhuang’s long time grudge was something everybody knew.

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